Macbooks are such garbage

macbooks are such garbage.
the only good chipset is the A1181 and they have chiclet keyboards.
none of the good ones can be corebooted
fuck apple for ruining technology

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You don't have to use them.

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*latte sipping intensifies*

I spit at you. You would not know art if it hit you in the face. Where is the emotion? The substance? The agony??? Monsieur, you have no qualities to be artiste! Let me introduce you to real art.

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I'm using a macbook with GNU/Linux, and I do like the mouse a lot. Typing is kind of shitty because it keeps clicking in other spots. The screens are nice, and the aluminium is also cool. I'm thinking of polishing it or doing something to it.

That's all fine and all. I like the 'niceness' of it all.
I want a good keyboard and free software/BIOS

Well, I got it for free, so it probably seems nicer to me. It's an older sandy vag equiped macbook. I do wish we had something like a mechanical keyboard, or even just traditional type would do, and I would love to see free BIOS, but that's unlikely to happen anytime soon. Not unless doing chip fab becomes much cheaper. I wonder what's involved and if it would be feasible to do much bigger processes on a small domestic level. I'm sure many a geek would pay for that. We could maybe even do a free hardware co-op. These are pipe dreams obviously, but it is nice to think about.

i was unfortunate enough to own the same model as OP a few years back, it truly was a momument to all things garbage. i've never destroyed a computer intentionally until that piece of shit, and killed it with an axe.

with an axe? nice.
I had one of those cheap asus chiclets and destroyed during a video game by smashing it. I think the hard drive died but it wouldnt fire back up so I torched it!
I traded some hardware for an alienware 12" years ago on craigslist and i threw a temper tantrum one time and it eventually ended up in the garbage.
you have to truly value a machine by customizing it.
apple has never been a fan of freedom

Well done.

Look what I made with a trackpad and GIMP in 30 seconds

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C'est magnifique!

Same. The machine is actually nice, decent display, nice form factor, good trackpad and decent keyboard,, good ports selection but it ran hot as fuck and is/was completely unreliable

Supposedly the best machine they made is the 2012-2015 15" macbook pro with integrated graphics but it too had its share of early production issues.

Too bad Lenovo assfucked the thinkpad line.

This looks far cooler than it should

Who does make the best laptops in CURRENT_YEAR+3?

System76, I'll probably be getting the Galago Pro to replace my Macbook Air which is falling apart

Looks like the Horsehead nebula.

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Aren't they just reselling cheap chinese computers to idiots who cannot install ubuntu?

Yes, they are also behind that cuck OS written in Rust.

My CD drive failed first, then the palm rest came apart at the seams from overheating. The USB ports failed, one by one. Then finally when I installed the latest version of OSX it was just completely fucked and struggled to even boot (which persisted after reinstalling the old version). Complete trash.

They remove Intel ME for you, and apparently the build quality is decent, plus you can get them to customise it (different RAM, capacity that kinda stuff). I don't think they're just reselling cus I haven't seen similar laptops anywhere else.

Correction, cheap Taiwanese laptops from Clevo.

Oh yeah, that looks a bit like the Bonobo WS, which one is the 'Galago Pro' a rebranding of?

Any idea how I could actually buy it directly from them? They only seem to do deals with businesses.

No. And before it seems like I'm shitting on them too, I saw this post on reddit, which at least puts it into perspective.

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carl sagan is jewish

Why are there so many fucking idiots on this board?

There's a shit-ton of botposting, lots of nonsquiturs but peripherally related to the post being quoted.

I'd like to think so, otherwise we've got some very dumb people in our midst. Nevertheless, I need a break from this place. Since every second thread is 'muh GPL' I could do with taking a long break.

I made a version that would suit a Macbook more as a wallpaper.

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if you find a good used model with high specs, its sweet

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thats pretty good.
Can you make it so it has richard stallman looking at it confused?

Probably not in the way you're thinking, since either the back of his head would be facing the viewer or he wouldn't be looking at the piece.
You meant something like pic related right?

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