Brit/pol/ #2390: some were born to endless night edition

Asylum seeker who raped 17-year-old student in a cemetery replies 'Yes, I did that. Why not?' as he is jailed for 16 years for attacking her and another woman five months apart
Ukip suspends members after masked group storms socialist bookshop 'chanting about Muslims and paedophilia'
Boris Johnson told by Tory chair (((Brandon Lewis))) to apologise for Islamophobic burka comments
EU diplomat savages May's Brexit plan as Victorian and says they prefer negotiating with Trump than the PM
Govt Wants to Concrete Over Countryside Green Belt as Mass Migration Drives Housing Crisis
Italy’s Salvini to Fund Pro-Family Policy with Tax on Migrants
Italian Police Break Up Migrant Drug Ring, Arrest 7 Africans

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second for fuck off spic

make that 4
t. crypto yank

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did you lads have good elections today?

Good lad. Wanted to ask you something hypothetical. If you had information that passed on to the relevant authorities, it could stop a Happening, would you stop it?

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Copying links from old thread and not adding the new links posted towards the end of the old thread
You should have your head kicked in and then be repeatedly run over by Spicposter driving your F150 with Tacoma 2.7l four cylinder redneck mobile to really annoy you, you lazy oreo munching pikey

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JJ just BLACKED the senate lads (in a civic republican based kind of way)

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incel detected

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Your family detected


a republican chink that riced some gold-digging whore is gonna become governor of RI

not till the 28th of August here tbh

where at?

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Bill looks like he eats people. Gretchen is acceptable yummy mummy.

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fug lad, how is the actual spic infestation there? northern arizona right? I think I remember now


you get to choose, goyim

at least gretchen has decent physiognomy

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grandholm was a better mummy governor tbh, she also looks more like the mummies in this region

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is that guy chinese or japanese?

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chinese ofc

lad, make him proud and remove chicom

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but domnald drumpf is a cunt tho

It's getting pretty bad tbh lad. My family is talking about moving to Colorado or Utah soon but they won't admit it's because of all the spics that moved in nearby. At the same time that spics are flooding in a bunch of California boomers are moving here as well, building subdivisions which ruins the comfy aesthetic of this small town. The town will go majority spic in 3 years if this keeps up.

utah is probably better, colorado is being fucked by california settlers and rootless scum and they are pricing the locals out the area. that or montana or come to the upper midwest

he's so rude

Imagine engaging with normal people on Twitter? Having arguments and thinking you've 'owned' people, and not just sliding into the mentions of neurotic mentally ill Jewess journalists and haunting them with reminders that your ancestors burned & destroyed synagogues in the Levant, utterly plebian tbh.

They don't do to well in winterized areas, if anything they flee from it.

Washington, New Hampshire, or Maine IMO. Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are good too but it's pretty much the middle of nowhere. then there's Appalachia

There is always Israel is though you fucking tosser gnome looking cunt.

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*There is always Israel you fucking tosser gnome looking cunt.

Boris refusing to apologise and is about to confront the batty bitch head on

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other than the hairline, eyes and nose, they're basically doppelgangers

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hmmmmmmmmmmm…I dunno Kay…

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People probably wouldn't take to kindly to a religious practice of burning one's face off either.

She deserves an acid bukkake for that question. Did i spell that right? Not googling it. Be interesting to see how Antifa wd cope with a face covering ban.

*sips monster*

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Where's the option for both tbh?

daily reminder that jesus is a jew

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Germany and France to OVERRULE Brussels: UK will be handed trade deals, says Hargreaves

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clickbait media outlets get the rope first

It's not 'overrule' as much as 'circumvent', I suppose.

the capitals lad

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The Social Parliament

Interesting to see him feeling the heat, despite being a left winger.

The papers call him "alt-right" and that's all the normalfags need to hear.

I know, it's incredible the power the media has.

Reminder to remorselessly tell the truth to boomers who act like this.

So they can call you racist and so ignore you.

big floppy willies

The Irish are subhuman and have ruined Scotland. And yes, it was worth the ban.

This is NOT a funny memi.

Not as if there was much there to ruin though.


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You know fuck all about the history. It was a statement of fact. Ugly subhumans. Like that count dankula. Glasgow needs fucking nuked. I'm feeling unwell and won't be replying to any further posts made.

Just delete my posts and ban me.

It's almost like traditions existed for a reason.

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I didn't mean what I said. Please delete and ban me permanently.

Lad, I'm sure you have a lot to live for. Get saved.

The Lowlands needs to be handed back to it's original owners, the Welsh tbh.

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So monogamy is just socialism as applied to the sexual market. Do ancaps also believe therefore we should dispense with the institution of marriage?


West Lowlands is Welsh.

East Lowlands is English.

Agree tbh


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jockland is a memi
a memi which has run its course

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so is wales tbh

I wonder if those Celtic holdout areas will be our holdouts too. See Cornwall being 99.7% White British in 2011.

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Prefer cherry tbh.

rate my diy home beginners workout pls

x 15 squats
x 25 pushups
x 5 dumbbell curls each arm
x 1 minute plank hold
x 110 jumping jacks

repeat 6 times, no break between each set, takes about 40 minutes, i'm seeing constant results.

also 3.3 mile walk every wed, thurs and fri mornings, two meals a day with only water in between

A fucking flea can do 15 squats lad, do 25 at least.

Just do the Reddit Recomended Routine from r/bodyweightfitness

Its more complete than your routine and has a handy app to show you good form and track progresd

i'm just glad I can do 68 pushups to failure now

i'll take a look, cheers lad, i thought i'd covered most muscle groups with what i do though tbh

lad just do pushups and pullups with various grips and inclines/declines

Good lad. Do 7-7-7 biceps exercise instead of dumbbell curls.

I need the cardio in on it and jumping jacks are great when you do like 100 in one go, helps me at work big time

7 7 7 biceps exercise?

cool. I dont bother with cardio as I am still a hungry skeleton

As a begginer to training you can make good progress doing most anything. Trick is to have a solod routine that has a system to increase load / reps to keep the gains coming as its eady to plateu. Progressive resistance is key and the RRR has variations of simple exercises that make them more challanging. RRR has been put together by Lafs who really know their shit and its for free snd is designed to need no expensive equip or gym membership

Good luck Lad… get some gains