Brit/pol/ #2389: Flatten the Greenbelt Edition


Asylum seeker who raped 17-year-old student in a cemetery replies 'Yes, I did that. Why not?' as he is jailed for 16 years for attacking her and another woman five months apart

Ukip suspends members after masked group storms socialist bookshop 'chanting about Muslims and paedophilia'

Boris Johnson told by Tory chair (((Brandon Lewis))) to apologise for Islamophobic burka comments

EU diplomat savages May's Brexit plan as Victorian and says they prefer negotiating with Trump than the PM

Govt Wants to Concrete Over Countryside Green Belt as Mass Migration Drives Housing Crisis


Italy’s Salvini to Fund Pro-Family Policy with Tax on Migrants

Italian Police Break Up Migrant Drug Ring, Arrest 7 Africans

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1st for being able to add one to four digit numbers

Why the hell was he allowed into the UK?
Bit fucking late to be getting rid of him now, isn't it?

Sorry Cook, but know your place :^)

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That's the biggest red flag

Might add a cheeky filter tbh

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It's the site mate. Same reason for the duplicate threads.

Too long, you can read the articles yourself.

You need permabanning tbh

okay thankyou

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Is there a true crime board on Zig Forums?

t. Jimmy O'Neill

*wakes you up*


Oh wew. Poor lad probably thought he was the luckiest lad alive when he got up

I thought only the BO could do that


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I forgot that GCHQ agents could bypass all that


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we can see what's in your amazon basket

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mess with the torro, don't wake up tomorrow

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I'll just change the Welsh dialect to avoid filters tbh.

It's decided by Committee now lad.

So how will Bins defend Mogg now?

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Forget 'popped', that cherry's been fucking obliterated.

Why you got a png of Zulu battle tactics 101 lad?

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I took it from google to go with my post tbh

Tomorrow better go down to 20C or I'll lose it.

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/ausNEET/ posting tbh

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I thought you'd be used to dealing with white stains on your clothes, lad.

Jesus Christ lad

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I walked into that one

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he's usually not wearing anything when he's at work

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nice this virus might actually be a good thing

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enjoy your square-headed children

Just like you walk into gay bars amirite lads??

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Kek, I wasn't serious. I think big square-heads are more a Finnish thing, or I guess Russians with a lot of slant-eyed admixture
>£25 per month for a sexbot

Enjoy your ban lad

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cheaper than an Audi A1 wahey

*destroys property*

Why didn't they just use their god-given right of self-defense, lads?


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Was it mummy who got you into that line of work?

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'scuse me Jesus but you just violated the NAP

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That's a hell of a lot cheaper than a gf

wtf i want to dump my gf and get a sexbot now

All of those posts about tabloid articles that nobody but him reads are completely necessary lad

Modern women are going to have to put quite a bit of work in to make themselves worthwhile competition for these giant tenga eggs

>maker DS Dolls is also promising smart home controls that allow the bot to switch on the AC or draw automated blinds and curtains.
>Utter "open air conditioning and draw the curtains " and she will nod her robotic head and reply "yes, master" before completing the task.
>DS Dolls is the same company that's working on body-scanning tech that can create 3D-printed robot replicas of real people, including porn stars.
The wonders of the modern age.

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do lassies actually demand money from you for useless shit? Certainly you could talk with them about spending it more carefully

It's actually happening.


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absolutely based nationalism from Zig Forums

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Don't worry, lad. I still love females and vaginas

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Give it another few years and you can probably get robotic kids as well.

Guess we know who's getting one now

Did you make a dating profile yet lad?

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We know lad

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No, lad. This weekend I'm sure

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Why would I get a ban? I'm a good lad

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Not a ban, lad. I'm talking about the doll and hinting at a certain person's fetishes.

23 fucking years

Lets not start this again

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kek, and another decade more after 3.0+1.0 is released

ree I was going to post that

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This is unironically one of the reasons they're on the market tbh

I need my bread and circuses to stop myself going insane though, smh.

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Deptford fire: Boy, 7, found dead after 'suspicious' blaze

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we all know which of the characters SA fancies keek

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Steiner is philosophically against such a concept, we'll get our murder spree sooner or later.

Steiner would convert her into a war machine and bring her on his crusade.

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Why is there a girl with glasses in the films?

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Things can only get better

Mexico doing it right.

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Unlike everything else they do unfortunately.

EPA is now allowing asbestos back into manufacturing

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