Best apps in F-droid?

Best apps in F-droid?

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Yalp store :^)

shattered pixel dungeon

Termux, LeafPic, Mather, LibreTorrent, Orfox, Orbot, MuPDF. You need to enable the guardian repo for Orbot and Orfox. Sometime this week I'm going to do a leak check for android running Orbot and see what comes up - probably fucked by auto-update tbh

This is pretty fun.

Deprecated, install MuPDF viewer

k9mail, since mails are the main reason I use a smartshit.

It's called programs you applecuck.
Install AdAway, OsmAnd, Ghost Commander and Vanilla music.

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Literally slow as molasses to redraw on pan, unusably so in my opinion


Document Viewer, Fennec, Firefox Klar, Graph 89, Hacker's Keyboard, KeePassDroid, Termux, Syncthing

fucking outdated.
literally years behind google play versions.
how do?

OpenVPN for Android
Overchan (fork)

>A computer program is a collection of instructions that performs a specific task when executed by a computer. A computer requires programs to function.
>An application program (app or application for short) is a computer program designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities for the benefit of the user. Examples of an application include a word processor, a spreadsheet, an accounting application, a web browser, a media player, an aeronautical flight simulator, a console game or a photo editor.

Not in f-droid or this list:
Nice Russian free OpenStreetMap interface
All emulators in one, nice interface and performance. Also available for desktop

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Slimsocial is better than Face Slim in $CURRENT_YEAR

botnet owned by the group

do yourself a favor dude…

newpipe is bretty good if you wanna watch youtube videos without ads, and dont wanna root, or listen to youtube videos in the background without buying youtube red
>t.not a newpipe dev or shill, i just genuinely like the piece of software


Newpipe is pretty cool
Another jewtube client on f-droid is skytube, which let's you 'subscribe' to channels without an account. Also, no ads, ofc

Really racks the old ringer.

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that's great for the 3 phone's it supports

actually more than 100

The plural of phone is phones, and LineageOS supports more than 3.

NewPipe can do that too now, it's been able to for months

Remove the bloat from your phone and try again, or don't use a shit phone.
For me it's the most reliable app for navigation I have ever tested.

There is literally no reason why it shouldn't be smooth on any phone over 200$ which came out in 2017, stop making excuses for them.

Are there any Android smartphones that work without baseband chip?

Conversations is nice if you know people who will use it.
There's a group of apps with circular orange icons that are pretty good. There's a gallery, note taker, file manager, etc.
I use Amaze for a file manager because the orange one lacked recursive searching when I last checked.

these are good as well.

Anything that supports Replicant should work if you remove the modem firmware.

Can the subscription list be exported yet?

Both apps have functions to export their subscription and favorites lists, and they can import their own backup files as well. The backups seem to be sqlite databases, so one could try to get the data out of them to use in other applications.

Its a Moto E, it does not have a flashlight.
The app turns the screen white and puts the brightness at maximum, very useful.

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Vinyl Music Player is really good.

They are all website wrappers in the end

No good rss apps?

NewPipe has a better downloader.

and also not really efficient, a big part of the screen backlight is absorbed right in the phone.

F-Droid version is too old. Download the alpha version from the GitHub.

Just use Dashchan

I don't see what conclusion you're coming to, because what he said is false.

Clover is better but i use dashchan (not bad) for this fucking site.
Why dashchan not in F-droid?

I like dashchan Webm is pretty good

Only good FreeSource Music Player on Android.

ddb2 can be easily "pirated" though.

b/c they don't want to spam f-droid with the chan plugins. There's an related issue on shithub.

Shit interface, no advantage over Vinyl.

Most importantly, it's not FreeSource Software.

Nice, don't mind me stealing that terminology.

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I've been considering a term like this too for permissively licensed code. Unlike the GPL, the software produced from the code is not free, but rather proprietary, so it is misleading to call it free software.

I call it proto-proprietary software, because while it is not technically proprietary yet, its purpose is to end up as it and writing it is donating code to proprietary software vendors.

hmmm, let me check it then…

The sourcecode and binaries produced under MIT and BSD ARE Free Software.

The difference is that others have no obligation to publish the source, nor are they prevented from adding any additional restrictions.

As long as the release refrains from doing this, it remains Freesoftware. idk where you got it your information from but its wrong.

Wrong. Since BSD does not require making the source available, you can dump a binary licensed under BSD, which is not free software.

Then those other versions are non-free, the original is still free. Stop 'pretending' to be retarded.

No. Let's say Mr. B develops an application under the MIT license. He then compiles it and adds a download for the binary on his website. Users download what you are calling free software. Since that binary is free software by your logic, how do people use their freedom to modify the software. They don't have the source code for it.

Dashchan does not support Hispachan.

Look, if you're going to be retarded, don't pick something that can be easily googled to sperg about.

Like I said: If his binary is identical to the source version that's publicly available, it's still FreeSoftware. Otherwise it isn't

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Vinyl is the best one.

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I never said that Mr. B made the code public.

Why is it so hard to mirror the source code together with the binary?

Amaze is a great file browser, but native support for a lot of compression formats is dodgy as fuck

There's no good network file browser either.
Y-you could install termux and do it from the c-command line...



Does anyone else get the impression that the Guardian repo apps are somewhat carelessly produced? Orbot's log messages seem vaguely inconsistent to me every time I run it, it once or twice it changed the language of one of its dialogs out of nowhere IIRC, the release archive on its website was inconsistently named as well last I checked, and the description of the ObscuraCam app mistakenly refers to it as "Orweb," which I'm not even sure is an active app anymore. (Not to mention that they can't even decide if to use asterisks or trans-ASCII chars for stars in their descriptions.) Together, it kind of undermines the gravity of that Guardian project.

There's hardly anything wrong with shilling for libre software.

It's pretty, but I recently realized, by accident, that it identifies you by the "accept language" header. I would like a privacy-oriented browser to unify such data (which they already kind of have done with respect to UA -- they unified "Klar" and "Focus" in it), at least optionally. It's not useless if you Torify Klar.

The ultimately probably innocuous fact that it is apparently derived from a Google app notwithstanding, I hate the design pattern that locks me out of the application's core interface before I set something (ie. an email account) up. I want to check it out and look around before I blindly feed it my data. Much of my trust towards an app comes from judging the stability and literacy of its UI.

How did I fuck up my quotes so bad.


I wish I knew half the shit this thread was talking about.

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Newpipe is my number favorite app on there.

F|L|OSS Browser is good, I use it along side my Yalp Store downloaded version of Brave.

I just wish Dashchan was on there or had a repo.

telegram, connectbot, termux, materialistic
those are ones i use, at least

Jesus Christ how horrifying

I use a bluetooth keyboard when there is an emergency and I need to use emacs / ssh.

use GNU Ring.

Dns66 is a pretty cool adblock solution for unrooted phones.


does it always do true gapless playback?
does it support ReplayGain tags?
does it do high quality resampling when the hardware doesn't really support the sample rate of your files?
does it do proper dithering when converting to 16 bits?
does it support less mainstream formats such as Musepack?

Has OsmAnd improved over the years? Last time I tried using it I couldn't even search addresses. It would only let me use cross streets which I then needed GMaps to look up. At that point I was better off sticking to GMaps for directions.

When will Dashchan add hooktube embed support? I'm not too concerned because I mostly browse at home, but when I am using my phone, seeing posts referencing an embed that isn't showing is annoying.

android is already botnet.

android per se is not botnet, it's just usually installed on shit devices and with (((vendor))) additions, but there's also LineageOS for example.


Lineage OS != Android

they don't support adding people by usernames
i'd use wire but it's shit with group chats

Except they do...

what's your point?

Panjeet rom is also botnet. Even if it wasn't it wouldn't matter since all cellular devices track you at all times.


is icecatmobile good?


so you knew about it but are pretending to not know? nice trollin' bro.

Airplane mode doesn't do shit user. Why is it that I can go into some remote area hundreds of kilometers away from any sort of civlization with zero phone service, yet I can convientely still call people for 'emergencies'.

Is anyone else using silence? Is there any better alternative to the default messaging program?


it's shit, a lot of bugs and outdated
use regular firefox

it first disables airplane mode.
calls cannot be made while it's enabled, this is not an exception.


I don't know why i have it. It's the most reddit genre behind yookale shit and 80s synth.

What about Fennec?

NewPipe, Yalp store, Twidere, FastHub-libre, Slide,Odyssey, Cythara, Firefox Klare, Orbot, I2P, VLC, USB Mountr, Termux and Maps

What is the difference between focus and klare? except disabled user activity by default

I only use OsmAnd and totally ditched gmaps, it's perfect and I don't even live in a populated/well-mapped zone

I use fennec and it's fantastic. Stopped using icecat because it was slow

No adblock :-(
You can post a screenshot?

Yes, it does. It turns off the antennas in your phone. Said antennas cause interference and introduce noise to readings in several specialized equipment (back in the day planes were susceptible for this, hence "plane mode".)
You can easily check this by placing your phone besides a big speaker and then making a call. If the phone is not in airplane mode, you will hear interference in the speaker. If it is, you won't hear anything.
You can't. You can only call emergency numbers in the US and Europe because they put special infrastructure for emergency calls (and even then good luck making that call if there is, indeed, zero phone service in that area.)

uBlock Origin works. Too bad Fennec doesn't have an AMOLED theme.


How is Fennec different from Firefox?
Does the owner need me to whip up a new logo? His looks awful...

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