Krita 4.0 Cowntdown Thread

For all Krita 4 news and Kiki related autism.

Link to current beta:

Release notes (wip):

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Is the new text tool done yet?

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Here's hoping the drawfags come back...

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Alright, remember, Kiki isn't for lewd. That's what we have Libbie for now.

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How far off is the final release? I don't remember 3.0 taking this long.

Krita is trash and the only reason it's even posted here is because of its retarded furfag mascot.

go back to somethingawful

Hi, newfag~ Kiki has been a popular character here on Zig Forums since 2015. You might wanna LURK a bit.

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What is with half-chan refugees and the Kiki hate?

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A single spastic who obsessively chain-posts Kiki/etc. threads with 99% reposts is not "popularity"

Hey Autist, you now have to do 4-5 samefag posts 'to prove me wrong'.


Nice to see you've made yourself a permanent fixture in these threads metafag. It's pretty impressive one user makes all that OC too.

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You can always compile the latest sauce:

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Have you been here for any of the previous Krita threads? The only thing out of the norm here is nobody has lewded her yet.

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It's like these dubs are trying to say something...

Are they fixing the FUCKING text tool or not?

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The one problem I have with Krita is how much oxygen it has sucked out of the room. I get it overshadowing Mypaint, but the GIMP and Inkscape are not even directly competing with Krita, but they constantly get compared to it now.

I heard it was Apple's API fuckery that is delaying the release. But I've only heard that from here, so who knows if it's true.

Is it a hard rule that new versions of Krita have to release on all three platforms at once? I'd just get the Windows and Linux versions out the door and worry about MacOS later.

Great idea you faggot.

There are probably more artfags on Windows at this point. But if OSX is going to be this much of an extra hassle, something is going to have to give.

Where did I say they should forget about Apple's shit? I said if it's going to take more time than Linux and Windows, then that's just tough shit.

Krita changed too much between versions.
The newer version of MyPaint is what I was hoping Krita would be.

MyPaint is great, I use it a lot. They re different types of programs though.

But then Apple sponsorship would disappear quicker than they could launch GCC. They don't give it entirely for free you know.

That's what happens when you hold a monopoly with something that's fucking shit. As soon as something that's not shit comes along, people will flock to that instead.

Post kiki lewds


literally who?

Link in op says they are.

They think it's cool to hate on anything that can be considered furry because they heard that oldfags did it a decade ago on halfchan for reasons that no longer apply.

>One of the improvements funded by the 2016 kickstarter was a new text tool. With the goal of creating a tool that would be stable, dependable and simple to use, we made a lot of progress in Krita 4.0. External pressure made it impossible to implement everything we wanted for Krita 4.0, and we will be making more updates and adding new things to the text tool as the 4.x releases progress: line wrapping, fine typographic control, vertical text layout for Asian languages, as well as improvements in workflow are all still planned.

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nice spacing you got there, fag

What is with all these fucking newfags!? The LibreOffice happening was just a few months ago.

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Nigger, what?


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thanks. now is a totally normal krita thread


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AppImage is pretty handy... How come nothing like it exists on Windows or Mac?

Because Windows and Mac already have ways of running applications portably without needing root permission?

Eh, just being able to DL a game and have it run by clicking on it seems appealing to me. Oh well~

At lest Krita 4 doesn't seem to break .kra files from all the way back to Krita 2. I don't have any older ones to test though.

Not that furfags don't have dramawhores in their ranks, but it seems like a decent minority of them have gotten sick of degenerate drama and integrated into board culture surprisingly. it's only because more obnoxious faggots showed up on the internet though.
**scratch that, they decided to be furfags and fucked with the only furshits that were sane.*\

AppImage is literally inspired by the Mac APP bundles. An APP bundle is just a directory that ends in ".app" and contains information for the OS about the app (version, copyright, category) and which binaries to run.

I guess he meant sponsorship from Apple users.

How could you not love a plump fuckable otter?

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Use spoilers.

OwO wats dis?

Interestingly, a rather decent chunk of the furfag community is becoming more conservative/libertarian. That said, Kiki and most of Tyson's other mascots are not really lewded that often in the furry community. Probably for the same reason they are more tolerated here.

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Reminds me a bit of DR. Comet. God rest his nip soul.

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Do you always call niggers anybody who says uncomfortable truths? :^)

I'd be interested to see who actually is donating the most to the Krita project. But it wouldn't shock me if Linux users are at least passing people using Krita on Macs. Especially considering how much worse the MacOS version is.

Why so? Does it lack some features?

Since this needs some new OpenGL, will this not work on older GPUs that don't support it? Or will it use llvmpipe or whatever?

it's time to use vulkan now tbqh
now that MoltenVK is free software, macOS is no longer a problem


It's stuck on OGL 4.1 since Apple is trying to push Metal.

I wouldn't expect Vulkan support in Krita for at least a few years.

Digits confirm. Shit multi-threaded support til at least 2020.


New Pepper and Carrot SOON! I want more.

Is it weird if I'm a furry now?

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Kiki has a way of making that happen, user.

I guess Saifag got vanned.

I think I understand why Tyson's shit bothers me less now. It has just enough CUTE to offset my usual disdain for furbait.There are a few artists I've noticed this with.

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Who makes these wonderful drawings?

Tyson Tan. An autistic, trap-loving, furry, F/OSS supporting, bisexual (like most people into traps), Chinese artist.

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Yes but it's an old picture.

Draw a new one then.

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In the beta or the most recent sauce?

Tried 4.0. Glad to see vector stuff is getting some upgrades. Didn't try it with animation yet though. I just wish I had the patience for bullshit like bezier curves. Python scripting makes me hope someone will make a linework system like Sai.

I wish Konqi had more attention. He's closer to my level of furbait in that he doesn't look like furbait.

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I like him.

Pls, stop.

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So if I have an open source project I can just request a mascot from him?

go choke on gas, fucking subhuman

literally who? found the wagecuck

Also, lolis generally don't even have small breasts.

Pretty much. He said he'd do it in his free time as long as it is libre.

We crossed that line long ago, user.

the overweight American ones do

Kiki is Chinese.

Drawfags are really dropping the ball here...

Only Mypaint 1.1.0 and previous versions are great. Mypaint 1.2 is buggy as hell and always crashes on me after a short amount of time drawing, on windows and Linux. Even Krita which uses more resources runs more stable for me.

Also if you use hidpi scaling (on windows or a Linux DE that supports hidpi scaling) you get this bizzare bug pic related. It's a shame though, Mypaint could have been a nice Autodesk Sketchbook alternative. Mypaint has a really nice interface for drawing.

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Not to forget about the shitty Mypaint transparency color. You can't paint transparency color like how you do it on Krita. The lack of this basic important feature is why I can't use Mypaint as a preferred alternative painting software. Maybe I could use some of its brushes to do touch-ups. Other than that, is not really that useful.

Is there anything a bugman cant do or copy ?

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Tyson isn't a literal commie as far as I know.

They actually got a decent artist to interview this time:

I knew about the others, but

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I dunno about traps, but he has hinted that he likes both as long as they're "fit".

eh.. no

Beats pic related:

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I swear to god, if the krita fags start getting political...

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Where do they find this cancer?

anything can beat that.

I mean, he's not wrong from a normalfag's point of view. I had a hard time explaining why I didn't have to pay for Blender or Darktable to a friend of mine.

Makes sense. Traps are gay, but most of the people into them swing both ways, user.

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Krita does not give interviews to straight white males normal artists people.

Been using the Krita Flatpak from Flathub. Other than the lack of themes, it's a tad more convenient than the AppImage.

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Updating is, for one thing more convenient with Flatpak. With AppImage, you have to manually DL a whole new one.