CAESAR: Competition for Authenticated Encryption: Security, Applicability, and Robustness

CAESAR finalists announced

Ciphers that are suitable for hardware-constrained applications (e.g., IoT). Low-cost implementation (in custom hardware or microcontrollers) prioritized over performance.
Finalists: ACORN, Ascon

Ciphers that are designed to perform fast on modern general purpose computers. Improved replacements for AES-GCM and ChaCha20/Poly1305.
Finalists: AEGIS, MORUS, OCB

Prioritizes security over performance. Notably, both of the finalists for this use case are nonce misuse-resistant.
Finalists: COLM, Deoxys-II

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I don't know what any of these standards are. And are these standards free-as-in-freedom?

CAESAR (Competition for Authenticated Encryption: Security, Applicability, and Robustness) will identify a portfolio of authenticated ciphers that (1) offer advantages over AES-GCM and (2) are suitable for widespread adoption. Cryptographic algorithm designers are invited to submit proposals of authenticated ciphers to CAESAR. All proposals will be made public for evaluation.
CAESAR is run by the international cryptologic research community. The University of Illinois at Chicago applied to NIST for funding for a "Cryptographic competitions" grant, and is using some of this funding to support CAESAR benchmarking and the Directions in Authenticated Ciphers workshop series.

Thanks for sharing, OP

This makes me sad. What the fuck is COLM and Deoxys-II???? How can they be better than Keccak????
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Isn't AES and ChaCha20 theoretically unbreakable? Well, I mean there indeed was an attack that on AES that was more efficient than simply bruteforcing it but I mean was it so bad that it warrants the replacement of the encryption algorithm? What about my GPG encrypted backups online, are they bust?

Yea afaik the main symmetric key crypto systems are both in practice and theoretically sound vs the things like RSA and ECC which have big theoretical holes.

AES is difficult to implement securely. Not every CPU has AES-NI.
ChaCha20 is only a stream cipher. If you want authenticated encryption you have to couple it with a MAC algorithm.
The reason for this competition isn't that AES/ChaCha20 are insecure (they are very secure if used correctly). The reason for this compettion is to find algorithms that perform authenticated encryption in one pass while being easier to implement than AES-GCM.

What does authenticated mean here? So they are just looking for algorithms that allow prevention of information leaks through side channel attacks like spectre?

Things like a sha256 for a MAC

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I suggest that you read the attached PDF and this:

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