Brit/pol/ #2392: Thank You White People Edition

Johnson facing Tory probe over burka comments

Doubling in long waits to see GP and record pressures on A&E revealed

Britain's £13bn foreign aid budget WILL be used to help UK territories devastated by hurricanes - even if they're considered 'too wealthy'

UK: ‘Refugee’ Charged After 11-Year-Old Boy Sexually Assaulted in McDonald’s

Britain's wealthiest businessman Jim Ratcliffe is 'leaving the country and taking his £21bn fortune to Monaco'

Irish exporters FUME at EU’s plan to avoid UK in new post-Brexit shipping routes

Outcry over Sky News Australia interview with far-right extremist

Man arrested at 'extremist Muslim' New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings: documents

Snapchat surgery: doctors report rise in patient requests to look 'filtered'

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gud lad

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rather funny tbh

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I'm not too sure about that one tbh lad

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8th for removal of thots

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thats knowledge in the public domain tbh

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Reet good la'

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Lads be in a good mood, ffs. its raining

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It's not raining where I live.

sorry to hear that lad


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Soylent: How I Stopped Eating for 30 Days

Serves me right for having bad fundamentals.

Isn't not pointing the barrel at yourself the first thing you are taught with guns?

What are they teaching in the army?

Yeah nah not gonna get an F for that tbh

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brexit btfo

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Not doing themselves great favours there.

Oh my God the Daily Mail

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Now I'm not an expert on guns, but aren't there protocols like "make sure the safety's on" and "don't have it loaded when it doesn't need to be loaded"?

Niggers burst into dental surgery before stabbing Pajeet dentist with scissors and stealing his £25,000 Rolex watch

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Hail to you brother of war

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I'm baffled.

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It's pretty simple lad




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top fucking kek I missed this one

what mong needs a special pan to do a fry-up


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Yeah lets all give them some 5.56 NATO.

that was obviously a joke GCHQ

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That'll go down well with people

No porn in 9 days lads

I miss the ayy lmao mene

Why don't you post it now for old times' sake lad

Mummy gretchen will make doggomen and ayys real, and allow unrestricted hunting of both

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Good work lad, keep it up :^)

Heeyyy rofl

ayy lmao

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Cressida Dick herself decided to investigate Boris

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*gets angry and makes a post*

The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.

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Australia seems to be more confident than Britain. It's like it's in-between us and America.


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I think Steiner sees a future in it.

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I was thinking more about bin's and 22 tbh.

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It all comes from the same origin, newshit

Lad, get to the doctors

why didn't they just execute them, then you don't have to play games with citizenship

just bet £100 on the house midterms lads

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coincidentally bloods just started pouring out of my nose lad…
have we just had sudden unfortunate coincidental aneurysms?

What is the final solution to the /newbrit/ question?

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Do you lads like poo(No)

some kind of happening or interesting news cycle. its the only thing that will keep away the gay/barp/blog posting.

I guess detroit is in that state but damn.

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quick run down on what's happening in yank land?

Is the one on the left the lost bogdandoff triplet?

umachaka wingowooloo brother

you unironically all look the same to me

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They're probably more likely to get rowdy if nothing's done. Heard Cottrell on that Sky interview mention Dutton as being ok as well

shitskins control the senate
ancient niga bloodline
you likely have poopoo particles inside you right now

They should unironically "disappear" them


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Steiner has to battle the spics


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I'm met a girl lads, pure marriage material too.

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is she out of primary school yet?

no udidn

UK crime: More than 2,000 acid attacks in three years - London at centre of violence

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