I recently learned that the browser addon Stylish is a malware filled piece of shit

I recently learned that the browser addon Stylish is a malware filled piece of shit.
What alternatives does Zig Forums use to apply custom CSS to their favorite websites?

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The stylish version before the sellout.

Read the HTML. Render it in your head. Enjoy full freedom and control.

Stylus. It's stylish without the botnet

I just want my dark themes back

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You can use its old version and disallow it to update.

Use userContent.css you stupid nigger.

Which old version? Even the oldest one doesn't work.

does StyleRRR work on it? that's the addon I use on my older ESR firefoxen. it's really lightweight.

Just use (Grease|Tamper)monkey to fart stylesheets into the page. Time-tested and Turing complete.


A version of Stylish from before the acquisition with updates disabled.

I've heard of this before but never figured out how the hell to do it.

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>Create lestyle element
>duct tape lestyle to

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The script only runs after the page has loaded, but stylesheet plugins apply the CSS immediately.


Deleted stylus recently because alternative css is a waste of time and good ol' photon theme is all I need.

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Proof? Show fucking proof jackass!

it took me like an hour to make my own barebones user css addon
it's not hard, user

I can do same thing OP did.
OP nice shit thread.

Make a barebones user js addon that works on palemoon and I'll suck your dick.

Where is the malware, friendo

That's what I fucking wanna know, OP is spurging out his ass