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Since apparently we hate flatnimalism now even though we were sucking its conceptual dick back in /g/ before it went mainstream, what's the new I-can-not-form-my-own-opinion Zig Forums approved meme design trend we should be drooling over?

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hold on let me upload my custom gnome skin it's 200mb

Shut it faggot the adults are talking.
White on black high res fonts and menu based OS running in CLI but made to look just GUI enough for normalfags niggerlicious faggot
Pic related but desktop because phones are botnet
It will be the new trend come 2020

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No design, just text.

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No shit you dumb nigger that’s why it would be from scratch without bells or whistles just like 20 years ago

That looks beautiful, this is the future.

I find it more convenient to draw the images out since it is an image board
Also my board reader is made in C instead of what looks to be python.

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utf-8 or ASCII? do we support metacharacters? terminal escapes? right to left override? combining diatrical marks?

Emojis only.

Are you from 2013?

Are you using w3m's image viewer?
I made the image printer to solve captchas, adding it to files was an afterthought. I experimented with w3m but my main use case was solving captchas over mosh/ssh/tmux and w3m uses X in some bizarre way that doesn't play nicely with that.

As much as I hate this fucking idea it would be necessary to have normalfags care

8-bit ASCII
7-bit is retarded

What browser is that?

UTF-9, no characters from ASCII or the Basic Multilingual Plane.

If it isn’t on the keyboard it shouldn’t be in the OS

It's an unreleased python library for interacting with imageboards. Mostly Zig Forums/8chan-compatible, but also a little Lynxchan.

Nope. Wrote my own since I would have needed to dump images to a file instead of just working with a buffer in memory.
IIRC I implemented bicubic sampling for resizing the images to 10 lines tall.
I haven't implemented support for solving captchas yet.

Make a touch based CLI?!?!

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Is the source of your image printer public somewhere? w3m-img isn't very sane to use.

I eventually plan to release my imageboard reader when it's a little more mature. If you are curious in how it works you pretty much just do is open the display and then get the window via the WINDOWID environmental variable. Then you find the subwindow which contains the main text region and create a graphics context for it. When you want to render the image you create a pixmap for it, and then iterate over your image and raw each pixel to it. After that you copy that pixmap onto the window you found earlier.
There's also some extra stuff you need to do to try and detect when you should redraw the images in case they mess with the window.

I really like the idea of high resolution font support in a CLI. Terry would call you dangerous.

Fuck off back to cuckchan. Seriously.

Epin. Haven't been there in years, but epin anyway. :^)

release the source you fucking kike faggot

I said only. No filthy letters supported.

flat is for cucklets and biker bros


i.e. never. polite sage

There's some stuff I want to polish up before that else people will complain about the code quality and areas where I need to do more input sanitation. The problem are already labeled I just need to put some time into it to get it presentable.

I wish I had all the free time in the world to work on projects like these. Unfortunately it's pretty low priority and I don't have the free time to even get to things that I consider high priority so you are right in thinking that it will take practically forever for me to do so.

All u gimme-gimme people should just get off your ass and write your own browser. It's probably better if that dude never releases his code.

I think he should release his code, and I am writing similar software - what now?

"Flat design" wasn't popularized without a purpose. I'ts geared towards rapefugees from apefreaka who are utterly confused by crowded interfaces with lots of complicated shapes and many colors. Simplistic shapes in just a few solid colors and lots of empty space so that their brains have a chance to keep up with what's going on is the lowest common denominator which everyone was forced to contend with.

Who's "we", faggot?

Tried but failed to find obligatory newspaper clipping .jpg with nigger quoted as saying "they should make computers easier to use so normal people can get the good jobs".

The irony is dindus like him apparently got their way after all.

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Touch makes zero sense for CLI, which has no use for pointing device to begin with. But it would be great with Oberon-like text UI.

You actually think that UIs are made by intelligent people?

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If the character encoding is visible in the aesthetics something is deeply wrong.

We need to go back to the aesthetics of the late 90s / early 2Ks. Not unexpressive flatminimalist, nor gaudy skeuomorphic. Clean but detailed enough to be professional, soberly pleasant, giving a sense of proper organization.

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Fucking metro or whatever the glorified smartphone UI desgin is ruined flat minimalism for a lot of people, because it tricked them into thinking it is minimalism when it's not - it wastes tons of space and sacrifices readability for some fucked up symbols no one gets.

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Shut up and take my unadjusted 2006 US dollars!

Disgusting tbh

I fucking NEED this.

Agreed. Interfaces from that time are arguably most clean and functional without getting in the way but not being dumbed-down either. Classic NT5 explorer, Gnome 2 and KDE 3 were the a high point in OS UI design.

You only think they're better because of nostalgia goggles and "cool reddit retro" bias. You should leave.

Nice projection there. It is not wrong to have a good opinion about a style that was used in the past.

Some more 90s goodness.

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And more 90s goodness.

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First is perfection. Second is fine. Third nice, and better than Gnome3.

Form over function. Total bloat.

These are all good.

I like the flat look, so long as it's from the old days before shit got all bloated and faggy. I'm perfectly happy with twm and Xaw (Athena), and I can tolerate stuff like fvwm, mwm, and Motif. Even Tk (Tcl-related) is ok. OTOH, I just can't stand any of later stuff like the various desktop environments, gtk, qt, and so on.
Text interfaces are nice too.

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They already have touch terminals on cellphones. It's godawful.

No. I think they're better because they objectively are, and I'm using a similar UI right now. You, on the other hand, are apparently a kiddo who still swallows everything that is presented to you as "new and shiny" and who thinks that it's better on those grounds alone, unable to recognize it for the garbage that is possibly is.

*that IT possibly is

Fuck, that takes me back

It's strange how they just reinvented the same interface but made it more resource intensive and run worse.

Flat design confirmed preferred by nigger rapists.

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For all the newfags here >>>/cyber/
Or if you want to push the envelope try "textpunk"


Only tty looks good. But for some reason it fucks up my graphics card. So I'm stuck with the abortion of aesthetics on X.

Flat design was made popular because it's easier and quicker to produce. You can tell any retarded pajeet to make a bunch of solid colored squares and rectangles for a GUI and they'll make it happen.

What graphics card is this? Every computer should be able to run plain text console.

The only 3 90's OSs that really mattered.

Also remember to buy some Apple stock, if you manage to catch a time machine ride to 2006.

Make more GNUStep apps please!

Obj-C is the best C variant ever made and GNUStep is only a few widgets away from BTFOing QT and GTK.
Everyone drools over the Macfag interface (xcode and visuals), why not bring that to XDG, minus the normiefication so that it becomes functional, too?

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Can you name a few (preferrably recent) non-graphical Objective-C programs? I only ever hear about it in the context of iOS, Cocoa and *STEP, and that makes me suspicious that it's only ever used by people who are forced to.

Not him but Obj-C is literally just regular C with 12 new keywords and a new syntax feature. If you know C, you already know most of Obj-C.

A lot of C-first programs use it in parts in order to avoid C++bloat. Find a C program on github and assuming that it's not a videogame, there's a good chance that the language details will have some Objective-C.
Most pajeets just use C2 though because it's easier but Obj-C is a much simpler design.

Maximum contrastism

BTW this is now a neofetch/screenfetch thread. /g/ sends it regards.

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and this is the night mode.

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The correct aesthetic is Emacspeak. Visuals are for losers.

stupid ricer faggot

What the fuck is the move order on that chess game?

1.) E4, E6
2.) E5, Nc6
3.) Nf3, Nb8
4.) Nc3, Nc6?

You don't need new apps you just need to learn how to play chess...

It's a Reti Opening "countered" by e6.
Why are you pretending to be good at chess and criticizing a 4 move game in a glamour shot?

You obviously don't know what you're talking about. Explain to me how it's 4 moves in and black only has 2 pieces developed. Either you're a low level club player who is playing against 800 ELO bots to bolster your ego, or so retarded to think that developing a knight only to retreat it back on the next move is a "counter"

Stop with this lame tryhard shit, you look gay.

That isn't even a Reti open either. Don't get butthurt and call me a tryhard because you can't even beat a chess bot 200 ELO below a first time player.

What's elo?

The most widely accepted way to gauge the ability of a chess player/bot. 1200~ is the average player, where Grandmasters are around 2600 iirc

BTFO in one post


Can't play chess = Can't install Gentoo

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But I'm on Gentoo right now.

That's true also, one does not exclude the other. Schlomo makes Pajeet make flat shit tailored to Pajeet, Ahmed, and Jamal, while both Chad and Pepe have to contend with it.

First time I see tiling wm looking actually photogenic.
Introducing non-terminal programs would break the magic I guess

Do you toggle night mode with github.com/zoltanp/xrandr-invert-colors or something similar?

But terminal instances aren't really usable for shell if they aren't at least 80 characters wide. Lots of shit won't look or even work correctly with a low column count.

An old Radeon. It would overheat badly and cause hardware failures if I switched virtual consoles. Doesn't seem to be a problem atm though so I guess they fixed whatever thing they broke.

Webm related. I should make a Zig Forums edit. What should I put in it?

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I don't use "xrand-invert-colors" program.

I got another script from the net but can't remember where. It's much more simple.
Here is the full code:
#!/bin/bashDIR=$(dirname $0)# get terminals opened by userTERMINALS=($(ls -l /dev/pts/* | grep $USER | awk '{print $10}'))if [[ -e "$DIR"/themes/"$1".sh ]]; then source "$DIR"/themes/"$1".sh MAX=`echo ${#TERMINALS[@]} - 1 | bc` for i in $(seq 0 $MAX); do printf "\033]10;$foreground\007" > ${TERMINALS[$i]} printf "\033]11;[$opacity]$background\007" > ${TERMINALS[$i]} printf "\033]12;$cursor\007" > ${TERMINALS[$i]} printf "\033]17;$highlight_bg\007" > ${TERMINALS[$i]} printf "\033]19;$highlight_fg\007" > ${TERMINALS[$i]} printf "\033]708;$border\007" > ${TERMINALS[$i]} for j in $(seq 0 15); do printf "\033]4;$j;${colors[j]}\007" > ${TERMINALS[$i]} done doneelse echo "No theme named "$1" available!"fi
For this to work you need to have a themes folder along with it. In the themes folder have a theme, say dark.sh. It should look like this:
# Darkopacity=100highlight="#a8a19f"border="#000000"foreground_bold="#ffffff"cursor="#a8a19f"background="#000000"foreground="#ffffff"# defining color0, …, color15colors=("#8862a7""#c74064""#64c740""#c7a340""#4064c7""#a340c7""#40c7a3""#b18bd0""#8862a7""#bb004b""#64c740""#c7a340""#4064c7""#a340c7""#40c7a3""#b791d6")

after that just invoke the script with the theme name in parantheses.

I also have a script that just seds /colors/,$d and >> cats my color scheme to xdefaults, it also changes the background with xsetroot. and some other trivial stuff that you can probably figure it out.

Also the non-terminal apps I use are mostly for pdf (zathura), feh (image), mpv (video) and qutebrowser. I think only the browser ruins the beauty, but I'm trying to slowly switch to w3m.

Honestly I have no idea about the problem you're talking about.


If you're just looking to create maximum butthurt then replace all the fat mutts with RMS's lard ass and try to capture the "GPL is a virus" meme.


Why did you bump the thread to show your illiteracy by not being able to read the short paragraph I wrote?

Is this actually usable with such small terminals? I figured that people who use tiling WM's would probably have a big monitor. I also have a craptop and just run a big xterm with screen or tmux. The later can even split a window into panes, if needed.

Motif/CDE is the sexiest. I even use a Solaris GTK2 theme for that yellow/purple/gray godness.

Fuck off reddit.

Where did it all go so wrong?

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You. You refuse to invest your development time into writing the software you want to see.

Hard to do when nobody is willing to use GNUStep fam.
Is C too hard for these Rust/Python/Swift/Kotlin faggots?