Does Zig Forums know about Holochain?

Does Zig Forums know about Holochain?
"Holochain enables a distributed web with user autonomy built directly into its architecture and protocols."

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Says it all, really.

Looks like an Ethereum ripoff designed to enrich the founders.

It is not another altcoin
I see it overlapping with IPFS, not with Ethereum

Low effort OP, disregarded.


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Can it integrate into i2p, Tor or similar anonymizing networks? It can't be fully autonomous if it can't defend against CIA censorship.

We post-blockchain now!
pure cancer.

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Deleting the OP would improve the quality of the board.

This is a template for a shitty post. 0 effort. Fuck off.

I don't believe in holocaust. it is a scam

this \/

For off topic topics like cryptocurrencies the OP needs to be structured in a way where it's about the technical implementation of it.
Just saying "XYZ. Discuss" doesn't make XYZ tech related.

Name: Holochain (not Holocaust (Lo-NRG))
Use: Holographic storage for distributed applications
License: GPLv3 only *1* *2*
Written in: Go
Developement platform: GitHub *3* (
Source availability:
Developement started: 2016-12-23 (according to initial commit)
Releases: None (source provided by git clone)

*1* If GPLv4 is ever release they can't upgrade
*2* Read for things wrong about GitHub

Sorry, footnotes are in wrong order:
10,11c10< *2* Read for things wrong about GitHub< *3*:---> *2*:13a13> *3* Read for things wrong about GitHub

At least PIVX has the purple panther theme to capitalize on Black Panther and all the black hustlers.

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I've had my identity stolen by enough exchanges already. Might buy some if it gets on Binance.

Why not and is this a problem?

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How difficult would it be to host a chan with similar features to 8ch?

Do it

Holo a cute desu.

Any organization is prone to infiltration and corruption into oblivion. What happens if someday Stallman, or his successor decides to release a harmful GPLv4? What happens if that particular person writes GPLv4 as to make any GPL licensed software his intellectual property and subsequently employs a team of trolls to relicense all software of interest?

On a side note, I would appreciate a copyleft license that is not authorian, that doesn't include phrases such as:

Authority is cancer and so are (((You))).

...But a copyleft license is authoritarian, perhaps in a good way but still... it's basically saying you can edit the program however you want but then you MUST release it to the public for free so they can do the same if they wish.

This kind of nullifies the license, because a latter version could basically say ALL RIGHTS RESERVED*

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How does Holochain compare with EOS?


A software license is a set of boiler plate legal statements given out with each copy of the program through which the copyright holder of the program (i.e. it's creator, unless it's dictated otherwise by any other contracts) grants any owner of such software a license under current intellectual property laws to do as he pleases under the terms of that licensing contract. If you don't like GPL, don't send it along with your copyright notice. If you don't like that GPL exists and want to impose on what people should be able to do with their own copyrighted material, go complain about copyright law instead. You're barking up the wrong tree.