I lost a 128gb tiny thumb drive that had all my stuff and it probably got run over.
Feels thread if you have had the same kind of thing happen

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Just restore from backup.


no it was my backup files

yeah, maybe im overreacting but all of that data is gone now. there were 4000 files and someone is probably looking through my stuff right now
luckily my loli was in an encrypted disk partition

Unless you're being targeted, or in an area with a wide-adaption of "Alt-Tech" (e.g. Portland, San Fransisco, Seattle) no one is going to even know there's things on it

So if that was your backup then you still have the original and you have lost nothing.

some hobo has all his files now though and is gonna see his waifu

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Implying OP wasn't using windows.

I accidentally overwrote my whole drive when install a GNU/Linux distribution. Not much of value was lost, mostly just shit code.


Doesn't help when you overwrote the repository.
I find it pointless to back up code I don't really care about, especially if I can recreate it quickly.


I think a hobo would just try to pawn it off for some booze money.

OP just needs to work a couple more hours flippin' burgers and he'll have a new one in no time

I'm a hobo and I wouldn't personally. Then again, most hobos aren't chanfags with a custom-built UNIX Laptop whom are right-leaning politically and refuse hand-outs, and embrace philosophies such as ATWA.

Am I Charles Manson?

all I feel is rage

Get a retard-friendly backup program. I use Deja-Dup.
Once per week it prompts for my encryption password, I enter it, and then it automatically backs up everything other than my Downloads directory and stores it encrypted on a remote DavFS host.
It's automatic, so I don't need to remember to do it, which is good, because I wouldn't.

I often leave behind usb drives full of loli porn in various places in the hopes I'll show a normalfag the superiority of 2D little girls .

You just push? How the fuck do you overwrite the repository. If you have done that you are doing it wrong. Don't rebase over trivial shit faggot.

Not too smart there are ya?

If your data isn't on three separate drives in three different media in three alternate locations then it might as well not exist

>not using rsync + cron
lol, what is this? /g/?

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I sympathize.

why not get a job and move out of your mothers house?

Encrypt your shit, make a torrent, voila; is it that hard, user?

Good luck when this universe ends, faggot.

Plebs, all of you

Feels bad mang

Well the repository was stored on the harddrive so when it was overwritten, the repository was too.

Is this the millennial equivalent of having mom find and throw away all your porno mags?

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Dam right ma brudda. Seriously OP, you deserve what you got for not having a backup. Also this

I have one and support us both. I'm just sick of living with her, but if I don't, she'll just squander the money my father left her.

nobody can see OP's files because they don't have the encryption password that OP used when creating the backup


Found 8 GB micro sd in caffe
Formatted and changed my 1GB I had in my phone

Sucks for the fag that lost it


LOL 128gb thumbdrive... user plz


I sympathise, user


I like rdiff-backup. It's like rsync (it uses rsync) and keeps a change history with deltas.

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I do. It just has duplicity and Deja-Dup wrapped around it.
I don't need something flexible and technical, I need something easy and simple. If I suddenly decide I do need to go into CLI mode I can seamlessly switch to duplicity. If even that is too abstracted I can take it apart into GPG, rsync, rdiff and tar.
It's all there, I just don't have to care about it until I maybe need it some day.

Lel, spooked cuck.
Take what you can

wat ayynimay dat jpug frum?



yea but most people also dont know how to use testdisk and photorec or decrypt with brute force.

or selling your data to the fbi

yeah or leave malware on sandisk cruzers

do ryu jerk off every day?

i try to store all of my stuff on 6 different drives, and back them up on encrypted rasperry IoT devices with solar cells

There was some guy who had memorize half of the linux source modules by memory lol

is that OC?

It's okay user. We know you have a cp basement.

you faggt

I know ppl like u. def a nigger

What was I supposed to do?
Just leave it there and hope that the brainlet remembers where he lost his sd?

Also, on the plus note I took few phone chargers from lost and found place in library because idiots just leave their stuff and don't come back for it.

Fuck off back to Zig Forumswith the other scum , thief.

I don't go on Zig Forums, and I am hardly a thief when I didn't steal it from someone, I just picked it up from the floor where it was laying for ages.

And a lady at library told me that nobody comes for their stuff in lost and found, seen plenty of high price stuff there (brand glasses, mp3 players...)

You're a nigger, stop posting