Brit/pol/ #2401: Part + Parcel Edition

Westminster car crash: Man arrested on suspicion of terror offences

Westminster crash: Salih Khater named as suspect

What we know so far about Westminster terror suspect Salih Khater

Sudanese-born terror suspect, 29, is a failed accountancy student with a love of Celine Dion who lived just 10 minutes from Westminster killer Khalid Masood and lost his brother and father within months of each other

New British Police Boss: ‘We Are Failing the Public… And They Are Going to Suffer More And More’

Gold futures trading in Turkey doubles during lira's wild rollercoaster ride

Google tracks users who turn off location history

Paris installs outdoor urinals in tourist hotspots sparking outrage from locals

Masked youth gangs coordinated the firebombing of hundreds of cars across Sweden via social media, police say as Prime Minister asks 'what the f*** are they doing?'

Rees-Mogg spearheads new Brexit plan with 'POSITIVE' future under WTO rules

Scots fuming at multi-millionaire grandson of Winston Churchill after bid to turf 300 war refugees on streets

Varg impersonator does edgy thing

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1st for Yorkshire

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build bridges, not walls
and build walls on the bridges

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6th for Wales

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8th for Cumbernauld

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Those ones at Westminster look so out-of-place.

If we had to make these in the Victorian Era they'd be decorated with the royal insignia and so on tbh.

the beautiful diversity barriers are in touch and the ugly architecture is out of touch with the diversity lad, anything else is wrongthink.


Ugly bollards for an ugly time.

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I wouldn't have it any other way until the nation is cured spiritually. A gloss of beauty on an evil nation is like a whited sepulchre.

This nation has a disease of the heart.

Still think bollards are unsightly, but these still have some effort put into them.

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When I see beautiful architecture I feel so happy I could die, so at peace that there are such beautiful things in the world that will last long after I'm gone.

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bit of a reach there lad

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The plain black ones are definitely the best because they're understated. The black one at the top left of the third picture is the one I'd pick.

He must have it on his mind..


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You should go to San Pietro if you ever get the chance lad, photos don't really do it justice imo

Your reaching for them as well?

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Women in the WoW universe dress like sluts and it's totally race & gender equal. Stormwind even has a Dwarfish ghetto.

I'd rather live in England.

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what is you lads opinion on la creaturas? should they be killed? or should they be exterminated?

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Killing is for people

Bolt to the head like the cattle they are.

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They should live in the massive swathe of South, Caribbean and Central America that is already theirs.
Chances of it being a confused illegal immigrant: pretty high.

the barriers aren't there to look pretty, they designed to remind you that you live in a perpetual state of fear brought about by the people that took your money to pay for the barriers to protect themselves from the consequences of their actions.


South America belongs to them lad. Just wall off the isthmus of Panama and shoot anything that tries to come over it

If any you feel tempted to despair as I know we all are, remember your fathers. They'd be proud to see you standing against this wicked modern world. We'll win.

No you don't. Read the end of the story.
You can choose to go down fighting if you want though.

Already did.

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This is the British Empire as Rhodes would've envisioned it. All of the red territory would be colonised for the purpose of being settled by the Anglo-Saxon race.

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you dont, He does.

You know we owned more of Antarctica than that? We claimed the Australian and New Zealandic portions too but gave them away.

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The whole Earth should be British, with the other noble races allowed to live under benevolent British rule.

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Revelation 15:2,
"And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had GOTTEN THE VICTORY over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God."

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That was basically what the Victorian Era was. In our current state we're not much fit to rule anyone else though.

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Do we need to put you in a concentration camp again Hans you gay little kraut?

I kind of want to keep Russians and Japanese around for entertainment value tbh.

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good luck, hope you don't trip up and discover no one will pick you up.

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We'll send lots of brit lads there every generation to interbreed with them and eventually turn them british.

put your fucking maid dress on

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this tbh.

Keep sending pure anglos there and weeding out la creatura males until they aren't creaturas anymore.

Pretty sure that the financial elite of the Empire were usually against settler colonialism because of the high costs of stationing troops to police conflict with the natives, they just wanted to rule indirectly and control taxation and trade routes. They were mostly against the expansion and centralisation of the Empire from what I've read.

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oh no

internet mem

What has this to do with Zog Ideology, British Israelism and Freemasonry?

I was thinking of this when at a London underground station recently. It was all exposed concrete. No plaster finish. No paint work. 100 years ago they would never have dreamt to open a public building or facility in such a state. Standards have gone down the toilet.
not to mention the suicide barriers which really adds to the distopian image

Already half way there, let me go get a jap gf and I will post results.

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We're fighting a more ancient evil than the "Jew".

The Welsh?

The Germans?

The continent?

um it's not my job to educate you sweetie xx

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Lad you need to escape from this abusive relationship I'm not even meming


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Even if you were a multiculti faggot the gender balance should worry you


It's a rhetorical question you fucking homo. You tried to change the goalposts, the financial elite were completely pro ZOG in ideology and eschatology, and had been since the 17th century, your answer did fuck all to deflect the point at hand.

I like that they're not even bothering with the word 'refugees' anymore.

But lad, black men are oppressed smh

Because no-one is fucking falling for it anymore.

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I remember when "migrants" used to be called foreigners.

It's nu-ropeans now

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Babylon tbh

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It's all arbitrary lad. There's no real difference between anyone. It's just skin colour and lines drawn on a map tbh.

This is the fat alcoholic socialist thot mayor who let them in. Some fruity replies to her tweet in French

She's got really fucked up legs tbh, not sure if she's permanently bow legged or not.

Viper is great.

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No, I understood your post. You didn't understand my post. Maybe you should read a book?

tbf that isn't incorrect.

"British citizen" is just a legal status. Only idiots and the wilfully ignorant equate it to actually being British.

Shame he's not doing his show anymore.

Is she trying to pose to make herself seem more cutesy

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tbf this is the most honest they have been regarding a background in a LONG time, I guess they've realised that no-one's falling for this shit anymore.
**they will do their utmost to focus on the 'British' bit whilst trying to hide the 'Sudanese' bit.\88

Pretty sure I understood your crap excuses you crossdressing wristlet cunt.

No she's like it in every picture, legit think her bones are fucked.

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because she does it in every picture? THey draw animu girls like that for sex appeal

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Why would Irgun perform the greatest terrorist attack in British history on the British authorities if we were so pro Zionist lad?

If you can hang on to the back of an Eddie Stobart lorry for more than an hour, you automatically get British citizenship
Get with the times lad

My grandfather got British citizenship and he shot at the brits tbh

So did all the Normans tbh