Are macs for girls?

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All these things can be said about windows

Mac is for girls, Windows is for boys, Linux is for men.

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Maybe if you live in a third world country.

They're fashionable and light. So for girls and nu-males.

horse shit; but OTOH all desktop systems are easy to fuck up
it depends—it's easier than Windoze to use it for programming only because Windoze sucks donkey balls, but it generally sucks compared to Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux
not anymore

I got one only because I can know better to not fuck it up too badly. and if I were as proficient back then as I am now, I could spend a little more time searching and get a tolerable laptop with good Ubuntu support. and now I must wait until it dies…

also new models suck ass,
the latest reasonable laptop from them I saw (and got) is mbpr late 2013
newer ones with stupid touch bar and no ports are complete poz

No. They're for fags.

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GNU/Linux-libre is for men.
Linux is for boys, since it's part of any Android smartphone.

Honestly, the best programmers use Macs. They're low effort and you dont have to spend an hour configuring serial ports to jack into a server rack

found the homOSeXual

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Best programmers use pen and paper or occasionally blackboard and chalk. Macs are used by college kids sipping lattes in starbucks. There are even no fucking USB ports on new macbooks. Ethernet? Eww, that connector is ugly, it ruins our design, just connect using wifi, cables are so 2010. Function keys? Not gay enough, we've replaced them with touch bar. Now you can have cool graphical icons for iChat to pick emojis.

is that legit?

They're good up until Mid-2015, I think that's the last pre-touchbar model.

maybe but still IIRC there's also almost zero advance since 2013,
so why bother if you could find 2013s for less bucks…

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emacs are for girls

kys newfag

You don't know much about girls do you?

This isn't the 1970s at Bell Labs any more kid.

Apple does have excellent service and support if you buy Applecare though, I will give them that.

I am here for more than 3 years, (you) are a newfag here.

GNU/hurd is for wizards


computers for people who want something that "just werks"?
so productive people?

GNU/hurd/durr when?

No such thing.

are dicks for girls?


shut up dyke roastie

That's an ingenious solution, but I'd take a thicker laptop over that origami network port any day. You'd be fucking screwed over hard if that thing broke sorry rabbi.
But given it's Fujitsu-Siemens and not Lenovo, it's probably sturdier than it looks.

I know my wife, and all 3 are true for her.
Perhaps you hang out with wrong kinds of girls.

Mac users are Bugmen.

Culture has been replaced with the cult of the individual and former cultural objects are now re-arranged the way a hermit crab makes his shell, both as camouflage and a method of showing off for members of the opposite sex or social activity partners. The end goal of this socializing is to be important as a means to having material power, comfort, convenience, and prestige.

In this sense, the hipster and the bugman are both members of an archetype which Nietzsche described as the last man, or the man who cares about nothing, the opposite of thymos which Nietzsche and later Francis Fukuyama saw as the goal of people in the ancient world, which was a desire to be recognized as having risen above material

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I don't think I've ever seen a Fuijitsu laptop in person, are they high quality?

Given what I know about the company, and the occasional Fujitsu laptop that pops up on ebay I'd say they seem to be decent quality business laptops like Thinkpads and Elitebooks. Especially when you look at the 90s/early 2000s models. I don't actually own one, but I'd definitely consider one.

It's for faggots, so yes.

I can not believe this thread! I will let you know that I am a woman and yes I use macbook air, but that doesn't mean I use it just because of my gender. My ex boyfriend bought it for me as a farwell gift after we split up from being sexually incompatible. Maybe I don't want icky laud and heavy Think Pad, okay sweetie? Not everybody is a basement dwelling incel and I actually have a social life. I agree that Apple is not perfect, especially after Steve Jobs died. He was such an inspiration to me, a true genius that revolutionized technology.

thanks for confirming you are a new fag

I can't get this obsession that Apple had with thin laptops. The obsession made sense back in the 90s when laptops were about an inch thick, but today it doesn't make any sense. Who cares if a laptop is 10mm or 11mm thick?

A Mac user, Apple buyer, whatever.

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You are going to have to bait harder mate.

Reality is passe in current year.
Didn't you know?

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Linuks Torvalds uses Macbook Pro.

Mouser part #13371488
Cat5 BASE-T Ethernet socket
Insertion cycles: 10


well played, cocklover

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Mac is for girls
Windows is for boys
Linux is for boys
Gnu/Linux is for men
And Gnu/Hurd is for wizards

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kek, heartly chuckled

Does not come close to HP or Lenovo. I have to use one for work and the keyboard is absolute horse shit. The cooling system is quite undersized so the fan is running nearly the whole time. Its just your average notebook. Neither very "business" nor overly cheap. Using some old ThinkPad at home

Your virgin is showing.

t. virgin

Girls use linux too.

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this is a troll post. do not reply.

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go fuck yourself tbh

Apple's out of ideas, it's trash.

Before Jobs died he demanded a product, they'd make it, he'd use it, and if it was good then they'd sell it.

Now with Cook shit is designed by committees of soy drinking numales and diversity hires.

whos got the ms paint of this?

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Get a load of this larper, why lie on the Internet user?

I remember some old Cardbus modems used a design like that, except it just went straight out and you plugged in the cable vertically.


Everyone can have a wife. A wife is not always hard to get, or a good woman, or even with any value.
As far as we know, his wife might as well be obese, stink, be dumb and ugly.
Why not? These aren't hard to get, user.
Lower your standards to fit your own market value

no, mac is for niggers

found the millenial

I'm not lying, and btw why would I?

none of that, maybe not the smartest though
true if you're not a fucking hopeless omega and not too old

Worst wasted trip go back to reddit

Chix with *nix.

And FreeBSD's for child raping satanists.

ok, I use bsd tomorrow

girls aren't real
some boys just have their nuts stolen, that's all
the testicle is the source of the ball in a ball mouse

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Same shit. I read some article years back that faggots do indeed use Mac more as their daily driver.

Then what's for women?

Meanwhile I am stuck with cheapo Asus gluebook and unlikely to switch to anything else anytime soon.

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Just make youtube videos about your interesting life for shekels. People will tune in to watch you play games, install linux and discuss your personal opinion on a variety of topics!

All I'm saying is that I saw more men using macs and girls using thinkpads than other way around.
It's a small sample size, but it directly contradicts OP's statement.

I'm a grill (female) and I've got a MacBook and also an ancient iPad (& I'm using it right now!) so this makes your statement true and this should end the discussion.

Thank you so much for contributing to our beautiful board with these insightful topics.

Women and numales with zero shoulder strength for carrying a laptop bag.

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Mageia Linux? Linux Mint?