Brit/pol/ #2398: It Was Real In My Mind Edition

"We've kind of got to tell a lie. We'll go back into history and there will be black people where, historically, there wouldn't have been, and we won't dwell on that. We'll say, 'To hell with it, this is the imaginary, better version of the world. By believing in it, we'll summon it forth'."

British sniper kills Isis commander from over a mile away

Rowan Atkinson is right that laughing at religion is our right — we’ve fought for it

Morally empty’ Johnson is courting fascism, says peer as Tory crisis mounts

What you're legally allowed to do if somebody breaks into your house

Off-duty policeman, 37, in hospital after he was stabbed while fighting off moped thieves

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When was the last time that there was a Bond actor that actually fit Fleming's Bond?

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As an aside is Black hair a European trait?

Fassbender was OK in Prometheus but then again Prometheus is pretty mediocre

So this girl I'm talking to told me she wants to get fat because it turns her on

What to do?

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when will Brit/pol/ exile the perverts?

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this is really fucking gay lad

just stop talking to her

Might as well get Ainsley to do it then

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We'll add him to the short list.

Rodger Moore ticks all those boxes

Licenced to Rub Meat

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Never since none of them had his scars on his right cheek and hand

The name's Harriot.
Ainsley Harriot yeaheh bwoi.

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Or a nigger from Dudley.

He's so fat and rancid




Is this the same in Japan?

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What would his assignments be.

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Fucking up a cooker's timer on great british bake off so the food is destroyed.

To stop the son of Dr No poisoning the KFC chicken suppliers with novichok.

resized the head

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No the Nips are still insular and xenophobic.

I bet they complain about how we have round eyes and smell of dairy ect.
At least i'm not a nigger so things can't be that bad.

Fuck em

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They don't even like the Korean diaspora in the country.

How do they know? To us they all look the same

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Apparently not and I imagine there are a cultural gap that's evident as well.

I think I should go to bed.


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Ahh I see. Sort of makes sense.
I'm off to nippon land next march and already have a few plans for my hols. Really want to see to sumo wrestling and Mt Fuji. My brother wants to visit Diver City to shop about and see that fucking huge Gundam mech outside.

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You're going to Osaka then? for the sumo tournament?

asians probably think brits and poles are the same

is that a hobby of yours?

I wonder if the Victorian image is still present in their minds when they think of the British.

In Tokyo, I passed by an office dedicated to sending Japanese students to British Universities.

perhaps. don't they have an English looking street in Japan with red telephone boxes and the like?

Doubt it, they probably laugh at us these days.

Yeah but everywhere has those, our top universities are like Harvard everyone worldwide wants a place.

The amount of fuckers with Oz accents was just depressing.

I'm staying in Tokyo (akihabara where the Hotel is) for 2 weeks but will be venutring outwards after I get bored of the Vidya and Hentai shops so Osaka would be an idea tbh

If you want to see Sumo wrestling. There's only like 6 tournaments a year tbh. You might want to book ahead for a day of watching. The March one is in Osaka.

Ah yeah, but was full of 'British stuff' in the windows. The Japanese guy inside invited me for a drink and chat when I went inside.

Really maintaining the side chap.

Yeah in my spare time I like to do analogue photography, this naturally led to me buying up cameras and having them given to me by family/friends and even sometimes customers at the pub I worked at. Eventually I got a bit of a collection going and then I started tinkering with the ones that were in a state and this movie camera's really been a focus of mine. Stunning cosmetic condition (like pic related but better) but for some reason it couldn't run for more than a couple of seconds without throwing a gear so I've taken it apart, cleaned all the parts and put it back together and now it seems to run perfectly. Also cleaned up all the glass because it was far too dirty to ever shoot with. Going to put a roll through it later this year I hope because 16mm is getting harder and harder to get, especially the "double perforated" format that this one takes.

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Which is why I booked the trip in March. It's only a 3hr train trip to Osaka for the sumo championships and also the apple blossom comes out in the Fuji gardens. March is the perfect time to explore that place tbh.


Cool, if you like Judo as well, go down to the Kodokan in Bunkyo on Tuesday nights (5 to 7pm) I think. free to participate and watch.

I shall be updating Zig Forums on my adventures. Should be fun. Free internet connection in the hotel too.

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I have read some comments by the Japanese and Koreans saying that they need to be careful with their migration policies so they "don't end up like the UK".

However people from both countries have also said that they "like England", and I do think they get the same stereotypical picture of England (Tower Bridge, red phone boxes, Beatles) as we get when we think of "Japan" (Samurai, Tori gates, castles, Tokyo neon).

Brilliant strategy when you think about it.

boss whipped me for hours and now finally I am allowed to sleep 3 hours before work. night klads

is he actually a dominatrix

Sweet dreams lad.

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Oh mate, cheers that would be a larf. I'm going to save that idea and will get my rocks off mashing some poor cunt in his pyjamas. Or i'll get battered. Either way I'd piss myself laffing.
Nice one.

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Good lad

Is your Mrs coming with you?

I don't recognise the second image.

Lad who stole an APV and went joyriding on the anniversary of killdozer.

Haha, but you have to bring your own judo kit I think. There's a lot of buildup practice as well as far as I could see. Practicing falling on the floor and whatnot.

never been into photography but a lad brought a leica camera into work a few weeks ago and it was beautiful. if i ever have a family id probably buy one of them to take pics of my wife and kids with but i'm just giving myself unnecessary feels at this point.

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Nope. I wish she would but I was not willing to pay for the ticket as the whole trip is over £1300. It's her loss.

I'll have to inqure about that, rules and all.

£1,300 isn't too bad for what you're getting. £2,600 with pocket money could get you a house in the Midlands.

Oh boy lad time for a story

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Was looking at Elba's Bond tweets and saw these Based Black Men's replies. Interesting how one of them uses "English" in the racial sense.

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Absolute units

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in awe of these lads

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That's really good! Just make sure to burn all pizza and curry houses in the hood.


units are an under statement tbh

The house I have in mind is in a quiet drive and a white area on the top of a hill with local amenities.

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in awe

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Buy them before pakis do.

are they retarded?

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I've had similar where they make an offer at the starting price and then message me complaining that I didn't accept their offer.


That's the plan

For you.

Selling an electric guitar as well, after mandolinkike I've stated explicitly in the description that I won't consider posting it at all but some twat sent me an email asking me to post it to Italy for £35 inc. P&P

Don't. It's a scam!

Chanko stew lads.

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Recently sold some wheels with tyres and was offered £50 less than the asking price because they could pick them up the day after.

Eventually sold them to a Hungarian chap from Bath who paid the full price cash on collection.

scam tbh

I was selling a tent at £350 for a few months last year and was getting a £250 offer every single time from the same fucker in Ukraine over and over despite me specifically listing it as collection only and UK only. Posting it to Ukraine would have cost as much as the parcel and they weren't willing to pay that postage so they tried complaining to eBay about me refusing to sell it to them.

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Gotta eat big to get big lad.

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I thought they literally just ate mountains of rice, interesting.

Have it at buy it now price £100 (it comes with a load of free extras too) so £35 is already an insult but I just said I didn't list it collection only by accident and reported him to eBay too.