Guys! She figured out how cd works!

Guys! She figured out how cd works!

Why is shit like this getting circulated?

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Good for her. Why are you spreading it?

I really don't care as long as it keeps her busy in front of a computer instead of screaming "Allahu Akbar!" and detonating herself in a crowded marketplace.

Are you expecting a circlejerk where everyone laughs at her? That's cool and all, but it seems kind of pointless.

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Bourne shell != bash
using which on an obvious shell builtin
Thinking that this binary is the builtin
She didn't have to do it that way. She could have cloned the official git repository to her computer. Else, she could just browse an unofficial repository of bash on github.
Completely misses the point of what their purpose is.

She has yet to discover type!
Ehy, stop the misogyny!!!

Yeah I saw this series posted on hackernews just after a feminist article. It's amazing how one gathered lots of criticism for her superficial analysis and lack of knowledge, and the other had feminists defending the narrative 24/7.

Why do you care if she does that?

god help us

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Her Linkedin is even funnier

>I was catching up with my mom on the phone and my baby brother yelled "I love memes!" at the phone really loudly.

I bet 90% of posters here didn't know 'which' command before this thread smh.

Shit. You got me! I only know 'where' but not 'which'.

you fucking retard


This is the grown-up version of the kid that goes "I totally know how to use a computer. Look, I know how to get to Windows Services and I know what most of them do!" except those were usually boys. Now Girls are it.

I bet 90% of posters here didn't know 'convert' command before this thread smh.

thanks for sharing OP

But it's (you) who is actively circulating it right now.

Context is everything. Had OP put this on HN, it would have been contributing to her popularity. Here on 8ch, I'd say it has the opposite effect.

Hopefully this stays up so she can look back in ten years and realize how new she was.

The "current directory" or "working directory" is a way for brainlets to imagine themselves "walking" "up and down" a tree because they can't understand that the whole thing is there at once and they're not really moving anywhere. I don't like those kinds of arbitrary limitations.

It's so every process doesn't need every path to be absolute, and so you don't have to type the full path of a file every time, dumbass.


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I know that feel user

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>putting your dick in poo in the loo


i wonder if she's even legal of if her mom was an h1b overstay

This thing is kind of intriguing because it seems to be written by someone with decent general basic knowledge and sense but absolutely no knowledge about anything specific related to Unix. There's a mismatch between using FreeBSD and reading C source code, and not knowing about chdir.
My guess is that it's trying to show the general process of exploring how something works and applying it to the most basic possible example.


Have we been trolled?


That says ChickTech you dingus

Hang in there, buddy. Try to find jobs in the state and become a parasite like me. In my country, state employees literally cannot be fired, have better salary than private employee cucks and work like 20-30 hours per week. This is often the way out. Apply your autism to the task.


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I liked the article. I'm vaguely familiar with Linux but most of the details were new to me.

This is insightful, but this "mismatch" is actually pretty common. I studied math and eventually got into machine learning. I've done a lot of programming in a wide variety of domains, but only picked up bits and pieces of Linux knowledge along the way. I'm still a very basic Linux user.

As someone who now (in spite of my patchy knowledge of Linux) works on the boundary of machine learning and systems programming, I see both sides. There are ML experts who don't know what a process is. And there are systems programmers who make basic mistakes and math and stats. Both would be cause to get annoyed if you were that kind of person. But if you give people the benefit of the doubt and don't judge them for not knowing what you don't know, most people can understand their mistakes and learn as they go.

Big thanks for the encouragement user, I am pretty sure we're from the same country. I'm currently trying to polish my programming skills as much as i can hoping to soon be able to do some work. If things continue to go south i guess I will try getting into civil service for some time.

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Sure beats NEETbux, is more dignifying and has to be more useful than whatever your politicians are doing.

please see here before you post here again

Why isn't your IQ high enough? Are you sure this is the case, or are you just suffering from a perceived inferiority complex. This afflicts many smart people, consider the case of a very smart math prodigy joining an elite school. Unlike in every other instance of this man's life, now everyone around him is competent, and likely knows more than he does. He is goes from genius to ordinary quite quickly. Of course what he doesn't realize is that everyone else around him has the same feeling.

For the more you know, the more you are aware of your own ignorance. This allows self doubt to creep in as you suspect your peers might be better versions of you.

Hello SAIDF!

This isn't really true, most intelligent people never gave their intelligence a second thought (look at how Feynman excelled at the Putnam test without even trying). Although, sure, you could be putting yourself down needlessly - and that is a bad mindset to have.

many terrorist organizations do not allow their employees to use mind altering substances as it's counterproductive to your programming

so if you enjoy being a drone, go for it! yolo, riiiiiight!?

otherwise, you're better off getting a piece and convincing some well-meaning goon to gun you down before you get put in a concentration camp

unless you like getting raped and exploited, then just bend over and get arrested

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I have encountered many smart people who tell me they feel like frauds in departments they are experts in. Also if you read FLoP, he's quite humble about Mathematics.

this can't be real

there has to be a reason you only expressed yourself with four or five words. don't you have more to share?

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I believe that is the case user. I wouldn't have let myself get to where i am now if that wasn't the case, though, other things beyond control (partially related to the fact that i live in Wakanda) have taken quite a toll on my head.


What said about intelligent people not giving their intelligence a second thought is almost always true to really smart people, but not so much for people above average which you seem to be mostly thinking about.

For anyone interested in the context of user's Feynman's quote:

trying to bypass flood detector ignore this.

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It's from the United Cuckdom, their reality is even more retarded. They banned guns, knives, words, and will end up banning bongs and yet pakis will still be violent.

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I don't even know who this girl is nor why I should care about her blog.

They all look so shifty

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Feynman was a kike but the books about him are pretty good (like Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman) even if you don't care for the physics.

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Here I am at the bottom of this shitty thread and I still haven't seen her tits. What a fucking waste.

this is as much shitskin as your going to get
she actually comes off as more of a whore on instagram, or she atleast wants the d while she's surrounded by beta numale xir's.

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That's a shame, because having an IQ is quite fun. The hardest part is deciding what you want to spend your free time on next. Math, physics, electronics, astronomy etc. There's just not enough time in the day.

she's also made 7-8 tweets a day every single day for the past 4 years

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i think this one is going to deteriorate rapidly with age. in 10 years it will be 5'1, 350lbs and no longer a she/her/her's

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You can stop posting about this sand nigger now, no one cares mate.

She might not know how `cd` works, but mate, you dont even know how averages work

11,100 tweets
4 solid years
2775 /year
7.6 /day

And then you learn about the jews. Being intelligent _and_ mentally strong isn't quite the fun in decadent societies.


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this thread would be more appropriate on /cow/
and raid her afterwards

Listen, safia, if you want us to stop posting about you, you should just identify yourself.

your brain on cultural marxism

Absolute gross...this doesn't belong here

Are there more pictures like this?

Don't be a faggot user. Reverse image search it, go to your choice of imagedumping site, click on the tag for the author.

I did search. Turned up literally nothing. and yes.

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probably because iqdb is for 2d and not 3dpd.

I'm not a retard, I used google, yandex and tinyeye, along with multiple others.

Before reading this, it never occurred to me that you can't implement 'cd' as a program. It has to be a shell intrinsic.
I never really though of how or who called chdir(). It's funny, though, that her conclusion is pretty much what I thought of cd:
1) resolve directory name
2) call chdir()
3) kernel magic
4) ...
5) profit

I'm curious on why you thought that you could implement as a regular application. Can you explain how you thought how a program like that would work?

I had just never thought about it. It never occurred to me to want to know how it worked.
As far as I can tell, chdir() literally just changes the field pwd in the program's fs_struct of its task_struct. What that means is beyond me (as far as the kernel goes; I know what its effects are)

I was just asking as it seems natural to assume that the shell has to keep track of what directory it is in somehow, so it wouldn't make sense to use another program to edit the shell's state.

I've never really had the desire to write a shell. You?


Was it just to learn, or did it have a killer feature that you wanted? There are so many shells that I have had no desire for either.

So many salty faggots in this thread. This is what young tech people are now. My own younger cousin (male) is exactly like this.

Get on with it, old people.

I never said I wrote a shell as fish serves me very well. That's not say I haven't exercised my rights of modifying it before.

I don't have cd or chdir in /usr/bin. And reading the bash source all it does is call chdir. Which is totally expected considering how processes work.
So idk what this was supposed to teach me.

you have to go back Safia

I figured out how to listen to CD's when I was five. Really not hard to put a disc in a tray.

Imagine being the kid who didn't know why his PC didn't play CD audio because older CD drives have an extra connector for it that links to the sound card. Really sucked for games that used Redbook audio for music such as LBA2.

I remember unplugging the printer to plug in one of those snes-like gamepads with the purple d-pad.


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She does not have to make 4-5 tweets a day. That number is an average. Maybe she makes 20 in one day and a couple over the next few. Maybe she didn't use it properly for a year and makes 10 a day. Don't form opinions with such lazy foundations

are you serious? what opinions should be formed? oh hey there's 11 thousand tweets posted here that's perfectly normal and acceptable it's 2018 we should just willingly post 11 thousand tweets about our daily lives over any length of time into a company that exists for the sole purpose of selling that data to anyone who wants it along with real names and phone numbers and email addresses.

I confess I didn't know it was an actual anime. I thought it was just a series of pictures someone drew.

I thought most game controllers used the game port. That was also used as a MIDI interface, for a time I used to have a digital keyboard that needed a PC to output anything, before switching to a dedicated box.

The mind of a defender of a feminist, folks.

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Python is good.
Tumblr is garbage, but it's garbage that's used by a lot of people.