Brit/pol/ #2396: Supper Edition

Protesters call on sexting MP Andrew Griffiths to resign

Senior Tory says UK can HARDEN Brexit stance after leaving EU

Beaches 'spoiled': Should rock stacking be banned?

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I'm not seeing a can of monster there lad.

good lad

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post your girlfriends, lads

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don't tell guitarlad

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Business idea: create a sunny colony that white trash brits can fly to and drink in for cheap, instead of letting them waste all their bennies in Magaluf or some other place in Spain.

Business idea: pensions only cashable on the UK mainland.

I want to beat her up

I think she's a lesbian

top keek

We could just invade Spain.

Your mum does look a bit like a lesbian tbh. proper lesbian hair

That reminds me to ask how do you get the other Platinum rank hostesses other than Yuki-chan, just by progressing normally or do you get one by spending CP?

Pack of chocolate digestives and a cup of tea for supper

I want to fuck her.

Anyone else getting fucked up by allergies recently?

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she jsut has old womyn hair

News to me.

He's a nonce, I'm not.

Apparently one of the UK GI lads got kicked out and started leaking stuff to HnH and spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

Defeat other clubs, the hostess club mini game is way too good to be a side thing tbh, should be a standalone IOS/Android game.

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Yeah, I've had to take pirateze almost every day for the past week tbh

always about getting fucked with you smh

The one who isn't westie is an actual nonce tbh

Tbh, I want to replay it just because I didn't really go too deep into it was sure that there would be a point in the story when you could switch between Kiryuu and Majima I would just do the open world thing but you can't take the save data from that into Legendary mode smh

Says the bloke who tried to fuck me when he realised there's another yorkshire lad.

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top wew wristlet

you have a lot worse than allergies to worry about(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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He's not worth his own thread lad it's all about Kashiwagi

Monster's not a big boy drink lad get on the Vimto

Thanks lad

Good lad

I hope we're all straight here tonight

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*Has sex with a woman*

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I actually offered to meet up and have a nice dinner that I would pay for because I don't mind being generous with a fellow nationalist which you threw back in my face because you're a rude person. If you took that as an advance on you, don't flatter yourself.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Ah, I see you are a fellow ramen connoisseur.

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This board is now uncomfortably /newbrit/ I'm going to watch something and cook a pizza.

Platinum mode lets you go around and do all the shit you haven't done.


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Stop crying like a little gay baby

Don't leave lad, they always post hard at the start of evening threads and then die down.

Yeah like I said you can't take the save data from that into a new game on Legend difficulty so there isn't much point, might as well start a fresh game in that difficulty.

top keek. It's sad that I'm not Welsh tbh I'd probably do something like this

Ah sorry.

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post more dogs.

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t. stupid yank cunt


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At least we know everything below county Durham and above Northhumberland is a lost cause now.

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I like to imagine she's a cool wine aunt.

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Kilder forest Zig Forums commune soon. First mission, establishment of forward operating base at the great oak.

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the cool wine aunt mene is my favorite tbh, the 30 year old boomer mene is becoming cancer

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pretty funny tbh

Cool Wine Aunt has a chance of becoming a stock term like SJW or Chad tbh.

this tbh

Teen boomer is my favourite. Wish there was more reason to invoke it. As baste centrism grows I assume there will be soon.

Remember when fresh Ginnies were a thing?

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How many cocks, lads?

night, lads

She has particularly soulful eyes tbh.

The same number as the gravitation force of a super massive black hole's surface expressed in pounds per square inch.

teen boomer was better and more accurate, there really is a period in life that you're a young echo boomer that models himself on his boomer parents, but it just never took off.

Unlike 30 yr old boomer that was shaped and perfected on Zig Forums, teen boomer was a Zig Forums original i think.

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Is that another way of saying she has black genetics, lad?

this I already use it all the time. so many stupid skanks my age are already becoming cool wine aunts. one literally put antifreeze in her wine and an heroed because all her friends got married, but she was too hot to settle for a betabux faggot who wasn't a literal greek god with 750k salary who was also a professional rock climber and guitar player with skills like john fahey (but also lets her take charge in some situations)

She just has dis vibe about her….dis rhythm.

yeah the teen boomer was a better mene than the 30 year old boomer. gen y and boomers are pretty much arch enemies but boomers love to build up gen z for some reason

I miss her alot


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She looks like an alien from profile angle tbh

I wish ginnie was my gf so I could become a UK refugee and live in grenfuld towa and wen dey burn de towa wit dem guns, ire and jah wud fre dem peepul in de sky from dem poo poo

I really didn't need these feels before bed. fuck

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stop bullying ginnie


What a lad.
Seriously though, I can't stand these orrible beasts.


don't worry lad you get to make a dating profile tomorrow. that will be fun

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I've always thought the teen boomer thing was about edgy teens operating in an internet echo chamber (as you say), and assuming (in their naivety) that because getting to understand all these redpills was so easy - it must be just as easy to use this knowledge to bring about change irl - and on an individual level (so knowing that women's words contradict their desires meant that one could simply act 'alpha' and women will fall into line (when there is no incentive, nor reinforcement to do so from wider society))..

They're a good allegory for certain unstable demographic groups.
Let me in, O tender woman.

They're really English eyes. Or at least I associate them with the English. Some old acting thot that someone mummy-posted the other day has the same eyes (she was mature but had her tits out - can't remember her name).

Lads… I've already told you about this, she told me she slept with a randomer she met in a bar.
She also admitted to messaging a lad she fancied and admitted her feelings to him, all while she supposedly had a boyfriend
And the lad didn't reciprocate her feelings so she had a break down and claimed she was going to kill herself for attention

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get laid nerd

what an absolute fucking mess of a woman

denise crosby?

i've been radicalised lads

Bad lad

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I find female suicide really interesting. I had a teacher that was a CWA aunt she died of "alcoholism" a few years after i graduated. Was probably suicide like you described though. As i understand it women always poison themselves to an hero. Probably because they're vain and want to pass out like sleeping beauty or some shit.

Good lad

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