Brit/pol/ #2395: Filter Linksposter Edition

No links, just a reminder to filter Linksposter on sight for posting borderline-CP nonce shit.

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Top fucking lad

Good lad

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First for freckled Iranian qts

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Where is the Denise Crosby webm?

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nanigh lads off to bed πŸ› 🌚

bit late innit

good lad

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Everyone's a homo, nonce, tranny, yank, German, Norwegian, old man, paki, taig, autist
Comfy tbh

That was me lol I forgot about that

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Night lad have a comfy sleep

How the fuck was he equating mystery meat to being fucking norwegian? I hate mulattos the most the have the same unearned sense of entitlement but just enough intellect to use intermediary jewish cultural relativist and post modern pill pull.

Nice bush tbh

get comfy lads

yeah mullatos tend to shelter themselves in cultural relativism but they all have that eliot rogers psychopathology where they ultimately see their existence as nihilistic hedonist. they are generally extremely afraid of ethnonationalism

wew tbh

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Because it means they'd be completely without a home. Maybe it's the semi awareness of just how inferior they are on macro scale, as the people latched onto the West.

As in refrence to the Eliot vibe.

yeah they are really obnoxious because they make everything CIVIC, they cloud and ruin any real expression of national pride and feeling of ancestry. I can only imagine how bad it is over there

Literally working for middle class civic muslim Pakis. They have the accents and everything.

They still having kids young as well the birth rate drop off thing is looking like shit from this anecdote.


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I'm telling you know that's exactly what they were.

>no femdom gf to throw me around the bedroom

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I should add these people are the worst because they really have to buy in on the idea that Britain is a propositional nation to defend what is basically invasion and looting.

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tbqh linkposter should probably top himself

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Tbh he probably has tonnes of dodgy shit saved

a man who claims to have retired at 30 probably has all sorts of awful skeletons in his closet

Kek lad, I need to watch that

Reminder that Barry Chuckle was a furry and should thus not be mourned

Comfy tbh

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Hey lads how's it been going while I was go ==okay nevermind==

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lot of ketchup wasted in that movie

feeling nostalgia tbh

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I have a jacket that looks a bit like Travis Bickle's jacket tbh

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Is he on Facebook?



You'll die in hell just like the rest of them tbh

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Chilling photos of British-born Muslim convert as he scoped out London sites for massacre of 'up to 100' innocent parents and children are revealed after he pleads guilty to terror plot

Borderline ginger as well kek.

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Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre items sold at auction

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Lad, you recognised new reddit. Old reddit is at least somewhat recognisable and no one can forget the rivalry smdh redditlad


The layout is the same and the image also has a picture of the alien logo and the word Reddit visible you utter cretin

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Unforgivable smh, really ruins your immersion tbh

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i bucked yer ma

I hate how dead this board is at night. It's like you lads are all just larping as neets.


*binds you and makes you watch the slow humiliation and destruction of everything you love*

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what is this,a neet competition? i haven't been out the house in 10 years AMA


Just completed Yakuza 0 lads

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Come home h'white man

it's time

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just try it

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What you gonna do, lad?

weed the garden lad

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time for you to make a dating profile lad

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laaad nooooooo you know how it is, you wake up in the weekend and don't want to do anything

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pplease no I don't want to they will bully me

I'll bully you worse if you don't. You know it's true.

Tomorrow, lad

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Mechanic Steals Plane From Seattle's SeaTac Airport, Crashes

fucking mentalist

audio clips:

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more audio:
starts around 7:30


that's quite good

is this the most autistic thing ever or what

Omarosa says Trump is a racist who uses N-word – and claims there's tape to prove it

wew, not like they've said that before.

Boris Johnson burka probe is 'show trial'

Don't you think if they had a tape they would have released it before he became president lol, pretty sure there's nothing.

I hope not I bet on the republicans doing well smh

Found STJ on a random video keek

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Mechanic does a barrel roll in stolen Q400

Holy shit that's so cool. Looks like it'd tear itself apart from the force

Crazy son of a bitch.

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Going to have a full english breakfast now and made my own little flag ready. fuck it.

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tasted great

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Officers are on their way. I hope it was worth it, Nazi.

That fucking pic kek

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Lad look at the thread, all you missed was Linksposter posting CP

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