Brit/pol/ #2399: Slow new day Edition

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I claim this thread for the holy church of Rome

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I guess I'll just ban all of you as well

There were a lot of funny pictures of trannies and obese black women holding shitty signs

that won't make people like you any more, lad


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You're such a bully, lad. keek

same tbh


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the same cunts who post this shit are the people who screech about the green belt and insist that we need the EU because we aren't producing enough food on our own

I don't want to live in a hive city.

I suppose that's the only fair way to make sure that you get rid of 22st tbh

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wtf now i love bulldozing the countryside so I can live near wogs

According to the UK's bill of rights there should not be a time where Catholics are better armed than Prods in this country, thus meaning the government actually committed treason by not arming every man in this country with AR-15's and sticks of thermite during the troubles.

*cuts off food to the city centers*

SA just wants to be on a board where everyone likes him.

I just hate homos , like a good christian

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prison ships

Isn't there a housing crisis?

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People only like fascism and monarchy because they assume they'll be treated well by those in charge, it's a sad state of affairs.

well yeah, it's only fun when you have the power

Something like 90% of all population growth since the 50's has been due to immigration or the births from those immigrants. We have a immigrant crisis.



The implication is surprisingly accurate.

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Weren't fascists gay? Or is that a memi

you aren't making things better for yourself

I didn't do that. I assumed you meant that other lad since I'm not one.

how many people want britain to be ruled by a taig thespian?

Well you wouldn't get a choice, ain't a democracy.

smh bigots

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The Cathodox are a far cry from how LARPers online picture them.

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Meritocracy only works if people have genuinely worked for their qualification.

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May as well admit to being kikes you silly sods

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still lightyears away from being as cucked as Welby though mate

I hate the filthy kikes more than any of you, but this is still a lel

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is it just me or is the top half of her head tiny

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The great thing about being a Baptist is that you aren't associated with wicked men like that, just like how in the Bible you would just avoid wicked Christians to avoid being grouped in with them (1 Corinthians 5:11, other verses like it).

Yes lad, you're obviously way out of her league!

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Corbyn is either a paradox or just another lying cum sock in Westminster.

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this is obviously the correct answer


s o t r a d

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tbh it was funny seeing stef cuck that interviewer the other day. should've done his research. didn't he know stef Frasier Crane-washes damaged people into his cult compound of the frozen cucknadia wastes on a regular basis, for a living in fact?

they're dressed in traditional indo-european Spartan attire lad

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my favourite candid bolognese tbh

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it's so painful though ahh

mmm yummy. Tastes a lot better than it looks

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rinkles your dinkle

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fatty gay

but now hunting itself is bad too? smh

Italy demands Britain takes in 141 migrants on Gibraltar rescue boat

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based hwhite evropean brotherhood

If only it was possible to leave this planet with everyone else who wants no part of this clownworld, and just watch it from afar. Then it'd just be funny, not tragic.

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PF was just the start

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Do not surrender your home so readily.


You'd need a really big spaceship for that.

That look up to the left as he visually constructs an image of how he ought to appear ie. lying

Or just a lot of poisoned reservoirs.


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do you get paid more than you work, lad?

There was a film with Jodie Foster called Elysium which had a similar idea.

Little-known facts about wasps

Imagine being such a cuckold that you actually unironically defend wasps.

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They are supposed to kill pests? They ate all the cherries on my tree this year.

Read this the other day and I laughed my arse of if you replace the word 'wasps' in the article with 'wops'.

Depends really, sometimes there's a lot to do and sometimes there's not quite so much, I'm a runner so it depends really on how complex the set-up for the shoot is and how many other runners there are

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Runners? Shoots? I am confused. I get paid by the day too, but I can't really make it faster than the daily pay smh. Going to need a raise in winter.

I work in movies etc.

Oh my.

Is being an actor/working in films somethings spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) do, lads? We have two now

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I guess every special forces in the world is very dendrophobic

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they just can't help themselves can they

Jam obviously

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Jam then cream. Only a filthy Commie would put the cream on first.

>lad is one of the costume people who watches me change

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says that lad who has seen me without clothes

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I can't tell if that's a slab of reindeer meat or some kind of cake

>"ur the gay one"

That's a funny way of saying cumrag.

He tells us they aren't worthy tbh

chocolate cake, never had it before but it was tasty.

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holy shit these people are insane

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Fucking, seis.

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Imagine if we'd had twitter/youtube/facebook etc in the 30s or during the first great battles of the first world war. It probably WOULD have been over by xmas, if the troops had managed to defy the censors and send tweets from the trenches