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Considering Mumble's development is dead in the water (although commits are still being done in the github page), is there a better alternative? If there is a an app that was like Mumble but with discord's file/image sharing it would be perfect.

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Use the sticky.

You mean the wiki that is rarely updated anymore? works great inside chromium

is it light?

this just seems to be a Russian discord, do they provide the source?

Heard about it, seems alright but I could of sworn another user in another thread said that it was dead? Or was that qtox? - looks like this is the new non dead one.

Why as soon as a piece of software stops recieving updates people consider it dead? Can't a piece of software get to a point it no longer needs updates?

Absolutely kill yourself OP. Since this is what you want you are free to use discord.

Issue come overtime, plus bugs in that version never get patched. Doesn't need to be every week

stop putting words into my mouth, i asked for one feature

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I mean the sticky, you absolute newfag.

you must explain

No, it isn't. Mumble is perfect for voice chat. Tox is better for text messaging and file sharing.

I fucking hate this fucking culture of constant "More! More! More!"!
I certainly understand if there is a feature that HAS to be added or would greatly improve the software, or a security patch needs to be made.
You see this garbage all the time from RedHat in particular, but open-source in general too.
We had OSS, then that was apparently not good enough so the kernel added ALSA.
This was totally fine, but then Poettering had to step in and make PulseAudio, fucking shit up big time for no real reason.
Now we're at a point where PulseAudio is at least fairly stable and usable, but since RedHat just can't fucking help themselves, they're scrapping everything and making fucking Pipewire!

Listen, faggots. Code does not have an expiration date. It does not go bad or spoil. You don't need to constantly add more and more and more. It's okay to use software that hasn't been updated in a while, as long as there's no security issues with it.

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Frequent commits means it is at least being maintained. Mumble is already feature complete. The being maintained part is essential as you need someone to fix security related vulnerabilities if discovered.

Please be patient with us. We all have full time jobs. Version 1.3.0 should be out this year.

There is nothing as good as mumble for VoIP. I was actually considering rebuilding and making a custom server and client which would use Mumble for voice communication.
And it's not dead. It gets at least one update per week. They just don't compile a stable release, but development builds are pushed out. 1.3.0 is downloadable through the Mumble wiki and has been for a very long time now.
Mumble is THE standard for VoIP, there's no reason to move away from it.

The real mindfuck is that the major argument for PulseAudio is USB and Bluetooth audio.
USB audio can be handled with a shell script and an eudev/devd rule. This is what I do.
If the bluetooth stack was properly designed, there would be a permanent audio pipeline that can be used by already established audio frameworks. OSS, ALSA, JACK, etc

Pulse has been popularized because the people who wrote bluez did a shit job.
Tell me, how hard is it to pipe sound to /dev/null when there's no audio device? Not hard.

Almost anything can be done with just a shell script and another tool. It turns into a complex piece of shit though.

On linux I pass the proper lines to the kernel on boot to block everything apart from my current audio output from loading. Sure you have to reboot if you want to change but who is doing that more often than when they get a new dac.

Here is a real mindfuck though. OpenBSD's sndiod can be used over the network. Not only that but it can also be configured to have almost no latency. It does everything all the different linux audio daemons try to, except it just works with 0 set up.

It justs changes .asoundrc defaults to USB.
The point I'm trying to make is that there is no need for pulse on 90+% of linux installs when less complex solutions exist.
Pottering could have written a shitty program like wicd to automagically reconfigure alsa, but he ended up writing a shitty sound system based on alsa.
Apparently you can compile it for linux.

And now when I plug my USB headset in it just works on every linux system I have used without me doing anything. Had some issues 8 years ago though.

Pulse also includes functions to automatically change sources and sinks; the native ALSA server has to be restarted in order to change its configuration. Other functions include automatically resampling an input sound rate into a different output rate and software sound mixing that works within the context of everything else.

Big deal.
You have to restart your networking every time you connect to a different wireless network.

I'd rather compile sndio or run scripts to reconfigure alsa than touch pulse again. is featureless trash. I wish someone would come along and make a good alternative to shitscord so I wouldn't be so inconvenienced by normalfag trash making it the one and only means of any and all communication.

When I put in my headphones, it's really nice to have the computer automatically change from playing sounds through HDMI output to my headphones. It will then automatically restore the configuration when disconnecting my headphones. It's a small deal but it's a very nice quality of life feature.

Except doing private 1:1 calls is a clusterfuck.
I did not figure out how to do this without allowing any other person to join, and I tried for many months.
It is only good for whole-team meetings or random shit talk, because it's like a hall without locks on doors.

theres nothing wrong with "dead" software. its only annoying when a update is made to add bloat or change the interface so its less usable.

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You can setup permissions or add a password to the channel. If you have permissions you can pull the other person into your channel.

a video connection should not also handle audio.

once someone knows it, they can join at any time even if you're doing 1:1 with somebody else.
you did not really understand the problem; which is that Mumble can't fit the role of Hangouts, Skype (god forbid), et al.

If you want 1:1 just set the max users of a channel to two.

if the counterpart decides to exit and someone enters immediately after that and you don't notice for some reason, you will have problems.


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Mumble important future features:

Constant video streams 80 pixels wide

not important or considered:
animated images
better image handling
embedded video
gif support

this project is fucking shit on this alone, OP is a RATty retard to say it's out right dead but the next thing they're gonna put in is a code of conduct with this line of thought

dude, it's a voice chatting software. Why does it ever need to handle video?

This. That disgusting attitude is why browsers are bloated shit and more and more "apps" are just browsers with a hardcoded website.

are you serious?
this should be exact opposite: gif support must be purged from everywhere
only fags want it

Why don't you write your own rather than complaining?

Seriously, just think about it. We are all power user/programmers, so we want suited programs to our need and "use power"/privacy. If you keep complaining and whining "Huhhh.. All of the open source project are going in the anti privacy retarded design way huhhhhh...". Get implied in the fucking projects! Where are your pull requests? Where is your contribution?

We can build nice tools, that are minimalists, and respect privacy, but don't fucking wait for someone to make it for you.
If you reall think that mumble is a good solution, and that the devellopement is dead, just fucking fork it and make it the way you want!

What fucking programs have produced this fucking board holy shit. And don't tell me clover, that's just a fucking script. The only real project I know about is


>What fucking programs have produced this fucking board holy shit. And don't tell me clover, that's just a fucking script. The only real project I know about is
But those are /g/ projects. Zig Forums has not produced anything.

Confirmed for not even trying.

Pulse is redundant trash.

We have produced many logos though.

Pretty much all the code from that came from an user from Zig Forums and the developer of endchan. I'd not really give /g/ too much credit for it.

Make a room with a limit of 2 people, dumb fuck.

Except nobody will, because passwords.

He answered that with "hurr what if someone else learns the password"

IP filtering

You are genuinely retarded.

gif is legacy but why not support it in the very least by converting to APNG by the client and sending that to the server?

Mumble ABSOLUTELY needs a better image handler. I can meme on people with fuck huge images and crash clients.

to add to this, mumble could use security levels as well like teamspeak allows. Not too important but a nice feature.

Thanks user. That indeed clears things up.
I had zero problem with other voice-chat solutions, though, so there certainly is some difference.

Someone who previously has been to this room.
Or do you mean always creating a new room with a new password? Seems like a lot of overhead for a single voice call.

Make a temporary (or permanent) separate room/server for each person you're talking to. That's how all 1:1 communication works.
You're just inventing problems all of which can be avoided or fixed. I mean, I agree this should all be automated, but mumble isn't meant to be a telephony alternative. Maybe they'll add a 1:1 voice call feature in 1.4 which will be accessible by right clicking on a user and making a 1:1 request.

…and then they are surprised that not everybody jumps to mumble from their hangouts et al.

sure that'll be great

Who's they, who even uses hangouts and why is this relevant for a team voice chat program?

they = mumble shills on
hangouts = one of examples of your generic normie-friendly VoIP software if we take from those which are not as bad as (((skype))) I could mention something else but I'm not sure what's the least cancerous of normie-approved VoIP software besides that
a sizable portion of normies and not-completely-normies use it, including a few people I know IRL

looks pretty cool
why isn't nobody shilling this?


Because it's shit.


Chatting: IRC
VoIP: Mumble

Some of us need to interact with people who aren't troglodytes.

Impossible, unless we are talking about extremely minimalistic software with zero external dependencies or dependencies that don't change at all.

and why can't modern people use IRC or mumble?

Incompetence, consolidation, accessibility.

I can link someone a shitscord in virtually any online environment, they can click it and be talking to me within seconds in their browser, have access to an IRC in the same window with multiple channels with easy to assign permissions, have gif, webm, and jewtube support in said IRC, and access to that entire chats history. This is all done without any software or account creation, just a single mouse click.

Until something can do the same shitscord will be mandatory for anyone wanting to interact socially online with another human in some sort of collaborative work.

Even if someone makes an usable javascript IRC+Mumble client that autoloads images and uploads drag n dropped images to imgur or whatever other autism they'd still choose discord over it because of muh chat for gamers marketing.

Sure, but at least you'd be justified in promoting an alternative.

If you want them to be able to join quickly, make your channel on a popular irc server. It only takes them a few seconds to type /join #channelname
The majority of irc clients support this.
It's about the same difficulty, but you don't have to go through a bunch of menus to do what you want.
Why do you need these to talk with people. I know there are irc clients which provide a feature to hover over a link and it will show you the image.
You can't get history from before you join the channel, but after that you can just search through your logs. Searching on discord takes a lot longer than searching irc logs.
They have to download and setup a web browser / configure it to accept all the non-free javascript
IRC doesn't require account creation. Some servers do require you to register with a nick server before you can join.
I've been able to interact with other people on irc just fine.

Why are you being disingenuous? We are talking about normalfags.

It's not about what you are capable of doing period. This conversation is not about your ability to interact with people on IRC. It's about being able to interact with 99% of the world, which IRC does not meet their standards and they will refuse to use. So like I said, unfortunately some of us actually have to operate in the world with people that need what shitscord offers.

People don't want to have to switch between different programs and websites to preform tasks. If they want to share videos, pictures, have profiles and identities, and have a simple GUI that let's even the most brain dead retard preform it, they are going to use discord. There is no real reason for a normalfag to abandon it. Denying the superiority and convenience of shitscord is to deny water is wet. I don't use it and I don't like it because running it in a VM with a VPN is a lot of upkeep for a single program, but I definitely do not use IRC and mumble because they are fucking easier to maneuver and more accessible.

If there was an alternative that even had 20% of what shitscord offers and was opensource I would be using it instead. But there isn't. There isn't anything that comes close to it's level of accessibility, consolidation, and ease of use.

I don't know why you're being so dishonest about something so blatant. Anyone that has to remain in contact with normalfags under the age of 30 in the online spectrum is basically forced to use the program. My point is that its dominance is a plague that affects more than just the people using it and I'd like an alternative. would fulfill this from what I've used of it.
This sounds very much like the argument to have a social media account.

Literal garbage that doesn't even have the same level of features that mumble on its own has.

It's not an argument it's a justification. Some jobs require you to have a facebook account. If an individual has to choose between not having a facebook or putting food on the table, I'm willing to bet they would rather just have a facebook.

You're arguing from a point of privilege, not from a point of necessity. Which is why you have no real perspective on the problem, because you have not encountered it.

and some jobs require you to be able to stand on your head and recite the alphabet backwards in under 10 seconds.
I've never had a job which required a facebook account. The most I've been required account wise is a slack account, but my irc client is able to seamlessly support slack without running any proprietary software.
I have experienced it, but I chose to stop using proprietary software, so I had to stop using those services. I did not want to be a hypocrite where I promote free software, but still run a little proprietary software. Yes, sacrifices had to be made and relationships broken.

You're a fucking retard.

credible sauce there user, it may be slow but deff not dead

it's not dead you idiot, they want to fix some issues before next major release, in the mean time you could use the dev build instead and Mumble

tox, gnu ring

There is none because nothing matches Mumble's extremely low latency. Nothing will, because supporting more advanced features eats into overhead.

Most people want a fully-functional chat client they can _also_ use for gaming. They're going to be worse-off without mumble; milliseconds matter.

What you want is an alternative to Discord that you can convince normies to use. Have you considered a Matrix client like Riot?

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I guess I got the idea of your thought in case of a more extreme hypothetical situation
>You're just inventing problems all of which can be avoided or fixed. I mean, I agree this should all be automated, but mumble isn't meant to be an TCP/IP alternative.

Did you mean that 1:1 calls is an invented problem and must be avoided? Or that I need to go and code it instead of using something that already werks?
Or does VoIP mean exclusively group communications and 1:1 calls aren't VoIP? Because what some of you started with is:

You're inventing problems because you're using software for what isn't it's intended purpose. And why would you need to keep passwords a secret from people who you want to talk to in secret? You can kick, ban and make new private rooms whenever you want and send the password directly to the user you want to talk to. What's your issue?
It sounds like what you're trying to do would require your server to have a separate room for each pair of clients, then give those clients passwords for the rooms they're allowed to be in. You can make a script that does this automatically for all clients on the server and deletes the rooms when they leave, but this would be inefficient. Another/better option is to make a script that constantly reads what users write and listens for something like "call client_name" and makes a temporary room for the client who sent this and the other client ("client_name"), then make the server bot send passwords directly to the two clients.
Either that or a rewrite of the client software in a way that would allow two users on the server to connect directly to each other by pressing "direct call" on one another, which would place them in a temporary pocket server in a form of a direct peer-to-peer network (their temporary independent server) so that even if they're kicked out of the main server their call persists. This would mean that all client apps would need to include server functionality. File an issue on github about this and see if they'll agree to this. I'd like to see this feature, but this would mean that servers would become somewhat obsolete since they'd serve as nothing but a public phonebook of currently connected users.

I mean, if you just want calls then there are better options:

But yes, nothing beats Mumble when it comes to performance in it's *intended* way of use. It's primarily software for gaming groups with the addition of privacy and low latency. It's not meant to be a Facebook, Skype or mobilealls alternative, which is what you're looking for apparently.