Halt and catch fire: worth watching?

A friend recommended this show to me. He states:

In theory should be relevant to my autistic interests. Is it worth watching or is it full of current year stonk indypyndynt gendertransphasics of color?

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It's this one. It pretends passion is a substitute for practice and it thoroughly pissed me off.


Judging from your pic alone, it has no niggers, sandniggers or spics characters, which is a big plus, but half the characters are women, which is a red flag since it's about tech. I'm guessing it's watchable with friends but otherwise I'd pass. But that doesn't matter, I doubt you're stupid enough to be unable to decide on your own and instead only wanted to talk about it.

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Correct, unfortunately. Poz load in the first few seconds.

Check out how SMART AND COOL AND REBELLIOUS this niggerlicious bullnosed bulldyke is in the first couple minutes. The actor playing the nigger cattle herder too does a pis-poor job of depicting a corporate technigger.

I will push through to the end of the episode but i think we can safely call this one trash.


Pic related, some posts from one of the 4cuck archives.

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3:13 minutes in and the degeneracy already starts. This is why I don't watch TV anymore.

cool blog, you impotent mutt!

I watched one episode of this. It showed a woman working in a developer's workplace, which was antichronistic for the year it was suppsed to be (IIRC 1974). It felt like the "Mary Tyler Morre Show" (donno if you millenials get that reference and its implication). The men continued to yell at her for nothing, and were big meanie bullies! (as if people are actually like this). IIRC, she slacked on her work and changed dot-matrix printer drivers to print images for fun. The whole episode revolved around them attempting to make a BIOS-chip. In the end (of course) she was the only one to do it correctly, fixing the mistakes of the cisgendered penis-proprietors.

did it feel good?

fun drama ... if you like retro stuff why not

women are over represented but i guess its just to make views

Yes, but I'd actually recommend at least trying out the first season.

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The furthest this show went back in time other than Gordan and Donna Clark's marriage is 1983.

First season is about 6.5/10 with some interesting details about hardware/software development and occasionally interesting characterization.

Season 2 onward is the cunt feminist show, all about unrealistic garbage interpersonal drama and how 'these stronk indypyndynt wymyn literally invented everything in tech and basically you are fucking stupid." It's absolute trash.

According to this retarded show, this is what games looked like on a 486.

High polygon, bilinear filtering, dynamic colored lighting and bloom, moving foliage etc, all in 640x480 or higher

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I thought it started out pretty good, and honestly, if it didn't have the SJW + Marry Sue propaganda injected into it I would even say it would be a fucking good show.

Viewers who were born after the 1990s would be confused and alienated by anything less than that. TV shows and movies prefer to stick to stereotypes and simplifications, or sometimes to blatant misrepresentations (as in this case) just to cater to their target audience and not make them feel alienated but how reality actually is/was. This is also why you have flashing "ACCESS DENIED" messages taking up most of the screen etc., it's a representation which resonates with the mainstream viewer and the makers don't give a shit if it's accurate and plausible or not.

Maybe they're just incompetent millenials that don't understand Tech

More propaganda trying to get females into tech shit to lower wages. It's just makes me sad now tbh

No. They're producers and writers who have the responsibility to present ideas in a way that their target audience will understand.

Show is annoying, has gratuitious sex scenes because "muh HBO does it", and really goes nowhere. I only watched half of the first season but apparently they ditch the basic premise after that and the main characters go on to invent everything.

It's just Compaq's history but if the company was usurped by retards much earlier.

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Watch Micro Men instead:

I heard Sinclair says this film is all wrong, so don't trust it's historicall accuracy that much.
On the other hand of course he would say that, given what I know about Sinclair's character.

Also watch Pirates of Silicon Valley.
It's old and also not very historically accurate, but quite good nonetheless.

Also watch any youtube documentary on old computers, thousands of them.

IIRC there was other TV show about vintage computing, don't remember it's name. Do not watch it, it's shit.

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I don't mind the sex scenes, but the female power and genius crap is annoying. Also it's a lot about being mean and yelling at each other, which makes me angry while watching it. If you watch it, at least download it somewhere instead of paying for it, thx.

Maybe they just don't have balls and get paid for this spineless crap.