FBI: If We Can't Stop Citizens From Having Privacy, We'll Just Start Arresting CEOs


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They really don't like livestock having the freedom to wander.

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Day of the rope soon?

I wish the FBI would arrest more CEOs (instead of working for them).


What kind of retards don't automatically cover their asses and say "company policy doesn't approve of these phones being used for illegal purposes, but..." I mean, holy shit.

Yeah, holy shit.

This is the kind of willful stupidity that makes everybody who's interested in basic privacy look bad. There's clearly a line between "We think everybody should have privacy" and "We'll go out of our way to explicitly assist criminals because of our ideological obsession".


Yet another in their string of puff pieces whining about going dark, attempting to correlate people wanting privacy with criminals. Maybe if they actually did some field work for a change and got a real warrant from a real judge to plant bugs, they could actually catch some bad guys.

Alternative theory: This is a ruse to add credibility to a company selling phones which the FBI has backdoored to hell and back.

Provide a shred of evidence or else your "theory" is worth less than any given hypothesis.

Maybe they should just repeal overbearing laws. Then nobody would have to use ultra-secure communications to hide something that shouldn't fucking be illegal.

>implying (((they))) don't put you on a list for things which aren't even illegal at all, just in case they "happen" to become illegal later

>Maybe they should just repeal overbearing laws. Then maybe people wouldn't feel to paranoid about having tracking device with them 24/7 I mean we can always just add them back 50/100 years later after they've all gotten used to it again..
I like the way you goyim think.

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Maybe they should just repeal overbearing jews.

So basically, OP is a retarded shit-stirrer here.

They now just need to accept those deals that the American governemnt corp is offering them or they get the needle.

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They hand pick their clients and worked with a cartel. I'm not defending FBI/CIAniggers, but you're taking it a bit out of context.

wait...what if this company was a bunch of CIAniggers?

Not really, FBI has been dragged through so many piss puddles in the past 12 months they have nothing to gain by making themselves look bad if this guy walks.

Of course it was.

Nice try, FBI.

Nothing to lose you mean.

I hope Chávez and his cronies burn in hell.

Main reason I never really do anything social and sometimes just click random shit even if I don't like...I tend to go out of my way online to mask my true intensions. More than half the time I don't even know what's going through my head so good luck with them keeping tabs on me or even making sense of it all...they gotta have at least 3000gb of nonsense if they are tracking/logging me. kek

here are three possible ways:
1) Company made these smartphones and had no knowledge of who actually bought them. FBI found out some cartel members using them, then they decided to shut it down and framed all evidence:
C'mon, it's 2019 already. People make video parodies of celebs porn on average home computers today.
2) They were indeed selling phones to cartel members and discussed it as their business strategy. Welp, should I mention they were Americans? 89IQ ain't called 89IQ for nothing. If someone would ever do this kind of shit, why not pick Tor hidden service for your website and drop couriers for shipping method and work only with cartels? All phone shops I've seen in Tor were nigger scams "selling" stolen iPhones lol.
3) The whole case is a big ruse, there is no company, there is no Vincent Ramos and there is no undercover agent. The website looks like shitty and amateur pajeet-tier presentation riddled with javascript. There are no links to their software code repositories, i.e. were people supposed to buy smartphones running proprietary software with possible back doors with no way to perform audits?

Not in the US, they don't
It's no longer a phone then, is it

i think the sole purpose of these "phones" was to communicate pgp text via cell data, no voice or sms.

Yeah, arrest every capitalist scum.

Could chalk it up to entrapment. If they actually helped, they rightfully should be jailed, but if they said "We don't know, go away", then they're safe.


proper link:

other article:
lol I always suspected VICE readers are a bunch of sheltered millenial faggots who literally think having no webcam is a common attribute among "criminals" (they don't have a definition of that word either, you're just bad if you're one of them)

there's no reason to post the long link, just like there's no reason to include the source link. They're included in the short link if you're interested.

It's gotta be the jews.

it’s probably pretty easy to follow relevant trails like purchases, working back from visits to merchants to searches.

Are there any up do date phones which has its baseband processor running below ring -3 privilege level?


IIRC Phantom Secure's "highly secure PGP-based system* was both proprietary and based around centralized server under their control.

nobody here seems to talk about the simple fact that the fbi and cia are unconstitutional

Provide a shred of evidence or else your "theory" is worth less than any given hypothesis.

More reason to use free software. Stallman told you niggas and you wouldn't listen.

So, where's the scare story about Russia they'd use to justify this?

I heard about this, apparently the popo called them up pretending to be drug smugglers. They asked if their phones would be safe if they got taken by border patrol, to which Phantom Secure allegedly told them that's what they were designed for. A few days/weeks later, the popo called them back up, claiming to have had their phones seized at the border and asked if Phantom Secure would remotely wipe them, to which they, again, allegedly agreed to do.
That's why they got busted, not because of their security but because they were agreeing to directly help organized crime.

The post creating this level of assmad is usually a good indicator.

This speculation is clearly based on a noticed pattern.

So what? They made a secure phone. If they made it so the soups have to do their damn jobs instead of just plugging into some random asshole's phone and calling it a day who gives a shit?

The phone maker is not in the wrong.

sounds like the ideal phone

Fear has lost it's power as a structural bonding and control tool.
They are trying to make it percolate down the pyramid through high ranking cases to prove their point but it won't work.
I think they understand that and are just trying to buy time.

no matter how opsec ready your phone is, you're still at risk
I'd be surprised if they put a built in fake IMSI catcher, implement a new crypto, and maybe frequency locking and blacklisting (prevent triangulation) or paired with a femtocell with 'libre' OS and frequency lock/blacklist

yes, let's wait until you're taxed to fuck or you're paid to fuck when these aliens eat you during ww3 coverup (population decline = alien feast)

free range
gotta farm them loosh
humans taste like pig that's why the elites are cannibals - and not humans :^)

and yes.