Brit/pol/ #2400: Pls let me farm my crops and stop blowing me up with predator missiles bro Edition

Terror Investigation Confirmed After Parliament Car Ramming, Suspect in Custody
Counter-terror police have taken over the investigation into an incident Tuesday morning which saw a silver car strike several members of the public and crash into the counter-terror security barrier ringing the Houses of Parliament.

Taliban blindsides U.S. forces with surprise Afghan offensive

Top U.S. Gen. Warns: Islamic State in Afghanistan ‘Harboring Intentions’ to Attack West
The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) branch in Afghanistan has become a significant menace against the West despite the fall of the group’s caliphate in Iraq and Syria, a top American commander warned this week.

Britain Suffers 15 Acid Attacks a Week, With Three Quarters Taking Place in London
The United Kingdom’s surge of the previously unheard of phenomenon of acid attacks has seen an average of 15 a week over the past three years, with the vast majority taking place in the crime-struck capital, London.

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We only seem to get well made threads when it's really slow, anyway good lad.

Dark satanic mills tbh

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Did the Gammon thing really take off on twitter? I see it used a lot more often by normies in youtube comment sections all of a sudden.

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At least the Taliban ban nonces, they're a bit too anprim for me though.

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The dark orange is Taliban controlled, the light orange is contested territory, btw.

The Turks are renown for doing it in Berlin.

Europe really will be a hellscape in the next 20 years. I imagine the police do just turn a blind eye.

the police will be full of pakis

Heartbreaking tbh, think of the amount of tuberculosis and lung cancer this caused.

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This is the real blackpill. Think of how easily bribed they'll be. Also Pakistanis love guns and they'll probably mass-import them at some point.

Afghanistan will be a tribal borderland long after everything else is gone tbh.

I don't know if the UK is flat enough for that, it might be more like a Bocage type deal instead.

It's interesting how there was some talk of the Taliban coming to a peaceful end, even a US general over there remarked that the war can't end with a military solution. The Taliban are also supposed to have some of their new recruits trained by Iran so I wouldn't be surprised if the de-escalation was just a ploy to launch this offensive.

Taliban trained by Iran? I thought they didn't view the Shiite as Muslims? Practicality trumps all though.

They're trained and harbored by Pakistan as an extension of the Saudis, you're right in saying that Iran would never help Sunni wahhabist extremists.

According to the article 500-600 have been/are being trained by Iran with the purpose of fighting Americans and ISIS. As it's mostly unverifiable because of the anonymous sources it's probably more of an Iran is bad and we should fight them.

It is, Pakistan has used the taliban to exert control over Afghanistan for a long while and it's no secret that Pakistani intelligence has haboured and trained the taliban for a long time.

I can see Iran arming their ideological enemies to push the Yanks off their eastern border, though.

Is the times owned by a zionist jew by any chance?


Well Pakistan has since the arrival of the Soviets supported the Taliban and probably before that, but they are an ally so nothing will be done about it.

Is any newspaper not?

America has been pulling out if you remember it's not needed especially if you're arming someone that part of your regional competitors forces. What they could actually be doing is arming and training some of the talibans competitors because despite being the biggest power player in Afghanistan they are not well liked.

What's the dark orange highlighted one? Their HQ?

Taliban controlled areas, the lighter ones are contested areas and the clear ones represent no taliban control.

Why so many enclaves? Is there even a front line?

It's the nature of guerrilla warfare and tribal conflict. Some clans ally with the taliban because others don't. It mostly comes down to who they think will win in the power struggle.

And which neighbors they hate the most I should add.

Sounds more political than ideological tbh
We should have never gotten involved. What was the purpose of preventing Soviet expansion in the Middle East when the USSR was in it's death throes anyway.

The Taliban hold large parts of the mountainous areas as it's harder to drive them from there. It's sad to see that Helmand Province has been retaken by the Taliban as most of the British involvement was there, 454 died for absolutely nothing.

It was resources again the Afghans happen to be sitting on a shite tone of rare earth elements.

From what I was taught it was that the US didn't want the Russians expanding into the Middle-East and getting close to where the US gets its oil.

I meant our recent war, I could not tell you why they armed the Taliban the first time round only that that they facilitated the collapse of the communist government in Afghanistan and the USSR went in to retain order. From what I remember the Afghan government did a good job during the 70's playing the USSR and America off against one another for regional control and getting alot of infrastructural projects paid by both sides in attempts to woo the Afghan government to one side.

Afghanistan was a big tourist destination for boomer hippies in the 60s and 70s.

Imagine following such a weak pathetic religion that you have to blow up 1500 year old works of human engineering because a pig fucker told you to.

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Weird because the Taliban said they were protecting those statues, then a few years later changed their policy and blew them up.

What can you say, Muslims in that part of the world are a disgrace to their ancestors.

British Seaside - 1978

Alri lads

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the madman

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This is what Saddam did as well

Mental how many undercover police there are in London nowadays.
In Paris they have the military walking the streets, conducting security checks. Here we just hide them in plane clothes to keep up the pretence of being a peaceful disarmed country.

new and improved western beaches

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Smh racism

Not sure if that was intended to be terrorism tbh, he did a shit job if he was aiming for a terrorist act

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improved version

Brazilian off-duty cops 2.0 tbh

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New British Police Boss: ‘We Are Failing the Public… And They Are Going to Suffer More And More’

Aaaahhh, I will feel so much safer when recruitment figures drop even lower than ever

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Westminster car crash: Man arrested on suspicion of terror offences

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tbf they never did, just ask Savile.

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pakis on the moon
pakis on the moon

that was a bit shit


I guess, without Mossad or MI6's help.

Like anyone, they ban nonces that aren't THEIR nonces tbh

I take it back, he was just shit at it


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The politics of unhappiness? The surprising link between conspiracy theories and mental health

If you’ve suffered with a mental illness for long enough, chances are that at some point, you’ll begin to recognise patterns to your health.

When I am well, I am enthusiastic about the world. I like the world. I like myself.

When I’m not, I want to know everything there is to know about Chemtrails. The suspicious death of Kurt Cobain. I fear my extensive knowledge of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 would not be a hit at parties, even if I felt well enough to attend them.

In other words, I'm a moron with cuckface.

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t. Mr. Nig Nigger - terror witness

wew, it's almost like he thinks knowledge has no cost. Either accept it, or stay a happy dumb fuck.

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The surprising link THAT DOESN'T EXIST between conspiracy theories and mental health

Is this the best the Government Fake News bods can come up with, lel?

Westie got a tan?

happiness is such a memi anyway

He's the fat bugman editor of Kerrang. They're running low on personnel.


Sky news saying part of Cobra committee will be concentrating on combatting an expected rise in "hate crime" because of the wog terrorist

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She's a nonce.


what did armenia mean by this


She wants that stepfather dick

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Smdh she was a traitor all along, spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) smh

Cars plunge as highway bridge collapses in Italy; 20 killed

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well she worked at the BBC



Based Ben 'the bumder basher' Stokes

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What is Sargon's accent? Which region, class?


They arlready are though, wasn't gamergate all about how this was a thing?

Middle class cunt who says he's working class because his cousins are.


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His dad is also black

Oh yeah his granddad is "proper black" but his dad is somehow white as a sheet.

He's actually middle eastern. He just wanted the black card. Imagine being this pathetic


Can't, my imagination is not great enough.


such normalfilth conspiracies

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How can Sargon tolerate speaking to that ring wing SJW?

it has a vagina i think