Brit/pol/ #2383:Architecture Edition

BBC withdraws educational film about immigration that claimed Britain was 'multicultural long before curry and carnival' after bias complaints

Cornish locals outraged after 'German' invasion on Porthmeor Beach in St Ives

‘Protect Sarah Jeong’: Journalists, Pundits Defend NYTimes Writer’s History of Bigoted Posts

Iran-Bound Missile Parts Seized at London’s Heathrow Airport

Amazon removes Jerry-cucking goods from its store

Hilltop town in Sicily hopes to attract new blood by offering old stone houses for €1

Pakis go splat

Alarming video shows huge scale of massive plume of smoke from Guernsey blaze

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I miss world cup shitflinging tbh

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Note to self: NEVER scrape the dead skin off your back with a knife again


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Struck by a rare instance of a feel tbh.

How did you reach your back?


at least we've still got the eternal Bagan I guess

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I fucking told you, lads

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I could be in Amsterdam in a few hours…If only I could find him and watch a drunken Deano weave his manlet body into a rusty bicycle frame and toss him into a canal.

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did he get put on the america ships lad?

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America ships?

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varg said that was were the bad Norwegians got sent to

that lad is free now and you're his bitch forever

at least cancer won in the end

Lovely house.

These pictures are so unsettling.

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He has won his freedom and now lives forever in Valhalla while you work as a thrall in this mortal plane.

It's a shame it's so bland

Lad you should start looking for another job you can't work for an exploitative tyrant like that. The Leather Man is always there in the background as well. Just go and work for fed ex or dhl or something you'll get proper holidays


It's totally inoffensive, which is a hundred times better than modernism. It would look very nice if repainted.

Pic related is another house of his, based on a design by Palladio.

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Oh. He just got fired. He might kill himself since the state already took his kids and he has no wife and is in constant physical pain.

One of the best people I know, a real hero worked on ships going back and forth between America as a young adult tbh.

I guess Varg were talking about staying in America though and I don't think that's true, but I actually have no idea.

Yeah this doesn't feel nice. he was a good lad and now I have to worry about being fired smh

Won't go to Valhalla if he kills himself, lad

I'll stay as long as I can. I love this route.

Tis bland, would prefer a spooky house.

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No lad, keep going and keep record of these forced free labour days and then, after a lot have built up have an "accident" and BAM! Industrial tribunal neetbux for life

it seems like a lie because Norwegian americans are really accomplished and most american cartoonists oddly enough were Norwegian americans. eliot ness was a Norwegian immigrant

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Strategically breaking my back?

That's cool. I can recognise some phenotypes in him. I don't know much about it or Americans in the states at all. Why do you know, lad?

You would get a really hot goth gf with a house like that

This tbh crash the van into a ditch during illegal work hours then fake back pain for the next 20 years

There used to be a spooky gothic house like that on the way to Hereford, can't find it on google maps though.

Lad you don't have to actually hurt yourself

That's the plan lad. Got two lucky dips for tonight.

yeah scandinavian architects/norge and finnish were pretty much the high point of US architecture during the 20s-40s before jews took over. the finns particularly. the guy who made the comic "peanuts"/snoopy was a vikang american. most of them are in minnesota and north dakota traditionally but in the early part of the USA the swedish empire sent a huge amount of finnish/ lower class nordic prisoners to maryland/virginia as indentured service to the british plantation owners

but the doctor would know if I lied

Lad even if you aren't significantly hurt the fact that you've had an accident while not supposed to be working would win you something, just fake emotional trauma

You should get a sturdy Minnesota farm girl lad

they have a comfy accent. too bad they are getting SOMALI'd

Can#t I win something just by working as a literal slave under threat of being fired, lad?

yeah but not as much, in for a penny in for a pound

Somali one first and you win

It helps to sell the narrative if you have to be cut out of the mangled wreckage of your van after falling asleep at the wheel lad

best sweetie tbh

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Raheem Dismisses ‘Far Right’ Label of Tommy Robinson

are you an old woman?

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Would love to live in one of those, especially in rainstorms.

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Build your own on…
Stunning untouched Scottish island could be yours for £120k – but visit “at your own risk”
>They add: “There are no services on the island and no buildings of any kind, however, the selling agents have been informed that a good Vodafone signal can be accessed from parts of the island as well as 3G coverage.”

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You should lose some weight lad

Looks like any houses you put on it might get wrecked by storms.


Let's not fight tbh

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the fuck is going on

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Labour plan to win votes by promising to build British ships in Britain.

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And tax the workers 100% for doing so!
Based Laber, me father's father and 'is father's father

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might go pub tbh

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pretty simple solution

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I thought your shift didn't start till 7?

SA got a promotion lad, he sets his own hours now

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Good lad.


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smh forgot the other line

getting btfo in the comments

I hope you plan on turning them both into compost

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Kill them for a laugh you fucking cuck liar

Why are you so upset lad? Haven't you got any female company?

What's the problem with these weird guys?

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They're the prison gang guys in yankland.

Is that really a screencap-worthy post

PR isn't really a concern when you're already serving 40 to life for a double murder and conspiracy to produce methamphetamine

oh. carry on then.

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Why did you even ask that questions 073c38 if the answer is so obvious
Are you seriously asking why yanks have prison gangs?

F U C K I N G B O O M !
BBC scraps educational video about immigration blasted by Nigel Farage for being 'misleading, dishonest and irresponsible' for claiming Britain was ‘multicultural before curry and carnival’ after complaints
>The clip, which is aimed at GCSE pupils, was pulled from circulation and removed from YouTube after criticism it broke impartiality rules

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sums it up nicely tbh

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