Project Gutenberg censored in Germany

Court Order to Block Access from Germany

This page provides information about a lawsuit which was brought against the [1]Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation (PGLAF,the organization that operates Project Gutenberg) and its Director & CEO, Greg Newby.

The Basics

On December 30, 2015, PGLAF received notification that a lawsuit had been filed in Germany against it, and its CEO.

+The lawsuit was concerned with 18 eBooks, by three authors, which are part of the Project Gutenberg collection.
The lawsuit was filed in the Frankfurt am Main Regional court, in Germany.

+ The Plaintiff is S. Fischer Verlag, GmbH. Hedderichstrasse 114, 60956 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. They are represented by the law firm, Waldorf Frommer of Munich.

The essence of the lawsuit is that the Plaintiff wants the 18 eBooks to no longer be accessible, at least from Germany. It also seeks punitive damages and fines.
Based on legal advice from its US attorneys, PGLAF declined to remove or block the items. The lawsuit proceeded, with a series of document filings by both sides, and hearings before the judges (all of which occurred in German, in the German court). PGLAF hired a German law firm, Wilde Beuger Solmecke, in Köln, to represent it in Germany.

On February 9 2018, the Court issued a judgement granting essentially all of the Plaintiff's demands.

PGLAF complied with the Court's order on February 28, 2018 by blocking all access to and sub-pages to all of Germany.

[It goes on]

Isn't that great, and isn't it so funny how Open and Self-Confessed socialist nations are the first to censor works? This time, public domain works are being censored. Thanks, Israel!


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Well, that's awful. Does anyone know if there are up-to-date torrents? The most recent release on is from 2010.
Can you not

what is this project about and which books were banned?

Project Gutenberg is a library of public domain books. It's pretty well-known, and it's been around for a long time.
Copyright duration varies from country to country, and some books that are in the public domain in the US are not in the public domain in Germany. Project Gutenberg has a warning that says to check whether it's legal to do so in your jurisdiction before downloading, and that was considered enough, up to now.
They were sued in Germany, and were ordered by the court to block access from Germany, and they did.


The source is fine. It's Project Gutenberg itself. It's just the post around it that's garbage.

Don't see the issue here. At least the Germans didn't drive some guy to suicide over it.

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You are right, when I saw the end I just did not read further, especially since I knew about it already.

How does keeping copyright 70 years after the death of the creator further culture? Protip: it doesn't.

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Literally all of those Germans lived when copyright in its current form did not exist. Even the Authors whose book this suit is about lived in a time when the law would have made the books public domain by now, but the lobbyists of the rich and their friends in the CDU retroactively extended the posthumous length of copyright in 1965.

Good on Project Gutenberg for not cucking out. You cuck once and everyone will be telling you to remove their book too, imagine having to know copyright law of every country on the planet just to host some text written by a (now) dead guy.
Contrary to what OP implies it doesn't seem to be political (for once, usually German censorship is highly political), Germany simply has different laws than the US (where I think Gutenberg is hosted) so books that are public domain in the US are not necessarily public domain in Germany, which means in Germany Gutenberg is distributing copyrighted material it isn't authorized to.

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This. Even though this inconveniences me, I would rather have Project Gutenberg inaccessible entirely than have them block only those books affected by the court order. Copyright this long is bullshit, if the publisher and the author haven't been able to turn a profit in decades, then they haven't earned it. If users all users are inconvenienced they will notice how bullshit the current copyright law is, whereas if only those books had been removed no one would have noticed.

(((S. Fischer Verlag)))
Users in Germoney can use proxy or VPN.

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Project Guthenberg didn't get blocked. They chose to block access to German IPs rather than remove books in the public domain due to bogus copyright claims until nothing is left. I think they made the right move.


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In the future there will be no public domain, everything will be owned by private entities (not you though). They already effectively removed fair use rights with DRM, DMCA and the European equivalent that the US imposed.

So is it all only about "copyright"?

>They were sued in Germany Q: Why didn't Project Gutenberg block access until the Court made its judgement?A: PGLAF's legal advisors disagree that any foreign Court or entity has jurisdiction over its actions regarding copyright. The Court in Germany has promoted a theory that it has jurisdiction, mainly because the site has some content in the German language. The view of PGLAF is that it is up to the rights owner in Germany to identify people there who are infringing on its copyrights, and pursue remediation there. It is not up to PGLAF to police or defend the rights of entities in different countries. Because PGLAF operates as a legitimate non-profit organization, however, it is appropriate to act as the German Court ordered - pending appeal - even though it disagrees with the order.Q: So the court thinks that the presence of content in German means that courts in Germany have jurisdiction, regardless of the fact that PGLAF is entirely in the US?A: Yes, that was the original basis of the claim for jurisdiction, which the Court accepted in their judgement. Since then, there some more recent decisions in the European Court of Justice, and other German courts, that support this theory based on a Web site being accessible from a country. I.e., if a Web site is accessible from Germany, there are some cases where German courts claimed jurisdiction over that site, even though it was operated, and based, outside of Germany. These cases involve companies that actually operate (for-profit) in Europe, and the cases were between two European countries (i.e. part of the EU). They are not consistent with prior laws and cases, even in Europe, and also not consistent with provisions of the Berne Convention and other international law.

Not quite true: Q: What does the judgement say must be done? Are there fines or penalties?A: The full judgement (original German, and translated into English) are linked above. Basically, the Court granted all of the Plaintiff's demands: 1. Remove the 18 books, or at least make sure they are not available from Germany. PGLAF complied by blocking access to for all of Germany. 2. Provide a listing of all the downloads that have occurred for the 18 items, so that licensing fees or other fines may be assessed. PGLAF has already told the Court that no such records exist, because Web server logs are only maintained for approximately 2 months. 3. Pay Court costs, assessed at 50% of total costs. The amount is not yet known.

Btw S. Fischer Verlag is owned by kikes. Also the law firm they hired is well known in Germany for sendig masses of cease and desist letters because of >muh piracy.
Q: The plaintiff is S. Fischer Verlag, GmbH. Is that the international conglomerate?A: Yes, it is part of a family of companies all under single ownership and control or majority stakeholdership, from Germany, reaching around the world. S. Fischer Verlag, GmbH is a unit of Verlagsgruppe Georg Holtzbrinck GmbH. Internationally it is known in the US and elsewhere as Holtzbrinck Publishers LLC. Readers in the US know this as Macmillan, which is one of the largest publishers in the US by revenue, and owns many familiar imprints. US readers might also recall that Macmillan was one of four companies accused by the US Dept. of Justice in 2012 of price fixing. The companies eventually settled the antitrust claims, including by giving credits to customers who had overpaid for eBooks.

Someone please please somehow find out and list all 18 books mentioned in the lawsuit. I would like to see their titles.

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It's like the 15th century all over again.

Besides 70 year copyright being stupid, it should be the Germany government who should try to block access. They have no business telling project Gutenberg what to do with their website as long as they are obeying the law of the country they're based in.

Oh, wait. The copyright mafia actually made copyright a matter of international law. I wonder if they could do the same with, I don't know, freedom of speech? Nah, that's not important.