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yeah tbh same with 22st


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some mod change the title and everything to make a non-gay community thread tbh

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Not off to a good start tbh lads

Low effort thread from lazy gay yank

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it's a kino night sound tbf


it wasn't originally meant as a thead, more of as a way to secretly bully mercia

didn't know steiner was gay but kinda makes sense wow

im not gay community, I just don't like anyone

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It's horrible and it has been going on for about 5 minutes now

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Where do you think you are?

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make a better thread lads this one suckss

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Stop raping it then

are the foxes yiffing lad?

Night, lads.

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Spics save nigger invader drowning under boat abandoned by other nigger invaders

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Sounds like it tbh, it is still screaming


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Bit of an overreaction tbh.

YOU make it better. Increase the quality of your posts gayboy

wew they went across the med in that little boat?

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I haven't made one in ages and I am scared that I might make a brap themed thread tbh

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he is live lads

this video frightens me

real thread here
real thread here
real thread here

It's not far. It's probably the southern tip of Spain
There's 100's of miles of empty beaches between Cadiz and Tarifa
The crossing is very short

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Bongo Bongo Land.gg/3PXXxM