Brit/pol/ #2385: Wash Your Willy Edition

Brexit news: Majority of brits want UK ONLY passport queues after Brexit – new poll

UK weather: Heatwave to continue with 32C expected

African Horse Sickness could wipe out nine in 10 of Britain’s horses if it reaches UK

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Nth for can you really not make nongay threads

Charles Bronson Interviewed from Prison

yeah let's go back to the glory days of mashed potato


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Quality days

Eventful evening tbh lads.

good bucko

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*barbecues pineapple*

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Wouldn't be a bad thing if we had a horse die off, would free up a lot of wasted grazing land.

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florida just had some faggots dump fertilizer into the ocean and its causing a seamoo genocide

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Wouldn't be a bad thing if we had an ethnic die off, would free up a lot of wasted land.

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Makes me want to stomp everyone in Florida

Yeah, we can build tower blocks on that


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Russia is full of these beauties.

and AIDS.


Yea but I doubt she has AIDS.

don't watch the linked video in this if you like sea moos it gave me feels

Thanks lads

He needs a pat hat to go with his beard tbh

The absolute state

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Not in the mood to look at women like this tonight.

I think I might've fucked up and need to get married quick to save face.

le fortnite dance

Go to Ukraine lad. See what you can find.


Just buy her a Mercedes SLK lad

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Why is it so hard for groups to wear a bloody shirt.

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Took the Mrs out for a meal earlier and we was talking about kids and having a laugh sort of thing. She was looking stunning and when we got home one thing lead to another……

What's pissed off the missus?

Got a little OC coming lads

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Good lad


Thousands gather for funeral of four friends killed in '100mph' chase when they hit a tree while they were being chased by police at 5.30am

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Nothing but there's a good chance I might be a dad after tonight.

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Oh that's why you're house hunting.

It's just their cousins and siblings turning up, four
first cousin wives will make a family that big.

Deanoic Alan Partridgesque Nationalism tbh

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This why I come for the nightshift.

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Been looking to get out this shithole for a while tbh.

That would never happen. If I have to dress up as Iron man and scale a council house to stop the state taking my babby away then so be it.
I'll find out in the morning.

do we konw why they were being chased?

Who invented the skip?

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The absolute scale of what we're up against

Taigs as an IED protective device.

Probably drugs, that or they are nonces and/or had drugs in the car, were speeding then realised they would be fucked if they pulled over

your the exact age my dad conceived me

so they were good boys that dindu nuffins, just happened to be chased by police coz racist police and islamophobia

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I don't actually know lad but it's most likely what happened

I'd burn every major city down before gifting anything to them intact.

meant for

Sorry this was meant for you

Got there in the end.

name him after poolad


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Bit drunk is all the kebab should sort it.

Imagine the resentment an indigenous Bradford-ite must feel for the scum that is the political class.

Displaced, disavowed, disaffected.

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I believe Burma will be where the next big conflict is. Not sure whether it'll involve the west or not though. If not Burma, then Yemen/Somalia.


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Turkroach run.

I think I might've been poolad. I made a post about not getting to the toilet on time shortly before Steiner memid the character up.

Florida will pay tbh

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Depends if it's a boy or a girl. I have got a few names in mind. She has brought a testing kit and I'll know in the morning.
Shitting myself tbh.

This tbh.

Yep, it's your time lad.

Lad she won't test positive on a pregnancy hormone kit 12 hours after you shot your goo inside her. Think you need to calm down

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Kate Bush

smh trying to balance quality with filesize took ages

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yeah I'm tech illiterate as well.

What names do you have in mind?

What about SA, Mercia, or Helmer's Belt as names?

Well the deed was done about 9pm Saturday night. We already know about this and she'll do a test Sunday afternoon.

She is in bed atm and I'm hitting the merlot from all the anticipation.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again

/nightshift/ > /dayshift/

Forename Kate, double barrel middle name of Bush Poster

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ree give me (You)s for muh oc lads

Excellent OC lad

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Kate's original name is Catherine, the same as my mums so that would make sense.

If it's a lad then it would be George, my gandads name.

Zywiec tastes like shit smh

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Nice names tbh

good lad

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I'm more of a Tyskies man.

Only time I see dayshift is when I've stayed up through dawn and am 3 sheets to the wind on a bender. I usually get banned pretty quickly when the dayfags show up just for trying to justify foot fetishry or making anti monarchist posts. smdh.

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ty lads

Where's Kent?

George Bush

Zubr is good tbh
Don't think I've ever tried Tyskie tbf

You're the cromwell poster that turns up every now and then?

It gets you leathered quick tbh.
Based NA

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