Google marks International Women’s Day with a “women led” attribute for business listings

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Based Google.

Now I know the businesses I should avoid.

Keeping it positive
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There's no useless data.
The funny thing with these faggots is that they don't seem to realize what can be the exact opposite of what they want.

"Woman-led" is the "gluten-free" of business.

Notice how there's nothing about employees, or working families.

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oh yeah…
as if there are no cocksucking motherfuckers among male business owners
I had experience working for one and it was 100% shit

Hope they give out a star of david on international jews day

Virtue signaling to the SJWs, ironically enough, doesn't need to be inclusive to those who do the real labor.

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I lolled harder than I should at this.

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this, we need more of these tags

Just for reference, I took those pictures in floyd lamb park in Las Vegas.

i don't think that has to do with the employees, this means no homeless or other riff raff can use the bathroom, paying customers only.

So there's a button for boobsiness, but no button to show businesses of melanin-rich individuals such as crack dens? Unbelievable! It's the CY+3 and Google is still racist!

Which is part of the problem. SJWs don't even think of the broader public as people, San Fran progs marching past homeless spics under their bridges without the slightest twinge of sympathy as they virtue signal about trannies. Similarly keening about the wonders of "diverse" overlords without the thought of underlings crossing their pretty little heads.

this is pretty accurate. i have far more sympathy for the homeless, once your on the street it's difficult to come back up, nobody is going to hire you when you can't shower shave and store you're your shit somewhere where it isn't going to be stolen if it isn't with you 24/7.

the homeless are all over these liberal areas and leftists use it as a way to hike tax's, they open "support centers", which do nothing but launder the tax money for themselves and do nothing for the homeless, meanwhile you'll notice in all the areas with heavy homeless populations, most bathrooms are locked or tokenized, to keep the homeless out, they remove the outlet's in starbuck's and fast food, etc, so they can't charge their phone's, and all the water spicket's are locked, all in an effort to say "we want to help the homeless", "just not here".

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You already have a man-led tag, it's !(woman-led)

That was some nearly poetic writing. A+

Please look up "proper use of apostrophes"

(((woke))) as fuck!

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It's already marked by omission. You have Business, then "women led business". I for one find this to be effective enough for warning people.

Fucking hell, it's international WORKING women's day. Not this corporate crap.

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It feels like I've to avoid almost everything now.
First Jews
Second big monopolies
Third Useless faggotry pushed by these monopolies
Fourth Women(Strong Independent Women) and their virtue signalling
Fifth again Jews and Government
Sixth: fuck, there's no place for men

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Nigger I didn't even mention that.
So as I and I didn't go full retard by supposing that all male boss are the devil, same goes for woman the difference is that I don't judge a company by the sex they have.

the fag tag will be next

that's what I were implying basically.
raging because a company gets a women symbol on google maps is fucking nothing, because there are enough shit leaders among both sexes.

The primary objection isn't "we hate them because they're women", but "we hate them because they were chosen solely for being women". Quota hires decrease the overall quality of the demos they target.

then it ought to work the same way for companies that hire only men? :^)

Google will "correct for" the "obvious" "statistical anomaly" that led to female ratings being lower.

I wonder if there's an International Jew's Day.

Not him...

Show me one good example where men are being hired for just men not based on their you can't.

Now, GTFO of here with your faggotry logic.


(((black bar jew meme magick)))

not sure what do you mean by "good" but I think I know one example:
source: I work here

Great idea, user! This Google Business Badge campaign would be so much more empowering as an intersectional movement. Increasingly post-2016, "Jewishness" is often outrageously stereotyped in toxic online culture as laziness and greed. We need to lead the charge in shattering that false narrative.
I support a Jew-Lead badge for Google Business.

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How hard would it be to programmatically generate a list from government documents?

as hard as it would be to get them, and OCR them, because even if the government documents are in digital form they will release them printed out, and then scanned sideways and at random angles and re-digitized as images when they give them to you.

fucking this

They glow in the dark *so* hard!