Thoughts on the greatest hacker of our generation?

Thoughts on the greatest hacker of our generation?

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Literally who?

I love his music. Join us now and share the software, you'll be free hackers, you'll be free...

Go back to >>>/tv/

I don't know a single thing about weev other than that time when he 'hacked' a bunch of printers.

The famous FBI informant? Big fan

homosexual beatpoet (((allen ginsburg)))?

He's like Sam Hyde but less homeless.

That's not Toby Fox

Lets see he "hacked" a bunch of printers connected to the internet without a password, and he "hacked" at&t by requesting an http endpoint on their public site that did not have a password. Some l33t hacker this guy is.

Shh! What if he hears you? Look he's already hacked your dubs.

You mean cracker. The greatest cracker of our generation.

And he isn't.

The greatest cracker of our generation is arguably CIA NIGGERS

That shirt is like 6 sizes too large.

no, this one is best haxor

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bunch of nobodies

Don't keep up with weev news hey?

Step aside.

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IIRC, he'd just gotten out of jail to go to court. He been sent to trial in New Jersey for some reason despite being from Arkansas, and had to borrow clothes from a obese friend.

step aside anons, anons.

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Any one else old enough to remember ILOVEYOU from May 2000? I sure did (was 8), and it was in my opinion the lulziest hax ever. Bonus: it turns out it may all have been an accident:

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Imagine wreaking havok for hundeds of millions of dollars all over the world and walking scot-free away from it all because Indonesian law forgot to ban writing and distributing malware.

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I remember when this went on as a kid. An amazing oversight on Microsoft's behalf to allow Visual Basic scripts to be displayed in Outlook as if they were normal attachments. More naive times. I'm surprised something like this didn't happen earlier, it's hilarious how rudimentary it is:

That's some weird sauce they made there.

Turns out it was 10 billion dollar:

He's a fun guy, clearly pretty intelligent, I just wish he wasn't such a stormfag but hey at least he's doing some things right.

Weev newfag

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CIH will always be the coolest virus handsdown

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Weev has been responsible for a lot of the Internet chaos we've seen these past few years. He amuses me and is good at what he does. He hates normies, the media, and the current power structure.

Find me one critical flaw with this based gentleman, I dare you. Even if he's secretly working pro-Israel.

This is the most retarded shit.

he had sex with that weird whore on twitter

also whats his podcast url


His technical skills could be debated all day but I think it would be hard to argue that he isn't completely devoted to the art of shitposting. A proud edgeloard.

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why do you do this?

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Maybe he wanted to low-key mind control her with his semen, Ninja Scroll style?

He found a bug before the age of responsible disclosure and went to jail for it. That's literally all he did. I sympathize with his plight, and he was a martyr for us, but there are more interesting people who've had more impact from this 'generation'. Like: Geohot, ioerror, Guccifer, Anakata, Snowden, Aaron Swartz, maybe even the Sci-Hub girl (I can't remember her name).

literally copypasta'd from a forum, he only got notoriety since he was a kid going public about it

What did Jacob Rapeyourbum do, except jet around Europe on the Tor Project's dime double-teaming groupies with Julian Assange? IIRC, he contributed a little code to torsocks and TorBirdy, gave some pozzed SJW talks, then disappeared into academia when that paranoiac "Isis Lovecruft" and that useless hipster Macrina accused him of first-degree patriarchical behavior.

Is dat an HacKingMachine?

Weev is my hero.

Yeah no.

Bling bling, motherfucker.

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made a racket when an "ex"cia agent attempted to join tor project, completely coincidentally about 1 month before all those allegations started appearing from nowhere

Why are these papers so far up his sleeve?

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Those are his trap cards


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nvm, found it myself

Richard Stallman

The clothes are like 2 sizes to big for him. Many public defenders keep donated outfits around to give to their clients to set a good impression in court.

Someone is JTRIGgered.

Who was the other guy whose life was ruined for opening some papers, but because his dad wasn't a rich jew like (((Swartz)))'s that shit wasn't all over the media?

going to need a little more information.

Found it:
You're welcome, user.

07:58 after my case after Aaron Schwartz after
08:01 all these things these very grave and
08:03 justices right you know Lance Moore
08:07 nobody even talks about Lance Moore
08:09 because unlike Aaron Schwartz who was
08:11 the rich kid of you know very
08:14 politically well-connected Chicago Jews
08:16 Lance Moore was just poor you know
08:19 nobody cared about Lance Moore when
08:22 federal prosecutors bullied him into
08:24 suicide some of the same ones later
08:27 later charged Aaron Swartz but you know
08:32 this has resulted in death - multiple
08:36 deaths of people you know that have just
08:39 had their lives broken and ruined

never heard of that case before. hard to find information about it too.
Also found some interesting stuff about Jonathan James. Of course it is a wikipedia article. His suicide note said -

His note makes me sad. :(


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Oy gevalt!

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weev, the man behind the famous goatse image

"A message to all the skanks..."

He wasn't talking about 89MB over 15 seconds, but 89MB every second for 15 seconds total 1,4 GB. That isn't "89MB over 15 seconds" but 89MB/s.

Am I wrong or not understanding this, wtf?