What can I do with my server?

Can I use my home server for something else than email/site hosting, NAS and MainKraft server? Nowadays I use my cubieboard for torrents and DNS server and it cannot do things mentioned earlier because I have ADSL connection and rainstorms in summer. Picture related, I have 800 MB of RAM free and unused ram is wasted ram.

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Start by removing systemd.

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You're looking for a new pet project for your home server and want us to pick it for you. Just say it. I suggest you set up an Icecast server with AutoDJ. It's actually more difficult than you'd think to a person going in for the first time. Every time you have a question that you think you could web search, you get irrelevant results and the only real guides you can find are to company's Rent-a-Server Online Radio stations. Requires readng the manual at least 5 times, really. That aughta keep you occupied for a week or so.


Reconfigure the NAS to use ZFS or btrfs. That ought to do it.

If your electricity is going out all the time, you really need to get a UPS. You also have a fucking toy and dual core computer with 1GB of RAM. Sell them both and get a computer that handles all of your serving needs without shitting the floor.

Actually, it's useful disk cache.

Why not musicplayerd?

Lennart, I know you're angry we dislike your software, but please stop the name calling.

Now I have problems with transmision, thanks.

It's not about electricity is going out it's about Mike Pence burning my adsl router and network cards once every 1-2 years when I'm outside or sleeping. And it's not a toy, it has 800 MB of unused ram, less than 10W energy consumption and state of the art ARMv7 processor.

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No, that idiocy is entirely yours to own. They make surge protectors for networking cables too.

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Yea. Cache the swap partition in RAM.

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install gentoo

Icecast is a streaming daemon for internet radio, a free clone to the proprietary Shoutcast. Musicplayerd, to my knowledge, is a music player. These are two different concepts.


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The most processing power I could get within my budget plus minimum specs everywhere else, to compile Gentoo as fast as possible.

You don't compile Gentoo. It comes as Stage tarball, you can decompress it at best.

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Start replacing web services you use with self hosted alternatives.
Self hosted caldav server instead of google calendar, tt-rss instead of feedly, kanboard instead of trello, owncloud instead of gdoc ..

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Private VPN for game with friends

You could try having sex with it. I bukakke'd mine. Not the internals, obviously, but I thought it would be fun to do. I no longer have the pics, but you could do that.

can't mine anything on it lol, not even monero or other cryptonight coins

my laptop has a quad core i5 CPU. when i'm mining cryptonight on it i get 75 H/s and it uses 15W, and when I'm doing anything else it uses only 7W. your board a shit, get over it lol.

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Not every server requires a workload of more than a million connections at once bro. I ran an imageboard software off my Nintendo Wii and it could handle about 25 users at once before throwing 504s

Host a website, mumble for encrypted chat with friends, XMPP server and use end to end encryption, TOR node, BBS server, play around with SSH tunneling. There are heaps of things you can fuck around with.

You can check out my website:

Very nice. Just the right blend of web 1.0 and schizophrenia. It's exactly the sort of thing you hope to stumble upon when you go digging through the web at random.

Great website, mate.
Keep up the JS-free work!

Very nice.

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Yo this text is beautiful.

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i'm not even sure what to do with my ibm x3550 type 7978 kkg

have all of them rams (up to 16GB ddr2) and storage i need (also a psu, cisco 50mbit switch, cable/dsl router, wires..) ...it's just the fucker is a bit too loud to keep it in mom's apartment

currently just want to put up my work/portfolio website and matrix im node and host it through vpn

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