FreeBSD: The Power To Cuck Out

In /usr/bin/fortune/datfiles
I kept some good jokes for a while
Then along came some fuck
Who was totally cucked
And removed them to suit his lifestyle

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what a loser

Even deleted the startrek fortunes.
It's OK to be Klingon.

First one I looked at.

A bad little girl in Madrid,
4 A most reprehensible kid,
5 Told her Tante Louise
6 That her cunt smelled like cheese,
7 And the worst of it was that it did!


Sorry first link should be

no fun allowed

LMAO this is benno threatening to kill some guy he disagrees with:

And imp getting cranky about it here:

Weird. Like user says

so he can have his jokes, but no else can have theirs?

You're all missing the point. When someone reads a joke some people get some fun, others get more fun: that's Unequal! By CoCing sources of fun, however small, we bring everyone closer to being Equally miserable. Equality be praised!

What means?
I wouldn't normally ask, but
1 A search for the term comes up blank
2 I don't speak SJW.
3 I haven't had enough coffee for it to click
4 You didn't make prior use of the meaning

PoC - person of color, so CoC - cuck of color? Which doesn't make sense in the context used, so is improbable.

CoC = Code of conduct.
hugs you

It's only important because it was to an eceleb.

How does that address removing all the fortunes data?

You have just committed first-degree non-consensual virtual hug rape. You have been backtraced by the cyberpolice, who will be arresting you shortly and transporting you to a gender reassignment camp for sensitivity castration.

Can't really say I blame them, gay reasons aside.

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oic tx. Oh I see, thank you
er, ok. I think

it doesn't?

The CoC prohibits e-hugs.

This is literally what would be happening under a Hillary presidency. All of us would be receiving mandatory estrogen shots.

I don't see how it does. They seem two separate situations. I haven't read all those tweets, so if there is some relation buried in there, then okay.

CoC means no cummies??!

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God damn what a bunch of cucks

How the fuck was the startrek datfile offensive.

i really like these gifs

What's Step 3?

It's like pottery.

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Krita thread is that way, furfag:

Fucking cucked. I moved one of my FreeBSD machines to OpenBSD yesterday and more will follow. Commies ruin everything.

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They tried pulling the same stuff on NetBSD. One of the devs decided it actually needed MORE hitler. And some GLR for good measure.
Another good post..

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Matt Dillon was right about everything

Amiga programmers had the shit FreeBSD and many other "free" OSs still struggling with solved like decades ago, it didnt even need all the hardware thats required these days

I bet smelly dick jokes would be OK with those nofun faggots.

Also, openly offensive jokes like that one are marked as such in the fortune file, and are not displayed by default unless you explicitly change fortune's configuration to show them.

Well, they still chose that stuff only to perpetuate the "Hitler is a lying meanie with only one and a third testicle". Probably bullshit coming from the table talks.

It's clear you didn't read the thread linked.

The only drug-related quote is from a kangaroo court where after torture and threats someone said Hitler said it. It's as real as the masturbation machines.

Opening up with something obvious is never a good thing.
It's like the famous "but" in many speeches: Free speech is nice BUT we need to think about yada yada yada...

No, often many people find the same thing funny. For instance, political correctness.

Similar to above, something can be insighful to many people.

Offensive is also subjective, something I find repulsive, someone else may find nice, like gay sex or SystemD.
So in a nutshell this translates to "I find offensive, therefore I censor."

So this faggot can't deal with certain words grouped in a certain configuration and just asks someone else to do it for him?

Goodbye, FreeBSD.

Jews are really obsessed with Hitler's balls for some reason.

Is he against PC nonsense infesting his OS?

I don't think Matt has had to make a stance yet. He's just quietly working on his HAMMER2 filesystem and hanging out with his 3D waifu.

My sides.

This is how you handle a licensing dispute:

Theo de Raadt is a national fucking treasure.


Does babby literally not know what Markdown is? Back to cuckchan kiddo.

Here is god tier

Back to gamefaqs/discord/whatever special shithole you crawled out of.

Thanks user. The corpse of DejaNews depresses me.

Try stackoverflow, dumb cunt. The point is markdown syntax is not specific to reddit. I don't expect someone dumb enough to shitpost about a newline to understand, so kill yourself.

You're just as obsessed with reddit as jews are with Hitler's balls.

The state of Zig Forums

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Fuck everything. I'm going closed source.

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What a joke. I'll stick with the autistic Finn.

There's nothing inherently wrong with closed source. The old 80's computers mostly all had closed source OS, with few exceptions. Frankly I'd much rather be using an Amiga 3000 with Workbench 2 than any of this Linux/Unix shit.

How are "non-cucked" any different from cucks?

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Do you even know the meaning of half the words you use? Or, like a pajeet, you just paste them together and pray it makes some sense?

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The problem is Communists have bought the FOSS ideology hook, line, and sinker. They think being closed source is inherently wrong by virtue of being closed source and they won't accept any say otherwise because that's The Party Line. Nobody ever considered the idea that closed source isn't just to keep code inside. It's also to keep SJWs and niggers OUTside.

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Why do they all use Apple and Adobe products then?

Those are just mindless cattle. They hardly count on any scale of ideology because they have none beyond what is immediately in front of their faces. Those people don't code open or closed source at all.

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The Asian lobby is actually the main group going after all this SJW bullshit. The Chinese don't like being discriminated against for doing better.

HR will take them in.

The nip devs have mostly left FreeBSD for NetBSD. They where getting pissed that their quality code and input was being ignored because they didn't participate in the pc circlejerk on the mailinglists.
There is lots of new activity on once abandoned netbsd ports.Old Japanese-market only machines getting support. More and more Japanese on the dev team and in major parts like kernal and pkgsrc. One was just elected to be on the board of the netbsd foundation last year.

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I hate to break your little fantasy But all of what you described happened in the early 90's. It had nothing to do with a PC circlejerk. But yes it was because their commits were being ignored.

Hello Sir! Lovely day in Bombay today.

Bait as fuck.
And 30 years later it's a dystopia.

In the 80s you could have closed source it wasn't a big problem as long the hardware manufacturers would give the specs/manuals to build free software on top of it, the reason it when full retards is at the end of 1984 hardware manufacturers began to stop sharing meaningful specs/manuals and then the phenomenon amplified even harder with generalization of proprietary software and patents.
For example and ironically (since RMS started GNU because of xerox) the most perverted piece of computing is the professional printer sector.
First you buy/rent a printer.
Then you buy/rent a license to use the printer.
When the license is bought you have to activate it via phone and it takes generally 3 hours even tho the printer is functional.
You have to get a maintenance contract with the people who sold them because each parts of the printer as a DRM.
Toner levels are not true and have expiration dates.
Big printers which can have their toner refilled must required a maintenance contract since it also as a DRM.
Fake hardware expiration date.

Another piece that is going full retard are scanners/copiers:
Mandatory internet connection to search for copyrighted content.
Ask you to pay if you copy a piece of copyrighted content.
Fake hardware expiration date.

ABC - autist botnet cuck?

Do you have links to the emails where this discussion happened? I want to add them to my "shit SJWs ruined" collection.

Oh. Why were they ignoring commits?

I'm not indian, retard.


Wat? Obligatorily botnetted copier-scanners are a thing? So saving a copy of every copied/scanned page to the built-in HDD (a fact many if not most of those operating the copier-scanners are oblivious to anyway) is not enough? Recognizing graphical patterns resembling cash bills is not enough? Botnet must inspect every page that goes through the copier-scanner?

Some people have no sense of irony. Of course edgy trash got triggered by this move.

Which just proved it was a good move.

Nevermind that using code tags in any way, shape or form automagically and inevitably forces aforementioned """reddit spacing""" no matter what. Should the implementors of the code tags fuck off to reddit now or what?

"systemd Hater's Handbook" when?

Note the sleazy faggot he was replying to:
>From: "Hank (((Cohen)))"
Pure coincidence.

That retard doesn't know Markdown, one of the most widely-used lightweight text formatting tools out there. He thinks it's "reddit formatting" because reddit uses it (as every sane website should). It's the default on every git hosting website out there, so that tells us he's not a programmer. He has no need for code tags, probably never used one. Just a luser.


It's OK now. Show me on the doll where the reddit touched you.

Savage. I'm not sure if trebol is a pseudonym but I hope it is. I wouldn't have the balls to confront these faggots like that with my real name attached to the message. Nobody deserves to have a twitter horde called upon them.

Oh gawd!

Unlike you, yes, I do.
For your interest, I'm not left-leaning. I'm just not from Zig Forums, mongrel.


Teach me.

Get a podcast app and listen to and its whole back catalog. Mike Enoch will change your life.

Sven not so much.

But I'm evolian spiritual fascist.
yeah, no, thanks
Not to mention that podcasts are waste of time.

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Yeah don't worry about the paywall. Just listen to a few eps.

reminder that you can just download the mp3s.

you're quite a snowflake aren't you?

Because these people aren't /just/ larping they need the paywall shekels to pay for i.e legal defense. Even though TDS is mostly shitposting it serves a great community uniting purpose. For more serious podcasts look for ``Fash The Nation``, ``Rebel Yell`` and ``The Darwin Digest`` for example, they're all available on TRS for free.

Race Ghost - Roast to Roast is worth mentioning although it's like TDS.

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Imagine a news show run by people who aren't boomers, aren't cucks, and don't fucking loathe you: that's what Fash The Nation is.


you're a fucking moron

Who isn't?
What a bunch of fucking spencer-like cucks.

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Starts 00:16:56 and lasts to 00:42:04

In any other circumstance, I'd be mad at you, but in this case, I JUST can't.

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Why are you intentionally linking to jewgle? Allan literally runs a video hosting provider, he hosts all of his videos himself.

was meant for not

Ok galaxy brain, tell me what news show I should listen to instead.