Brit/pol/ #2394: Happening in Canada Edition

Fredericton shooting: Four dead including two police in Canada
Canadian police say a suspect is in custody after at least four people - two of them police officers - were killed in a shooting in the eastern city of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

UK growth boosted by warmer weather
Economic growth in the UK picked up in the three months to June as construction and services were lifted by the warmer weather, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Boris Johnson could be given diversity training instead of being sanctioned over burka comments

Farage Slams Burley’s ‘Cruel’ Comparison of War Hero’s Burns to Burqa, 20,000 Petition Sky News for Apology
Nigel Farage has slammed Sky News anchor Kay Burley’s “unfair, personal, and cruel” comparison of Falklands War hero Simon Weston’s facial burns to a burqa, which prompted over 20,000 people to sign a petition demanding she apologise or resign.

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diversity training sounds so fucking creepy

2nd for him

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Reminds me of the Soviet Union tbh.

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Good lad

In other news, remember that anime is both BASED and WHITE:

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The original is so pretty, and the new one is so bland. what a waste

Steak is sizzling in the pan lads

Drawn art just looks so much nicer, the flaws in the animation just add to the charm as well.

This webm is absolutely hilarious.

not just the drawn, but the designs as well tbh

The people who did the new one worked on a fujobait anime(kuroko no basuke) and a literal gay porn hentai.

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Good lad.

o lawd


I think he's more of a bottom lad

tbh, I only listened to vid related the other night but it puts me in mind of it

You'd know a lot about gay cartoons would you?

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It's called Boku no Pepe

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The grammar of the filename wasn't my problem lad

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You have a problem with me??

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I have a problem with your more overtly gayist content

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Lad you posted it. And everyone missed my funny joke about Westie smh

My Nipponese is not very good


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and then I posted it too to show him the proper filename




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cheshire has a sause?

big pooey plops

He's pronouncing Worcestershire wrong, lad

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why am I so stressed. It's weekend

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It had better be pork loin lad

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3 minutes each side you mong

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congrats you ruined good meat

medium rare you mong

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Do you want to meet up for a fight

Laura Huteson death: Hull man killed woman in 'bizarre' sex game
Smh lad didn't your mummy ever tell you not to play with knives?

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that you spic?

know your place lad

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well then you know what you have to do then don't you? take off the fleg and become user

literally who

you know what this board doesn't need? more mods. crawl back into the hole from whence you came you little gremlin tbh

nah it's the other way around lad

yeah ik I do it all the time but I like wearing it

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fuck off back to Zig Forums

lad don't show off your ignorance


just leave

Christ, you're so new but it feels like an eternity

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They're great for breaking apart shield walls.

Sure, lad. I am lamenting the fact that they cannot be bred to best break apart shield walls.

I get them all apart form the word "guilty" is it being incorrectly used or something?

You only really need four elephants depending on the side of the army.

That's pretty good tbh,shame you won't get a (you)

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Lad I don't want hundreds of big elephants, I want elephants that are bred for a purpose, not just trained.

For what purpose?

What's your biggest Zig Forums secret lads?

I evaded a ban once

They'll be bred to out compete the wogs and replace them as the dominant species in Africa.

Growing out the mane again. The lion's back

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Well I don't actually want them, but it would be cool if it had been done in history


>Tokyo Story and a bottle of Guinness West Indies Porter

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who /proudoftheirancestors/ here?

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Guinness is pozzed m8, even if the porter is nice

dat cheese slicer tho, before i went out with a swede i had never seen the likes before in my life

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

it was to me. after me telling her we cut cheese using knifes or cheese graters

Uneven cheese would make me puke. How can you handle it, lad?

We're not pussified by oil wealth?

what>>883246 said

also cutting cheese evenly with a knife is a gentlemans skill, and completely achievable.
the nordic cheese slicer is a great piece of kit tho. not so good on cheddar tho mind as it tends to rip a chunk off of the opposing end you start with

we're not pussified by oil wealth

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Your people have become soft and complacent lad

especially around your waistline

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I don't get these insults at each other that can just be mirrored back at you tbh

thank you

Because we haven't fallen to the level of cheese slicers yet.

Torrenting it now, better not be a ruse.

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Apparently the same people that created the new JP:OG have created a new theme park game.

kek atleast not to the point its a national symbol, thankgod.

Yeah sorry it's called Planet Coaster.

tfw you work out no one ever leaves your park in Zoo Tycoon
Should be called Slum Tycoon maybe.

It must be a very good zoo.

it's raining

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We had an intense shower earlier today the customer had the cheek to ask if it was my plumbing work.

you have a lovely voice lad but its "AND did those feet in ancient times"

He was asking if it rained your pee?

Yeah it's pretty good tbh. It's on the moon.

Damn. Thanks, lad