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I like it. This is going to piss off leftists and everyone on the right already hates jewgle. They need as many enemies as possible.

Will is "unintentionally" hit conservatives like the YouTube filter "accidentally" did?

I think humanity still operates on the rules of meritocracy. On the basis of these rules, Jews with high intelligence quotinent are inciting accelerated natural selection. At the end, I think humanity population will reduce behind a billion, and the glorious Jewish rule will control the entire world. The natural order has always worked like this, without any exception to any animal, and it will continue to do so.

it looks like this is just image recognition.
given this blurry drone image, how many rag heads are there with ak's, etc.

You actually think you're intelligent don't you. High IQ doesn't predict replication fitness.

You could argue that jews are an exception since they inbreed like shitheads but that also fucks them. Check any study regarding illnesses and ethnicity.

Well no, of course it does not. We can actually perceive that most unsuited people replicate the most, incited by their instincts, they perceive that they are not suited to survive in this world, so they reproduce more to make up for this disadvantage. You can actually verify my claim by looking at population graphs, Africa, having an average IQ score of 70 or less, breed the most and populations with highest average IQ actually decrease in numbers. However, at the en of the day, the low IQ subhumans end up working and serving for the upper echelon. African child workers working for international companies of Jewish origin is the best example of this.

Gee, I sure wish we had been warned or something.

Even though there's somewhat a correlation between high intelligence and low number of children that's some psychoanalitic armchair worldview right there. ( highly conservative and intelligent individuals still strive for high number of children depending on their faith.. no condoms, children are a gift from god, etc )
Yes but the fact that they breed the most can easely be explained by other factors like the percentance of children who reach adulthood, lack of birth control, different sexual values, different medium
You won't waste your time if you provide some links.
I don't mean to insult you by saying this but I think the world is more complex and that human hierarchy is not based solely on intelligence.

That basically pisses me off. At this day and age, we're training robots to kill humans.

Not that I wouldn't hate Google already, simply for being too big with too much sensitive information (powet), but this makes me actuality feel bad for solving captchas.

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jews jews jews.
im sick of hearing about the bastards.

I'll pretend to be an obnoxious Jew, so everyone will attack my strawman and be antisemitic so I don't have to be.

It's just in your head, senpai.

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Who would have thought that Google would be the skynet of the real would.

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Leftists hate google from years ago

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seriously, fuck you Zig Forums

It has to stop.

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Fuck you too shlomo

1. Hating on Google is a neckbeard phenomena
2. Hating on Google is an Alt-Right phenomena
3. Hating on Google is mainstream.

Is that you Andre Oboler, shitposting all the way from Australia?

What did he mean by this?

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we could be discussing ethics, but you decided to blame jewish people 5 post in a row.

90s Google was a punk rock company fighting Internet censorship and fragmentation and improving the world.
Present day feminised Google is neck-deep in blatant discrimination lawsuits, has ordered employees to destroy evidence, is directly sponsoring war criminal presidential candidates, provides all sorts of automated censorship technology, runs the scariest mass surveillance system in the "free" world.
At least they're employing non-heteronormative people, so I guess the company has improved.

True but Le Happy Merchant is still a very lulzy meme. Even though I think it's stupid collectively blaming all jews for all bad things in the world, it gives me a chuckle.

pic related: Zig Forumsluters didn't get the joke.

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As much as I want to believe, there are far too many people who take this satire too far and simply spam the discussion with these accusations. They're not interested in actual discourse, only shitting on dissent through Zig Forumsspeak.

Who? Do remember that the bot's replies are in blue.

This is why we need actual moderation, it's spam.

Indeed they merely bought them cheap of of mudslimes and imported them for a profit in an industry nobody else would engage in because they considered it dirty. Then liberal faggots like yourself use the niggers along with the kikes as a means to fuck with whites.

Politics is nothing but a series of conspiracies. As for a conspiracy to fuck whites over, the kikes openly admit that now and we have their news letters and minutes from their commie meetings.
McDonald lays all the citations out for you.

Nigger are you yourself retarded?

There is a problem with your assertion. Even if we assume the kike's claims about their mean IQ (112) are correct rather than the longitudinal survey estimations(106 at best in the US and 95 in kikesrael) there would still be more whites with IQs over 130 in the USA alone than there are jews on the planet.

Oddly enough when they have attempted to measure nepotism they find that whites don't seem to be engaging in it while a certain other population is.

Meritocracy only works if the people invovled value and efficient society and thus actually permit competition to exist in the first place.

8/10, will get newfags who don't know about quentinposting.

raven is thick and anyone who disagrees can suck on a sitar

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