Ultra low latency news feed

Is there an ultra low latency news feed available out there that doesn't cost a leg? (preferably free)
waaaay too slow.
Is it possible to hack into a Bloomberg or Reuters terminal news feed?

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Nope. You've gotta pay to play goy. Free news is for the riffraff. And if you can't afford a bloomberg terminal, you don't need it anyways.

I do need it and i may get it at some point but i have to start somewhere.
I can't afford $2.5k a month for now.

Of course. I doubt they're unhackable, nothing is. Not that it matters since you can't or you wouldn't ask.


This is true though.

Work for a company that has one.

I'm such a hacker I hacked my college system and they give their students that ask enough access to Bloomberg new terminal

news feed for what?


I don't know any

For news

What news? There's almost infinite amount of news every second.

you might as well scrape twitter, reddit, 8ch, and 4ch and make a feed from that. MSM is behind the curve in the modern era when it comes to news, they are the last to know.

you are cancer

But how do i know if its reliable or not?

Did you think the normal media outlets gave you reliable news?



Bloomberg doesn't have reliable information, I have caught them many times quarterbacking for their corporate partners.

4-cuck Zig Forums is better for breaking news.


Too slow.

It's the fastest, faster than Cuckberg or the wire services, faster even than intelligence services.

You simply won't get any faster.

i was thinking about a twitter crawler that would spot a breakin news by filtering, analyzing and ranking tweets by likelihood

The number of tweet posted from the area where the event happened*how many verified accounts tweeted a similar story = level of accuracy.

I don't know where to start.

Can you provide even a modicum of evidence?

you might want to start with coming up with $5000/month to be able to use their (((premium))) api's which is what you would need to scrape that much data without having to bounce user accounts from them getting banned for heavy use.

The most recent was the McDonalds sign flip fake news, stocks bumped almost 2% when it broke.

But Bloomberg does this all the time. It's part of my trading strategy to take advantage of these little lies of theirs.

Wtf ? didn't it use to be free?!

Pics of your terminal or you're full of shit

Rent a bunch of dedicated servers with high bandwidth/low latency peering in desired parts of world, scrape local news sites, forums and so. Run machine learning to sort and condense information, feed it over low-bandwidth protocols like XMPP or Atom to your terminal to maximize the throughput per server.
I suppose, this is what (((Broomborg))) terminal acrually does, it connects to (((Boombang))) servers and pulls text from there. Jews wouldn't call it "terminal" otherwise. This is as far as I understand the topic, but isn't there anyone who bought it and made some sort of functions and interfaces overview for interested people?

God knows


Wow user you have super powers that lets you know when a news that just broke is fake or not?

Bloomberg publishes fake news every single day.

I still don't see how that story affected the market.

Day bump of a couple percent, and if you know the fake news is going to be planted and trumpeted across all outlets, you can take advantage of it.

It's called securities fraud and fake news. Happens all the time.

Definition of fake news :
Everybody uses those criteria, makes it really easy to spot fake news

In this case it's actually fake news, there is no proof that this happened at all aside from one obvious photoshopped picture featuring just the sky and a badly edited sign.


Haha, look, Bloomberg pushing more literal fake news.

Time to start buying AMD stock

Yesterday was an all points bulletin to do just that, for anybody with a brain.

Unfortunately, that isn't fake news. That is 100% real news - short selling AMD is on the rise. They are just reporting the facts.

It's actually fake news, AMD is down a bit today but when the article was published yesterday, it was up. It also cites the nothing-burger IDF larper's report.

Totally fake news from real Jews, as usual.

Actually AMD closed up today as well.

The short sellers failed.

I don't think you understand how trading works, the majority of traders are not day traders, and finishing a particular day in the red on a certain stock is not "failure".

are you talking about retail? Because i know most institutional are.