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STONE ME! Stonehenge was built by Welsh people who dragged the monuments 140 miles, says breakthrough study
At least 10 of the 25 skulls found at the site belong to individuals from west Wales, which is also the source of the bluestones used in the early stages of its construction

Forced marriage: Police ‘turn a blind eye’ to child brides

Barnstaple Retail Park stabbing: Murder suspect arrested
A man has died after he was stabbed "multiple times" at a retail park in north Devon

Jeremy Corbyn ditches consensus to reject EU trade deals
Labour leadership has opened itself up to accusations it has embraced protectionism

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Come on lads

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Wish we had a writing system in the Stonehenge era tbqh it's embarrassing having foreigners write your history for you. This must be how Africans feel.

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weekend's cancelled kid

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You cannot even comprehend the jocking

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There would have been a system of mnemonics for the memorisation of stories, myth, and agricultural/astronomical information. Possibly a lot of it was based on using sequences of constellations, mudra hand gestures and memory loci. It was probably so effective that writing wasn't required, until serious existential crisis. sad tbh.

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Wasn't it built by a people that later was replaced by today's people?

Is Poundbury the most based town in this Kingdom?

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Aye lad, the Welsh

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this tbh

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When His Royal Highness coups the UK he should move the capital there.

But even before then?

Lads big nigga died

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The Welsh literally sprang out of the ground at the foundation of the cosmos.

beeb btfo

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And watch them just keep peddling the same lies forever

This is why I don't have a TV licence.

Oh God what the fuck why are they showing a virgin and chad comic at 4:07 to 4:22? That's so awkward

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They pulled the video after being called out.
We'll never get an apology, but it's still a small victory.

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This whole incel thing is utter social engineering bollocks.
It's simple, you're single and want a no strings attached shag. Pick up the phone and book a quality escort for an hour or two if you are that way inclined.
Or, go. out. and. talk. to. women.

she needs to start throwing up between meals

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Yeah lad

I agree to some extent, it's something people wrongfully resign themselves to.

Your advice is weird though, it's like the boomer dad teaching his son about how give the boss a proper handshake.

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Did you make a dating account yet lad? I want to see it

The one thing that he shouldn't do involving these twats and he's doing it.

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It is but the whole thing is objective considering that you can get a once night stand just buy buying her drinks or a meal, ect

Sometimes I wonder if I have a boomer brain marinating in a Gen X body. A strong & firm shake that last no longer than 3 seconds

No I changed my mind. I always plan things for the weekend and not go through with it

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No mummy Elspeth to look at you disapprovingly as you tell her about the re-establishment of the Great White Brotherhood on Atlantis.

SA did you see?

Just caring about sex on itself is wrong too tbh. Probably makes women in particular feel empty.

Wonder what she's actually thinking when she makes you comfortable enough to share your deepest darkest secrets.

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Been a nice day so far, hope the rest of you lads have been having a goodun 'n all.

Had a cheeky trek in Ingurland with mummy tbh. Was laying in wait behind her the whole way saving my energy for the final dash, completely obliterating her with my superior male physique. She was seething.

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Probably does but society and culture dictates whether some people feel empty about sex for pleasure. If you repeatedly do anything for a long time you'll get jaded eventually.

one of life's mysteries tbh

Looks like something McDonalds would cook with

I don't think that's true. I think it's the current society and culture that actually makes people go through with things that makes them feel empty. It's why women feel worse than ever.

I've heard theories about why, how women feel this way because after sex they like to bond with their mate, and not doing that fucks with them because they just got impregnated but the man who did it left them, which back in the day probably was horrible and deadly.

It's great to see Molyneux out-manouevring the host there.


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Lifted for the first time in a couple of weeks since starting my new job and I am feeling great tbh

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That's because they are emotional creatures.

It is. That could be said for a lot of things. Social media, booze, drugs vidya. A lot of women feel worse than ever because they feel so ashamed at the world around them that they resort to shameless activities as an emotional defence strategy. At the same time depression/mental health stats are at an all time high in youg people.

Don't know how they kept a straight face
I'd have laughed for the whole interview

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Well yeah, so?

Women feel shame? What?


He's so creepy to me

Good lad.

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Yes, Molyneux is probably a sociopath. It's just good seeing him turning his IQ on the news journos who are also often sociopaths.

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so fucking loud

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Why didn't he just wreck her? Frightening that poor dog like that. She deserved a beating tbh

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fuckin hell

They'll assimilate over time…

Dog eater absolutely rekt thread. jej

Mozzies are such vile cunts.
If I were the bloke I would have just kept walking and the moment they lay a hand on me you just let shit fly.

fucking hell

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Why can't they be thankful for their /real/ race and nation, and build those nations up, and make them great? Why do they have to piggyback on foreign countries like this? Smh.

Maria Butina Would Apparently Brag About Being a Russian Spy When She Was Drunk

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because WE
It's easier and less work to cry victim than it is to actually make something of yourself.

holy shit can these people not take a joke

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Been thinking about getting a JR. But i've heard they can be a bit of a handful and need LOTS of attention. Anyone got one?

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Anyone able to recommend books on English History from 1400-1800?

Yeah that's true, they need a lot of walking for a dog their size and you have to have a firm hand with them in terms of training or else they'll just walk all over you when you aren't looking, devious little fuckers but very lovable.

A relative has three of the lovely buggers. They can be alright but you are going to have to spend a lot of time with them.

Starkey's work is good, but I haven't read any other non-fiction author that covers that time period tbh

Yes. Because that's exactly how the SVR would train their spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) how to behave
How gullible do they think the public are?

Where on earth do you find this shite? You aren't actually going on instagram are you?

Watch them around kids. They will savage them if they get a chance

I've got tons, I'll post it in the book thread tonight.

The fact they think that people actually believe their blatant bullshit should tell you everything.

Meanwhile in Africa

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I feel so sorry for the elderly people who are stuck in that city. Having your elderly and your children is just viscerally horrible.

Hoping everytime a journalist is spotted by an ethnic, they get beaten and robbed

All three in the picture are wogs. Leytonstone is literally Africa like many other parts of London

Having them murdered and raped is horrible I mean. Especially when you're powerless to do anything about it.

Tragic. I heard Newham is only 17% British now.

Saved, thanks lad.


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Which one book do you think I should start with in order to get a broad overview of that period?

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You're always going to be poor if you own a car.

How much now?

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For a broad overview;

The European World 1500-1800 by Beat Kümin

Early Modern Europe, 1450–1789 by Merry E Wiesner-Hanks

However especially with Merry E Wiesner-Hanks keep in mind she's a left wing cunt.

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