What's the general consensus on ReactOS? Kind of seems like a "worst of both worlds" thing to me (having done little research).

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Interesting project, but sadly hopeless. The development is way too slow and Microshaft will probably shut them down if they get anywhere.

Impossible to shut them down legally, they did nothing illegal.

nobody said legally

it's like gnu but instead of ripping off unix it is ripping off windows.

I have some hope for it. I don't think it'll ever go mainstream for consumers, but if it gets good enough and stable enough, I could see it being attractive to the corporate world to replace some Windows workstations or servers since it's free.

How would you do that for a russia funded OS

what both worlds?
It's just windows built from scratch using wine.(which btw helps the wine project)

Big companies can afford to constantly keep suing smaller companies, even if it's something they know the big company can't win. The idea is that the larger company knows the constant lawsuits will drive the smaller one's resources down, probably to the point where it massively affects how the smaller company works. We saw something very similar when Intel helped kill of Cyrix with a ton of frivolous lawsuits Intel knew it couldn't win. But it drained Cyrix of resources to the point Cyrix could no longer make a competitive product.

when the bigger company loses a case, they should have to pay the defendants legal fees

It's great, but sadly the development is too slow. There aren't that many devs, testers or donations. They moved to GitHub recently so it might become more popular among the devs. Hopefully they'll provide a viable OS by the end of 2021. It already has some good features, but needs to become more stable. It will never be a 1:1 Windows alternative since some proprietary parts will be illegal to even replicate, or impossible to replicate so any software relying too heavily on the Windows wall garden will be unstable or absent from ReactOS

Unless the russian government starts dedicating teams of programmers to it to try and replace windows, you aren't going to see it actually used as an OS. What you will see is benefits as advancements they make are funneled into Wine.

They do, but they'll go to the next higher court before, delaying everything. Have fun paying out of the ass for (((lawyers))) for years. What good is getting your money back if you go bankrupt years before that happens?
The (((legal system))) is rigged in favor of big (((corporations))) which can just bleed their opponents dry before a verdict is reached.

By that logic GNU, Linux and the BSD forks should have been shut down by UNIX proprietors, and things like Wine or Mono shut down by Microsoft by now.

I never cared for Windows. FreeDOS is ok.


I wonder if there's a way to take ReactOS's interface and install it on top of current Winblows.

If they'd come out of alpha 15 years ago, they could have been game-changing. As it is, they're increasingly irrelevant. There is perhaps some potential utility in ReactOS as a free minimal OS for running Windows-only software in VMs, but these days I struggle to think of any Windows-only software that would make me bother.

They went the way of the HURD.

You literally can

It's got a long way to go until it's useful. I'm doubtful it will reach that point before fizzling out.

It's still a risk that some companies can't afford to take, and even if it was an open and shut case, they would only be paid at the end. Only one side has the ability to pay an all-star legal team for years on end.

There's a lot of enterprise software that is wangblows only.

Depends on what you're doing. The only thing I personally use Windows for is video editing.
Apparently DAWs are also something only useful on Windows or OSX because of VST plugin support.
If you aren't doing any of those things, you're in luck

True, and if it's functional enough to be a viable VM guest OS running those apps, then I fully support any enterprises that use it to give Microsoft the finger.

So what is the state of ReactOS these days? I played around with it years ago and found it not viable for any serious use.

there are still movie theaters and atm machines using windows 98 or xp because they never they never upgraded their software. and they continuously rebuy licences, reactos would make it free and more secure.

I'd appreciate further information on that regard.

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It can decently run many (if not most) games pre-XP and even some after that. It can even run Skyrim.

Why not using GNU/Linux with WINE or the comercial version CrossOver?

Tnx, good to know.

Aside from their BASIC interpreter, DOS is literally the only decent thing Microsoft ever made.

They bought DOS

Which one though?

I've never used CrossOver. Is it really what it claims to be or is it some shoddy shit?

Microsoft didn't make DOS. They didn't make Skype or Minecraft either. They just bought those finished products and made them worse.

I tried it a few years ago and it was too broken at the time to run correctly. I don't know if it has made any progress since 2015, when I last played with it.

Why not using GNU/Linux with WINE or the commercial version CrossOver?

because they are using code that was written in the 80's or 90's and never upgraded.

Hey, MSX were the best z80 machines around.
Though, I guess MS's involvement in this project was quite limited.

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Only used WINE, but only heard good about CrossOver, and it's helping WINE because they contribuate back to it, or at least did since a while ago. Don't need Windows programs, but could imagine to try it for gaming.

It doesn't matter how old, as long as no bugs have been found.

They still have many years to go before it becomes usable for any non-experimental scenario. I mean, they recently added ultra-experimental NTFS support. Sound is still a broken mess.

I donate to them from time to time but it's just tiny bits here and there.

Pretty much this famalam

Literally anyone can help out and code if they know how. its open source. if you know how to write drivers help out, if you know how to make ui help out. if you can report bugs or try to run programs and get bug reports than do it.
its only as fast as the developers can code in their free time. if a small percentage of linux users decided to code reactos instead of their meme os's it would be out of alpha.

It's cancer.


IBM went to the doors of Digital Research wanting an OS for their fledgling microcomputer. CP/M-86 wasn't ready, and when Gary Kildall's wife refused to sign an NDA after advised to from DRI's attorney, the IBM execs got butthurt and went to Microsoft who originally pointed them towards DRI. Seattle Computer Products were at the time working on a CP/M-86 compatible system they called 86-DOS. Microsoft bought the rights to this system, told IBM they had an OS for their microcomputer, and a year later there was the IBM PC 5150, running PC-DOS or MS-DOS, courtesy of Microsoft.

When DRI had a working version of CP/M for x86 platforms, and after a series of lawsuits were able to force IBM to provide it as an option for the IBM PC... however it was much, much more expensive than PC-DOS or MS-DOS at the time, so nobody bought it.

Gary Kildall was embittered about it for many, many years up until his death in '94 when he got drunk and fell down at a biker bar.

It could emulate BSOD on my rig

The whole point is that it should be fully compatible with windows drivers, let's not reinvent the wheel too much.
This is the last thing to worry about. The project is in alpha, a proper UI is something you'd start working on in late beta. And the current UI is fine enough. It's an OS made for old computers and work machines. Any user themes should be separate.
Kys kiddo.

oi wtf

Uh huh...

God, and here I thought that autism wasn't widespread. Guess I was wrong.>>882130

Has anyone tried running any of the following programs on it yet?
-Valve Hammer Editor
-ZHLT compiler
-Milkshape 3D
-Photoshop CS2
I'd like to relive my teenage years.

Goldsrc works well in ReactOS. I'm not sure about ZHLT compiler, or milkshape for that matter.
PS CS2 works on Reactos just well.

they should have tbh
MACH is the future


RoS is x500 better than Wine but forever reason nobody wants to help develop it, so its moved at a snails pace for 20 years.


A common trick is to use shell companies

Pragmatic question: Has anyone tried leveraging WINE, ReactOS, and genuine DLLs from older versions of Windows to cobble together some sort of extended compatibility environment for running old (particularly from that troublesome post-DOSBox era) software on Windows 7-10?

The most I'm aware of are projects like nGlide, ALchemy, and WineD3D:

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Great. It looks like them moving to github might accelerate the development.

Underrated. SpectraVideo wants their computer back.
But can it run Linux?

With the Russian mob

No, but there is another Unix clone for MSX.

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Billy boy did not make dos he bought it.

How hard would it be to port most of the userland to linux and run it in a chroot? I'd love to see this used as an alternative to WINE except capable of running Windows drivers.

Comfy looking. Nice color scheme as well.


ReactOS 0.4.8

-User Experience
-Support NT6+ (Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10) software and Games
-DrWatson32-any application crashing will create a log file on the desktop.
-Kernel Stability and new features
-boot in 96MB
-Cache Manager bugfix
-Hardware support, NTFS and other drivers

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microsoft actually improved dos.

Reactos isn't a company tho, its homemade on peoples spare time and the only money comes through donations.

FAT's really good for embedded systems, OS/2 was pretty neat, and Windows 95 had one of the greatest and most influential GUIs in the history of computing

OS/2 was IBM it could have been great

Win95 (everything about it) sucked ass compared to MacOS at the time. The only advantage was you didn't need to buy an expensive Mac computer. Trully the plebian choice.

Is reacto OS already installable and usable (assuming on a laptop)?
I'm afraid it might burn my mobo out of some poor ACPI implementation.

Wine on Windows is a pipedream.

They made a few patches to keep up with new hardware.
Himem.sys support for 1,44 floppies etc

No. Don't expect it to be until it reaches beta.

most likely on a P3/P4 desktop equipped with a soundblaster and voodoo3 card

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Except for NT, Windows Phone, DirectX (shit, but it was far better than OpenGL back then), Microsoft Office, the Surface line, their mouses, their keyboards and Azure; yes, they've never made anything decent.

You're kidding right? In the early days of DirectX, D3D was the poorly supported poor performance API. You only used DX if your GPU was shit or if the game forced it on you.

I used to shill for it back in 2015, since it appeared to be the Normie-Cure. If the normalfags didn't want to use UNIX or something else good, ReactOS could be shilled to them as a free alternative. Demoing it, I did enjoy it. However, there seems to have not been much progress since 2015, so idk anymore. I'm tempted to try it again in a VM. It had difficulty installing to some of my machines natively, but I have never had any problems running it on a VM.

#RealNews. Microsoft sucks at 100% everything they try to homebrew, all they do is buy and copy the best of the rest.

I liked my Windows Phone, except for a couple of not-so-minor gripes, and I've gotten a lot of use out of Excel. The rest of the stuff you list is pretty meh. You know you're reaching when you list Microsoft mice and keyboards.

I've been saying this for years. The only thing that Bill Gates actually invented was "Altair Basic", which was so easily made that it was copied by almost all of the people that found it. He didn't invent DOS, he ripped-off Windows from other companies, he bought Dr Watson, Zip, and Internet Explorer and destroyed them, Windows uses a fork of the BSD TC/IP Stack. Everything Microsoft has done besides Altiar Basic is something invented by others and poorly maintained. Besides this, Altiar Basic was nothing more than a Basic terminal for the MITS-Altair system. He probably considered the stupid-one in his "Homebrew Computer Club", like that "Nova the Neonfur" was to that SecondLife/DnD group of middle schoolers on /fur/.

How Bill Gsates got popularity was illegal marketing strategies, plagerism, market exploitation, and public de-education programs. Have you ever been to a High School computer-room where Microsoft has given them funding, especially in the 90's? They have lesson plans made by microsoft and posters explaining the "History of the Computer" showing a timeline with multiple versions of DOS at the begining, and then explaining how Windows came in to save-the-day with Graphical User Interfaces.

I hate Bill Gates with a passion, and his pseudo-intellectual White Pajeet Millennial Coffee-Drinking 1990's Grunge programmers who ruined what "IBM Compatible" meant.

Win95's GUI was infinitely easier to use than MacOS thanks to the start menu

Could be the best OS built in existence

>multi user support on a personal computer
You enjoy cuck porn too, pal?

The ironic thing about this is that in the old days (and I mean before Windows and Linux), every PC could function just fine for multi user scenario. You simply brought your own floppy disks and took them with you when you were done. Usually the system had no HDD since they were really expensive.

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At least they don't really have to follow a moving target anymore since MS has deprecated win32 and no one cares about uap.

where do you think you are?

Booting your own media on a stateless hardware is the only way, but with modern UEFI that can turn into a boot malware or be mounted for write under any OS it's impossible to achieve. Having a separate hypervisor read-only partition with isolated VMs for guest use is the most secure way of letting your family use your computer these days.



Dual boot

Y'all should do some reading once in a while :/

If all that's left is phones, I'll be using 8-bit computers and microcontrollers.

ReactOS has its place the same as HaikuOS. Let's assume at some point, which has been observably happening for a while now, unix principles reach a unsurmountable development roadblock that leaves developers choice of basically rewriting everything or starting from scratch. What then? There are two FOSS systems on reserve to poke and study.

Around Pajeet, in the streets they shit.


btw fun observations of both ReactOS and Haiku:

how could Linux ever fuck up basics so bad? especially the latter, ridiculous that after 27 years of development, when I move few gigas, mouse cursor chops and sound crackles.


This is just custom .msstyles theme. You can always revert to default Win9x-like experience.