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some leddit OC

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Ok, I was ran across this while researching some info about custom bioses. What the fuck did this faggot mean by this image? For once I'm not be sarcastic, I literally cannot figure this out. Nobody can possibly be happy working with that kind of hardware or software. This faggot really means it though and it just baffles me.

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Why is Clang in the plebeian group?

I just noticed what the orange squiggles on the emacs logo are. I feel dumb.

Are redditors aware that ironic shitposting is still shutposting?

From a nearby thread

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I'll go with the obvious meaning to me and say that things on the left are for hipsters/soyboys and things on the right are for the smart people.
If the author was sarcastic or not, it's hard to tell.

How much of a meme vs. how real is this dichotomy really? And who will prevail in the long run, the basement neckbeard or the chad brogrammer?

Whoops had left and right reversed.

This isn't funny.


I don't even know who's being ironic now.

bad boy
never do screenshots in jpeg

it's kind of mixed up but I can tell you that on the right side everything is crap except sublime text and that "dragon" which may be shit or maybe not, because I don't even know what it is. and 16:9 is also mostly okay if you turn off autism for 5 minutes and think about practical reasons.

Hint: It's a compiler for the C language that is under a permissive license.

okay, it's clang then
what's so bad about it if it works better and has better tools for finding UB in your code?

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Can't seem to post more than 3 images at a time

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This is actually pretty funny

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Buttmad macfags actually made this.

i thought it was funny

It has the same tools as gcc if I thinking what you're thinking of.

things like
I did not know if GCC also had them

Yep, they've been in gcc for years. You need the sanitize USE flag if you want support for it on gentoo.


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Can't spoiler with javascript disabled so I'll need a hotpocket to do it if it needs to be.

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Thanks reddit.


how is it possible to be this wrong?

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