Trump protects internet freedom

After eliminating the onerous regulation known as net neutrality, Trump now aims to further liberate the internet by pursuing intellectual property thieves, also known as pirates, also known as human garbage. Finally, the Trump administration will make the internet more free by cracking down on pirates and making sure content owned by big companies is protected. Fuck you, users.

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they killed trump and replaced him with a jew

Zig Forums users


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He just got the North Koreans to blink today, potentially averting a devastating war that would have led to millions of dead. B-bu-but DRUMPF!!! MUH RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIISTTTTTTTT

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He was a Jew all along. That was the tweest.

Bro, the guy doesn't even know the difference between Good Korea and Best Korea.

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You convinced me. We should have vote Bernie.

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We should of voted Rand Paul

Rand would be an abysmal leader, he's not tough enough. His best place is in the Senate.

It's like you people have so much cheeto dick in the brain, that you can't think.

Yes, praise our great leader, le god emperor Trump. Look how much he loves us. He's going to sell the internet to the media corps just like nobody said he would when he went after NN. Oh, wait, we all knew that except Trump fanatics.

He would still at least try to shrink internet survalience. That's the real issue net neutrality was a joke.

LOL we still have CruzMissiles around?

Stop reading reddit. It just removed something put in place during 2015.

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That's what I meant the whole net neutrality thing was a joke of a policy

It did, you stupid faggot. The FCC kept trying to implement it under the information services section, but Verizon et al kept fucking suing, so the FCC finally decided to put them under the old regulation structure, where they could dictate neutrality. You fuckers are so uneducated. You can't even manage a simple fucking google search.

Try to learn what you're talking about.


This is your brain on reddit. Do you remember how bad the internet was before 2015? No you don't, because there was no fucking change you worthless simpleton.

But but but r-redit said my pages would load slow! They don't, and they won't you absolute fucking dunce. Take Obama's cock out of your mouth and go further than reading headlines on Google (jesus christ) searches.

SELL TO MEDIA CORPS? What are you fucking talking about???? Do you even know how the internet works?

That's already been explained to you by the fact that there was a regulatory structure that Verizon and others kept suing the FCC for. This is your brain on Zig Forums: illiterate.

ISPs are supposed to serve data, not shape it, and certainly not build their own private versions of the internet. No, not every ISP is a media corp, but it will be thanks to your dear leader.

That's what consumers do.

Yes, the 2014 rules. Which added needless government oversight. It's amusing, you're angry that Trump will involve the government in IP rights, but when it comes to the other IP (pardon the pun), you want him involved.

Yes, seeing as how they're the ones paying for the service. It only makes sense.

Yes, kind of like I don't want the police constantly searching my house, but would like them to actually investigate a murder. One is about benefiting users, the other is not. How much of a corporate cuck are you?

How much of a Netflix cuck are you? Anyways, there hasn't been a realized consequence of the FCC striking down NN laws. At this moment, your only opposition to the fact is 'muh drumpf'.

Yea going after people for stealing is a "fuck you" to users. Sure thing. Arresting people for shoplifting is a big fuck you to shoppers.

I'd like to see him try

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You're a retard, and it shows.

The fact is that ISPs have a financial incentive to shape traffic to favor their services. This isn't rocket science. They'll always go the route of least resistance. I'm sure if we legalized murder, most people wouldn't start murdering each other, but it's about preventing future violations by pursuing present ones. I know you don't get this concept because you're in a cult.

Pray tell, how do you think they're going to go after "pirates"? By spying on you more, that's how. And file sharing isn't theft. No matter how much you corporate faggots want to paint it that way. It's funny that you'll defend Hollywood when daddy Trump says it's okay. Retard.

The fact that Trump was the best that was on offer last election... SAD.

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He may not be a Jew, but everyone around him is, including special 'advisers' Ivanka whom he married to Kushner owner of 666 JewYork Place.

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Brilliant argument.

It is, because you do not possess distribution rights. I know this is a hard concept for dolts, but just because something is easy to do, doesn't mean you have a legal right to do it. When you pirate, you're denying rightful compensation to the creator.

You're truly a scholar. I can see that it really will be worth my time continuing to debate positions with you.

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Its really fucking easy without spying on anyone but pirates. Step one find the magnet / torrent file for your property. Step two begin torrenting it. Step three record every IP address thats pirating your intellectual property. Done.

Isn't tech approve following to licenses? Like gpl and BSD? Or only when they want to.

How does anyone 'possess' a non-physical thing, besides, encryption.

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I agree. Rights are a spook.

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Of course, they already do this, but it isn't enough for them. Just you watch. RMS already predicted it. They're going to want content cop bots right on your PC. Enjoy the future you chose, faggots.

This isn't theft. You haven't taken anything from them.

If you don't want the bot don't install it. Thats your right as the person that physically controls the computer. If its required to run a game for example then choose which you value more.

Copyright and IP over 5 years is shit. Defending the elitist system is also shit, especially if you are not an elite. Physical property is distinct from memes.

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Would I be stealing code if I took a distro changed the name and sold to retarded people saying I made the os?

Get rid of intellectual property and DRM will just become more extreme.

Exactly. Something that can instantly be copied infinitely cannot be owned except by encryption. Laws need to be based in reality.

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Only if you didn't strip trademarked assets from it.

Trademark is just more intellectual property. Cant steal a trademark. My software is named ubuntu, its actually windows 10 tho.

Your answer sir.

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More like NK is doing another ruse to give them time to complete their nuclear program.

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Hey, man, if you don't want ME or PSP, don't get a processor that has it.



To late.
Chinese hackers are the best in le world, and their spy network nears the power of the Khazar Mafia!

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Read it again.

Oh I feel very good right now.


He's encouraging us to use Linux, right?

RISC-V when?

ISP lawsuits prompted the FCC to pursue reclassification and congressional legislation for the PRESERVATION OF EXISTING net neutrality, starting about halfway through the Dubya administration:

Because the rules in force aren't actually set to change until April 23rd, you corporate bootlicking shillbot:

This is your country on Jews.

>(((businessman))) protects interests of (((businessmen))), shits all over citizens
More news at 11

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don't wall of text shit that you did not write

Lots of people here, me included, that are against piracy.

Why? In addition to the built-in botnet from the company, it probably also has a third-party botnet packaged in by the seeder. Using a free software alternative is wiser by every metric.


the absolute state of nu-Zig Forums

No this has something to do with china infringing on us intellectual properties by making knock offs or something like that

There are literally only 3 countries with any chance of ever nuking the USA and the norks are one of them.

and ????
UK/France ?
oh wait I forgot china :P

he did but it could back fire on piracy i hope not

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yea the jews will nuke themselves sure thing

Hasn't piracy been subverted for the most part by now anyway? Normies and soyboys obediently pay their Spotify/Netflix subscriptions and get games on Steam, file sharing services have become a small niche, and so are torrents.

Nukes have't been used for 73 years only because there wasn't a situation where it would have made sense for anyone to use them (those worth nuking would retaliate due to having nukes themselves or having allies who have nukes). I'm afraid that with enough time the probability for another situation where using nukes is viable to some party is approaching 1, and at that point nukes most likely will be used.

Only in the US. The MPAA is still shitting themselves every day over the thought that some russian or albanian might try to get around paying $49.99 for their garbage. It's not a surprise that Uncle Trump continues the policies of Obongo, after all Warner Bros. and other kike corporations helped put him in office.

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$49.99 is not an unsignificant portion of an average Albanian or Russian monthly income, now wonder they are not inclined to spend it on garbage.

I thought that Zig Forums put him in office (or so I've been told).

not to mention

There is no fucking chance of France ever nuking America.

Carpet nuking north korea preemptively would b a good use. They are so small there is almost no chance of retaliation. China won't end teh world to protect the fucking norks.

What the fuck are you even responding to? I said there are 3 countries with any chance at all of nuking the USA. And Euros are not on that list.

So, 16 months after Election Day the Trump euphoria is all dead and ruined?

I dunno, India & Indonesia strike me as the most potentially incendiary nuclear nations, and that's been the case for many decades.

I'd go a little further, that China would roll over NK themselves if they actually fired a shot against the US.
Publishers often refer to copying they don't approve of as “piracy.” In this way, they imply that it is ethically equivalent to attacking ships on the high seas, kidnapping and murdering the people on them. Based on such propaganda, they have procured laws in most of the world to forbid copying in most (or sometimes all) circumstances. (They are still pressuring to make these prohibitions more complete.)

If you don't believe that copying not approved by the publisher is just like kidnapping and murder, you might prefer not to use the word “piracy” to describe it. Neutral terms such as “unauthorized copying” (or “prohibited copying” for the situation where it is illegal) are available for use instead. Some of us might even prefer to use a positive term such as “sharing information with your neighbor.”

The term piracy has literally been around since the 1600s. People would ship large amounts of illegal intellectual property and would be treated just like other thieves. Not like the modern media industry invented this shit, it at least has a navy origin.

Hey Ivan, If you don't like the price, you don't pay it. Pretty simple, no? Why not chase girl or join military instead of waste youth on sissy American boy computing game.

No not at all. The US economy is on fire right now, and that means JOBS JOBS JOBS and more money in your pocket. That's ultimately what the man on the street cares about. Trump is showing that he's a man that can get things done.

Why would Israel nuke their own colony?


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Not knowing that Trump is just playing games with Dems. How many times can he run this ruse to mollify his opposition, while never following through.

Art of the Deal Chess Master 6000

Dude, that's not even from this year.

This is exactly what file sharing is.

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Yeah, because it's burning down.


Yeah, and when the next recession hits, you're going to be blaming it on Obama. I know how your cult works.

Nope. Trump is very much in charge, and that would be on him. Are you lot still blaming Bush?

Depends. The 2008 financial crisis? That was mostly the bankers' fault and deregulation of prior administrations. The mess in the middle east? Very much still his fault.

Stay mad, you worthless dolt.