Black robots may be target for racism

Apologize right now.

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You need to check your organic life form privilege.

was half a second away from posting that

Vid related.

I wouldnt be racist against a robot with a black paintjob
I would be racist against a robot with a white paintjob and a nigger a.i.

Post the full link please instead of the shortened.

if it doesn't redirect it is the full link, the link is fine

but white robots are better for the planet, because they reflect some part of the light instead of absorbing it, thereby reducing global heating

I do not know how. I used because it is first archive that came to my mind and I wanted to quickly post archive link to minimize clicks that website gets.

that is the full link. there's a second link that's buried in the share function that's designed to be used to specify different dates of the same page. your link is fine.

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black... robots?
it aint the color its the culture dumbass


What is that webm?
Is it edited?

It's the culture. Neuroplasticity means people can choose to become smarter with the proper mental training, even sub 90 IQ brainlets. The two problems happen when people do not choose this way and when people do not practise the necessary development drills since it takes a smarter person to design and teach the necessary drills.

This isn't how neuroplasticity works.

This is how neuroplasticity works.

Contradiction is not argument.

American robots may be target for le 56% jokes.

fuck off reddit

I don't have biases against #000 colored robots.
I have biases against third-world behavior and characteristics heavily reminiscent of third-world behavior.
SKIN DEEP XDD race-fetish retards have really confused themselves into a corner.
If it's about people being more likely to shoot at #000 colored robots, then yeah, duh, they look like SWAT guys/terrorists/ninjas/Black Ops. #fff robots look like Honda sent them to play soccer with you in a hospital for charity.
This is the same shit as university niggers getting offended that humans instinctively fear the night and darkness. You don't own the color black. You are brown.


To clarify, I _do_ have biases against #000 robots in that they look like stealthy tacticool assault machines as depicted in popular media.
They don't remind me of niggers in the slightest, which is what these godforsaken "scientists" are implying, bizarrely.

Black robots didn't do nuthin'.

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Do you think it would be possible to meme the Left into defending black rifles because racism?

White and yellow is enough variety, maybe some reds for casinos.

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Hmm, these robots would be #000 but not Africans. The would have no civil rights, nor would they try to get them. So eg. they could not vote for a political party which wants to have open borders for black people. They also might not be build that way if they look ugly. Misbehavior of any kind might also not happen, and if then its not because of the color. They also coold no fuck up our genepool with their brown genes. There also would be no conflict over women or status. They also would not complain if we care more about other white people or support "racist" regimes.
So I see no real conflict here. What else?

Both wrong. Its politics and especially Marxism and Internationalism, and every form of white people hating themselfes and/or the fact that their ancestors were more lucky or capable or both than other people. These kind of sick marxist fuckers can't have more allies to destroy our future. Robots don't care, and they even limit the need of low wage immigration, so I'm gonna love them.

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All of these really.
Paint yourself black.
Do you suddenly act like a Nigerian prince?
Feel like killing some white farmers?

If not, skin-color/paint-job is the least important distinction between sub-species and species. Biological or not.

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So what? I didn' t claim that. No species but different groups of people, and eg. identifying themselfes with similiar groups in other countries and their own perspective on history.

What's the point of minimizing clicks for articles good enough to link them here?

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I have a different webbum.

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Fuck white and fuck yellow. Hi-Vis Orange or bust.

Robot uprising when?

they said the same about niggers

I think it's the same when nordcucks or other hwytes think that Romans and ancient Greeks were white by looking at 15'th century Renaissance-era statues made of white marble. The "disdain for plebs" reaction image is a perfect example. Looks like "white" person, but but real romans had dark hair and olive skin.

Top mother fucking kek

Why would you intentionally make robots ugly?

When a white man shows up in a black village for the first time, they revere him as a god. When a black man shows up in a white village for the first time, they revile him as a demon. That's just how it is. White is good, black is bad. Luke Skywalker wears white, Darth Vader wears black, and when the the good guys wear black and the bad guys wear white it's a clever artistic type of juxtaposition because they're intentionally swapping the natural order.

They are humans, like it or not. Not programmeable.

People still don't realize """racist""" means anti-black. It has nothing to do with actually stopping racism with all races, but just protecting and victimizing black people. We all know robots are not human and have no races, but who gives a fuck, if they painted it black they can use it for the dumb masses as propaganda. Wag up beeples :Dd

Not with that attitude!

t. CIA

Back down your hole shill thread shitter

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What's funny about the erika march is that it's what not made in WW2 it even pre-dates any national socialism events but since niggercatle are what they are they can't make a wikipedia research.

I remember that traveling robot that got attacked by niggers.
I can't wait till there will be more black on black crime.

I wonder if black people feel more positive towards black robots?

Races do not have enough genetic divergence to be considered sub-species.

What purpose is there to make a black robot?

Using it as a scapegoat for an assault robot ban.

grey robots and clear robots are the most kinky, why don't we have tin men instead of walking Appletrash?

The author's projection, holy shit.
That's clearly chrome, 100% reflective, 0% light absorption.

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