Brit/pol/ #2397: Anal Pro-LARPs Edition

Moss Side shooting: Two children among 10 injured

Britain will be BETTER OFF after Brexit: Poll shows businesses BRIMMING with confidence

UK weather forecast: Brief RETURN of 28C scorching heatwave for these TWO DAYS next week

Cornwall hit by 'tourist overcrowding' amid UK heatwave

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The potential pregnancy must be on his mind too, poor lad smh

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2nd for deleted brew

Why did he delete it?

Ohhhhhh that sucks

My hero

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dont know..I have been archiving them all though

How many of those instances of abuse have led to successful prosecution for a hate offence, I wonder?
Morally empty’ Johnson is courting fascism, says peer as Tory crisis mounts

An abnormal spike in anti-Muslim abuse aimed at women wearing the hijab and niqab has been recorded by the government-backed hate crime monitoring group Tell Mama.

Like that cannot be rigged (even if is warranted). The only thing holding me back is that I'm a good law-abiding citizen. lel

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Pic related from r/milliondollarextreme. Question is, why did Canada ruin its relationship with us, butcher her historic flag, and rely wholly on the USA? Smh.

Really getting more respect from Boris here, even if he has no real principles: he's being manly about the game that he /is/ playing. He must know how much popular support he has on this, like Corbyn.


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False alarm tbh. She was late on the blob.

My ex wasn't fat but she was short. About 5' 2" iirc. Lots of fun.
In more ways than one ;)

wtf I love pakis now

Ban incoming

Is Boris refusing to apologise? If so, fair play to the turk. He is going to go for "diversity training" which is the brain child of Common Purpose™. Basically NLP brainwashing.

Never did that lad. That's narsty.

Stop denying it lad, we remember

Really want to talk to her but have to wait to see if I see her tomorrow
Need to ask her out tbh smh

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Don't have to LARP as a paki to hold moral and traditional values tbh.

Lad, I don't want kids with her smdh lad

dumb video game posting has me lamenting no lasses are actually thicc like that smh dumb lads

Lad, watch how you post, you will tempt brap lads

Moral and traditional values involve worshipping the true God and not the doppelganger cult of Islam.

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More like 'autismo fanfic club'.

bismillah ye will never know the fruits of the moon lad.


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I'm pleased that he is, no matter much of an execrable cunt he is, because most people don't have any backbone, and it might set an example.

Just learn to play fighting games lad, they fully occupy both sexual urges and any time you might have otherwise spent with a girl.

Back to 4x and management games for me

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smh I need a girl, she just needs to look like a video game character

British sniper kills Isis commander from over a mile away

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made summat

Here lad, the face of your future wife

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wew it is actually like the CoD mission as well.

What's the context here?

keeek I loved all the videos

I wish you did some actual Ray Wave tbh lad

#SkyKing can get himself a wife… whats your excuse

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Dunno. just found it funny

I'm shite at music production tbh

Just take some /wave/ music and put footage of Ray over the top

Untreatable' gonorrhoea is spreading through Australia - as experts warn unprotected sex will fuel the epidemic

yeah, might do that tbh

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Regret buying that piece of shit.
Seeing kaiserriech becoming an epik reddit memi made my heart sink.

HoI4 Kaiserreich is a complete memi from the start tbh, gradually got better in terms of balance and worse in terms of memmies, there's a fucking race mixing focus for one nation.

Let me guess: South Africa?

Liberia is think, you can turn it into a ebin wakanda superpower.

Here's what should be a d/l link to one I just made quick:
Too big to post here.


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It just sucks the fun out of playing it, and the base game is so infantile that the whole experience is boring and shit.
The appeal of kaiserriech - having thousands of events, creating dynamic games - is dead when every war is a boring automated cheesefest.

At least CK2 is getting the best expansion for any Paradox game in years.

Gutted it's going to come out whilst I'm at sea tbh
Will have to go ashore specifically to download it.

For the dayfags who missed it

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Good lad, an example for us all.

HoI4 is such a broken mess it isn't funny, you can invade the US as Fascist Britain in 1937 (at the earliest) and then France after you win in the US, making you a completely unstoppable blob by the start of the actual WW2. only stopped by your allies taking land

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Cheers lad. Doing some editing in audacity atm.

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Pretty much

It's rather slow today.

Always is on Sundays tbh

pretty pointless tbh considering isis is a proxy army created & funded by his employer.

Half the board is probably still recovering from last night.

You can Mend the Great Schism as Eastern Orthodoxy in the Rome DLC though.


time for another episode of Wog Parenting, lads

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Fuck sake lads.

Only disappointment so far tbh
But the 4th crusade looks like it's going to be fun to watch.

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She needs to calm down a bit tbh.

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I miss him lads

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bought one of these in morrisons… anyone tried them?

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This doesn't include the 800,000 diversity indoctrinated 16 & 17 year olds they've given the (((vote))) to, and I believe in Scotland they want fresh off the boat illegals to be given the ability to vote in such elections as well.

Best thing is to ignore the (((polls))). Just like the EU vote, if they get results they don't like they shelve them and poll again.

Yeah feel free to put it on your channel or do whatever with it lad, as I've said it's too big to post here and it doesn't fit my channel.

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God-tier tbh, pretty much the only choccies I buy anymore given that they cost like half the price of anything else and are just as nice and since we don't even make fucking Cadbury's here anymore

Didn't know men had hymens tbh

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yes, price was very reasonable

Islamic theology is so disgusting. Contrast that hedonistic orgy-afterlife with the spiritual joy of the Christian heaven.

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

Top fucking kek lad.

I almost retasted my dinner reading that.

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Reminder that the 72 virgins are not explicitly humans

And the arabic can be literally translated to mean "white raisins" rather than virgins

It's always interesting to go back in time and see the same social trends that brought down the UK already brewing back in the "good ol' days".

The eternal Cool Wine Aunt.

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It could be 72 onaholes, guinea pigs or sheboons.

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Imagine killing yourself for a handful of dried grapes.

Mongs tbh

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youtube is down

Works for me.

working fine for me

Fine for me, guess you are a loser who can't go onto youtube

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It'd be fascinating to see the results of YouTube and the other social media sites going down for a couple of days. We [First World humanity] would get to see just how much we rely on them.

What is it with the left and awful poetry?

I wouldn't really care personally tbh, don't use it and other sites like it that often