Hey; what if

we just write everything IN an ever higher level language than before and then transpile it into other languages?
fix language bloat with language bloat!

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There is nothing wrong with using high-level languages per se.

So fuck you.

t. brainlet

t. cuck

I would dare to say functional programming is even more complicated than imperative.
But, you're just here for larping, so you wouldn't know that.

No. I'd rather waste my life away writing accessors and single purpose classes in Java just so I could publish a program on phones.


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I had an opposite experience when trying to teach a girl to program. she started with SICP and was kind of okay but when she met mutable state I had to deal with lots of trouble.

Smartphones were a mistake.


Kotlin vs Go. Which one is better?
Kotlin is like Python, so it is definitely better.


this is horse shit. you can use C, and also everything that compiles and runs like C.
also, there are a few more JVM-based languages possibly useful on Android: Scala, Clojure, but Kotlin is more practical compared to them.

shit post tbh

Is Kotlin finally feature-complete? There were a bunch of caveats when I last evaluated it, and arcane errors with ugly stack traces.


Kotlin has generics.

It even has a round function: kotlinlang.org/api/latest/jvm/stdlib/kotlin.math/round.html
And min/max functions for integers: kotlinlang.org/api/latest/jvm/stdlib/kotlin.math/min.html
Holy shit! It even supports getting the absolute value: kotlinlang.org/api/latest/jvm/stdlib/kotlin.math/absolute-value.html
Gophers on suicide watch

A little copying is better than a little dependency :)

what's your point?

of course it does, almost any reasonable language with static typing has parametrized types. except C, but it's also not reasonable.

Wrong board. Threads about ketchup belongs to /ck/.

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