I just lost all my respect for carmack


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shit thread tbh

Which part of this is the problem

oh it's (you) again
come on it's not fun anymore

This part:

Thanks for clearing it up. OP is a shitnigger.

Stop posting walls of text that you did not write ffs

automated spambots can't read.

he is a very logical man i would imagine he has his reasons to have gotten used to ms environment but dont doubt for a second that he is more capable than anyone here in any environment

It would be retarded for him to use anything else. Its the system for the platform he develops for.

Visual Studio has by far the best C++ debugger

Guess what she did while he was in the shed?

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Based Mozilla is singlehandedly fixing computers right now



we need a CoC-free solution; Zig language is our saviour.

Only toy programs have been written in Zig. Also its compile times are even worse than C++/Rust.

all languages begin from writing toys

Wrong. One example would be Rust. Another would be C. Zig is and will always be a shitty meme without adoption.

Look, dude, we get it. UNIX is and always was shit. You drilled this into our heads for the 10th time now. It just gets fucking boring after a while. It's like people poking fun at SJWs: after a while you just go "uh, yeah. yeah SJW bad. bad feminists. ... ... zZzZz..."

Don't reply to the handbook nigger. Don't waste your time with handbook nigger posts.

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You're confusing Carmack with Romero.


you are retard if you think the state of million distros is going to "revolutionize" anything, it hasnt and it will not
BSDs are good coherent platforms
this are self evident truths

literally who?

He created the greatest RPG of all time, The Elder Scrolls™ 5™ Skyrim™. I suggest you buy this game on all platforms you own, as the game offers unlimited quests™ and you will be entertained for the rest of your miserable life. Buy the fucking game you dumb cunt.

fleetwood mac little lies in the distance.mp3

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i was actually just planning to download skyrim as part of my normie infiltration campaign

doom? quake? wolfenstein?

would of been better if the clips were in chronological order to show the decline of ID

Carmack's wife is fat and ugly. Romero's husband is a man.

Usually you want to use the same platform you're coding with, exception is consoles or phones.

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So instead of keeping programming shit he should grow long hair and beard like Stallman and be autist over ideological instead of being productive?

I actually don't care thanks to the power of cross compiling technology.


That's because you are a low productivity developer. You probably don't use the scroll wheel either, so you? Visual Studio is fantastic for navigating a code base and following the flow of code. Wat to find the definition of a function: right click and select "Go to definition". Works 80% of the time. Eclipse supports this, but you have to double-click to highlight the function first. Vastly superior to the 20% of the time solution (100% on bare *nix) of grepping the code base to find the file the function is defined in. Search in VS is better than in Eclipse, both of which are vastly superior to grep. I've never had a problem with gdb, though, other than that the Cygwin version is pants-on-head retarded. GDB on real *nix works great. It may be that OpenBSD uses a dirt-old gcc / gdb for Debian retarded reasons.

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it works like crap tbh

Now? Not back when he killed id or when he turned PC games into an anti-consumer GPU upgrade race for a couple decades?

Perhaps if you fuckers would not buy games on the basis of graphics alone this shit would not have happened

I haven't bought any games since 1994 tbh. I stopped buying games after Commodore went out of business and publishers went all PC/Windows and Mac. Anyway I pretty much lost all interest when nearly everything became realtime and 3D (even RPGs, adventure, and strategy stuff). Needless to say, I also never bought any 3D video cards, unless it was integrated shit on laptop mobo. Of course, now they pretty much all have it, but I ignore it on purpuse, by running Vesa or wsfb X server. It's not like any of the software I use depends on GPU. I go out of my way to avoid that dependency, because that's how they get you to trapped into the x86 botnet, or the ARM + GPU blob botnet.

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So what hardware/software do you use for daily computing?

Even more reason to stay far away from it.

Eclipse has a open call hierarchy.. option which is more like a backtrace...
a must for c++ development.
I believe no other ide has this option and is much superior compared to any other features....

i never had any

What other language do you know that can use C libraries (in source or binary form) seamlessly (no bindings needed, not even autogenerated), and that can produce libraries usable from C (and any other language), which is not a complete footgun like C or C++, and not infected with CoC?

Back to cuckchan, fagit

Almost every language has a C FFI

read carefully…

You know to every language that is not literally c has to write a wrapper to interface right. The c++ that is not literally c has all the same problems.

Zig, however, solves that.

The parts that are not literally c will require wrapper code. Zig solves nothing new here.

maybe I'm dumb today but it reads like there's no need to do any work to make Zig code available from C.

Great so it has a automatic ffi generation layer just like every other fucking language

this part needs a citation