Brit/pol/ #2387: Filly Widdles Edition

Brexit news: Majority of brits want UK ONLY passport queues after Brexit – new poll

UK weather: Heatwave to continue with 32C expected

African Horse Sickness could wipe out nine in 10 of Britain’s horses if it reaches UK

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First for it's still too hot

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worried about the dayfags lads. They've invented this character called "bins" and many of them seem to think he's real.

what's going on in that drawing, with the peole stuck under the floor? is that something that actually happened?



dayfags are a spackers tbh, they are anti-comfy and nasty to each other all the time, the opposite of us

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Invaders at Zeebrugge yesterday trying to board lorries and ferries. Next stop Hull

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it's real isn't it… i'm too scared to read up on it tbh


They are a lark

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Get fuck you useless queer.

stop posting these I'm getting anxious

Blood moon seems portentous tbh.


Didn't we have that already?

yeah was a few days ago now



But I went outside a few minutes ago and it was a blood moon behind the clouds. Unless that wasn't the moon? …

i don't know what to make of this…

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Is Thom Yorke really engaged in witchcraft?

where did you get this idea from?

Good lad

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Four drug dealing pakis crash into a tree and die

Looks like the moon's normal now, but I definitely saw a big red shape in the distance earlier. Maybe it was a sea beacon or something.


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I saw it last night, it was red for a bit then a few hours later it was normal

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The proper context doesn't really help. That's kind of what you get.

Wish I had a tech job so i could move to Gibraltar and become a deano

what's it from? where did you find it?


when you think about it, the deano mene was the original 30 year old boomer mene.

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It's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

post the oldest memi you have saved lads

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I would have omitted that one myself tbh

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I know. It's been sitting in my chan folder so long, I almost don't have the heart to delete it.

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ban this guy for this shit mene

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No bully. I was 15.

speaking of shit meems

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It's probably not healthy. I'm like a digital hoarder.

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i only have one mene folder, and i never name the images i save. Bit of a nightmare to navigate.

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Oh dear, oh dear

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reminder that the 1948 vote for Newfoundland to join Canada was fraudulent and shouldn't be recognised.

but it's also cringey to be cringed out by them as well

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Wish I hadn't deleted my demotivational folder.

saw her on one of those naff channel 4 countdown things. she still looks good today, more milfy than fitness modelly

I know lad, she's still proper tasty, her name is Diane (You)dale

Bronson tbh

Absolutely would

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meine Königin

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is she braphogging that lad?

No lad, Daryl Hannah strangling Harrison Ford with her meaty thighs

is she a braphog?

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you can see her chebs lad

please filter that as I cannot look at disgusting 3DPD thots trying to make me a degenerate

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those are baps

get right with Obin lads.

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should I be a bad boy and post the bad video again?

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bagans btfo

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What video lad?

it was kind of like the blade runner video where the lass defeats some bad men using her shall we say, assets

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she doesn't defeat the bad man, the bad man is the good guy, and he kills her. She's the baddy

Post it lad

maybe later, mercia just unbanned me

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merciful mercia

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Did Hillary eat the body of that guy she had killed?

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she probably has done things that would make us puke lad

i think she only eats Haitian kids but im not sure.

I believe this tbh. I also think she is so deranged she probably WOULD want to eat the bodies of her political enemies, as a statement of ultimate power

doubt it, most of the satanism stuff wants them eating aryan children of higher intelligence.

the stuff they do is sick and revolting. I have only read a bit but I don't care to know about it.

they try to traumatize them to allow subdimensional entities to enter into the victim, its some sick cult stuff

probably true, i just wanted to talk about Haiti. Most fascinating country by far imho.

*slowly customises a bikini loadout for each female Tekken 7 character*

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one day cool countries like north korea and haiti won't exist and when we talk about them we'll sound like our boomer parents when they talked about east germany and yugoslavia

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