Brit/pol/ #2386: Barry Chuckle Edition

Barry Chuckle, one half of comedy duo the Chuckle Brothers, dies aged 73

Chucklevision, Breakfast Telly (S1, Ep1):

Entertainer Barry Chuckle dies at 73

Chucklevision (S18, Ep3):

Barry Chuckle - one half of comedy duo the Chuckle Brothers - dies aged 73 at home surrounded by his wife and children

Chucklevision (S6, Ep3):

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Why is there a new thread at 500?

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For Barry lad smh

Anyone else think that they could be a much better political pundit than anyone currently on the zogbox?

did le northern ladder man really die?

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Almost thought this was 22st for a sec tbh

To me.
To you
To me
To Ngubu!

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based northeners

Board needs more Dibnah posting tbh


Daily Reminder

KJV is the real word of god and other English versions are Yank-Zionist heresy.

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The chuckle brothers were proof that for all of the "young dynamic yoof entertainers" that get pushed on kids TV, all they really want to watch are nice old white men with a silly sense of humour.


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This is bad news to me…….. to you?

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Why would a handsome chap like him turn to drugs?

RIP Barry lad, you can slack to your hearts content now tbh

never been a fan of dayfags.

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He was always are lad

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imagine being a young lad.

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Someone post that article where a lass was saved from a noncing when she was underage by the Chuckle bros

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nvm it wasn't a noncing

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Good lads.

DLT needs to be blood eagled in front of his family before plowing the nonce into the tarmac from a mobile crane.


Fresh Funs

such a sad day for british nationalism, smh

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If you're not reading it in Koine Greek you may as well not bother tbh

Did wogs enjoy Chucklevision too?

ofc they did lad it was their only father figure

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KJV is translated from the Koine Greek.

That's assuming that the Textus Receptus is better than other translations though lad.

I thought this was that stupid memi at first.


By their fruits ye shall know them. The Textus Receptus caused multiple Great Revivals and worldwide evangelism. People just leave churches because of uncertainty about modern Bible versions with their contradictory footnotes, etc. Worse yet is when the Egyptian text calls Jesus a liar or a hypocrite, as in John 7:8 (I go not up unto this feast) or Matthew 5:22 (whoever is angry with his brother; despite Christ being angry with Peter).

Audibly chuckled at this.
Reminds me of that Chinese worker who died at the textile factory.

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Wogs are hilarious.

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Learn how the KJV was published using 50+ scholars in Koin Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew and Aramaic to produce the KJV.

Most modern bibles are publish for the profit of big publishers.

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Modern ver$ions constantly change, too. I can memorise passages in the KJV, but if you were to try and memorise a passage from, say, a 1990s NASB, it'd be invalidated by the new relea$e a few years later, with verses changed, added and removed.

I like my hair but Jesus Christ this is insane.

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Just came back from a 4 hr work out in the nearby woods whilst listening to history podcasts. Now I have the rest of the day to laze about, educating myself and planning a vacation abroad.


If only lad.

Have you read The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust Modern Translations? by James R. White lad? KJV Onlyism is built upon a ridiculous notion.

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That sounds comfy. Not that into vacations myself.

The Service industry is quite bad for that I think.

For once the commies actually looked better.

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Try asking James White if he believes that there is, or ever has been, a complete, inspired Bible in any language, ever.

He will dodge the question, whereas the TR-onlyist can confidently answer "yes"; Stephanus plus the Masoretic text.

Which of these do you think fits with God's promises to preserve his word to us in the Old and New Testaments? (Isaiah 40:8, Matthew 5:18, Matthew 24:35).

I'd sooner trust KJV over (((modern))) interpretations and translations lad. Of course naturally people should study the book as close to source as possible, but realistically KJV is the best compromise of the study.

Finally. Fan fucking tastic. Seeing sheboons with straight hair made me feel sick in the same way I saw white girls with dreads.


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Their helmets were utter garbage though.

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Can the NHS just fucking die already

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This tbh, get solovairs

shit like this only serves to shore up peoples nascent social conservatism.

Aye; I'm learning Hebrew as the first step in getting the whole Bible in its original languages, and I've noticed how literal the KJV is, as when it translates Genesis 4:1 as,

Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain[.]

The word for knew is, in Hebrew, yada, which literally does mean knew, as in, I knew he was the culprit of this crime, or, I knew nothing.

See here for proof:

Using this word, knew, for intimate relationships, helps you to understand how it's used across the Bible: for instance when it says that the beloved (that is, the church) will one day know God even as she is known of him.

Of course, you can't preach to people in Hebrew, Aramaic and Koine, though; and the King James Version is a magnificent, powerful English translation that preaches well.

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i wonder if NHS is actually based and its the MPs pushing all this?

I read the KJV and the BWM.

They are definitive and unchanging as said most bibles printed from the 20th.c onwards are subjected the same profitering that academics are guilty of, releasing constent editions to make money.

>You need the latest edition for this class

>You need the latest version for this sermon

I think they get more than enough support from the NHS than they deserve.

The great cross-country trek Bible

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Not only that, but they are shaped for the politics of the day as well. The most famous example is "the love of money" passage.

Isn't the BWM pretty much the KJV though? An Bíobla Naomhtha is better tbh

Oh for Pete's sake

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that'll show 'em. racewar when?


oh get fucked

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>"muh burka"
This is not a good hill to die on.

quelle surprise


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fucking hell, even Enoch was more persecuted than Tommy Shekelstein.

He's not even close to the mostpersecuted man of the last 100 years

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I dont get how you can overlook this tbh

By being a spy

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It's just not good enough. Changes will need to be made.

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I'd love to see blasphemy laws return for the sake of people like this.

GI are batty boys that play with girly Barbie dolls and not Action Men confirmed
They're pathetic.

Lads, lasses,
I was listening to a podcast and they mentioned that a good way to check for lies in a person's story is to ask them to describe the story using all 5 senses. And then check response length and unique word count. Thoughts?

What if they are missing a sense

Idk, they didn't mention that possibility but I guess most people have most of the senses.

are Tommeh free from prison
'is will be done
make pakis run
white bread white tea
and a white country
Tommeh's gunna set us free

praise be on tha prophet, mate.

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Oy vey, podcasts should be banned!

Daily reminder to reject Kosher Nationalism at all costs.

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Are you starting to understand why the working class were deliberately kept out of governing the country lad?

They're good people lad they're just following babbies first counter narrative. Not everyone is 9 layers deep into cointel pro and and political espionage.

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She looks fingolian but I'd wager it's just chink that's been washed in.

No, she's literally just a chink with hair dye and photoshop.

you can smell the egg-fried rice

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What a shame it had to be Tommy.

Surprised pagans haven't started accusing the Romans of stealing their alphabet.

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It's so fucking weird. It's like that mad women that larped as black so she could work for one of the black advocacy groups and claim oppression status.

Runes remained in use for centuries after Christianisation, even being employed as decoration for churches, and are still popular today. What's she on about?