Brit/pol/ #2402: Road to Idlib Edition

British Security Services Engaged in Almost 700 Active Terror Investigations
UK security services are investigating almost 700 live terror probes, Downing Street has revealed, as Theresa May described Tuesday’s apparent terror incident as an attack on “our precious values of tolerance and freedom”.

UK rail fares to rise by 3.2% as commuters voice frustration
Call for freeze on train fare increases after year of mass cancellations and strikes

UK inflation rate rises for first time since November
UK inflation rose to 2.5% in July, after holding steady at 2.4% in the previous three months, as the cost of transport and computer games increased.

Rare jumping spider discovered in UK for first time ever
Small bog-dwelling arachnid may have survived unrecorded for thousands of years
Arachnologist Richard Burkmar discovered the tiny jumping spider, just half the size of a matchstick head, during a survey visit to the Cheshire bog.

Corbyn Slammed for Making Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Salute
Jeremy Corbyn has been slammed for allegedly making an Islamist salute, with the gesture linked to a radical anti-Semitic group.'

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Wonder what the get actually was.

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disgraceful tbh

Smdh the get was a homo

Prolly used illegitimate means, smh.

Good lad


The absolute state

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Is this a Deano board? let's find out

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Thanks lad, I hope you like the pic of Assad, Asma and the queen. I hope she gets over her breast cancer she seems really nice.

Every get until you like it

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Right someone drop the fucking ban hammer and delete that get, while your at it delete the fucking board.


That character doesn't even seem like a very good design tbh.

I have five


Wew, why so few? I got 12 because I'm a good boy.

immigrants out

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I love these medieval woodcut panoramas of cities, they make them look really magical to live in. The church is always at the top.

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I can speak it fine.

Data mining, but whatever.

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Also how the fuck ahve you done all that and are still a virigin?


taigs out tbh.

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I like Assad and wish well to his entire family and a country of Syria.

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How come you had at least 5 sexual partners and remain a virgin?

Infact how did you have sex in a public place and still be a virgin? Plus you can't cross all that shit off and pretend you aren't an utter degenerate.

Too late for that lad, Taig blood has been spread far too widely amongst the entire British populace.


again, there's other kinds of sex than vaginal

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wrong board lad

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Zig Forums gettin' DDos'd?

Getting a bj isn't sex.

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Lad are you just slow or do you not know about anal?


filth tbh.

You sound like a complete degenerate tbh.

kek huwhat lad?

I don't remember claiming otherwise

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Clean up your ways lad.

Good night chaps!

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Degenerates like you belong on a cross

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Think I broke my toe tbh

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Tbh why do you save every file with the original name?

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Dig bicks in ya ass is bad for yo health

the app I use forces it

Well firstly I never claimed that they'd never had sex before me so not sure where you got that from. Secondly anal is really quite a common thing these days lad, 8/10 chance any girl you ever go out with from now on will have done anal before

At least you aren't Steiner with his cousin or 22st with his brother's Pikachu teddy

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I love esoteric gondolas so much

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Wow so Lauren Southern is taking down her youtube channel and MDE was just banned as well.
if Stefan goes I go FULL dafty

The time for ahguments, is over.

Oh dear how sad never mind

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Comfy lad

I'm fucking shaking rn

Tbh i want to stuff my fingers inside her

He is such a nonce

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Lad, this is David Davis has resigned tier

Bananas asmr

can't not giggle at that image

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where is Steiner?

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Shite.Watch something decent instead

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Lad I already watched A Clockwork Orange a couple times recently

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Jesus, if you thought the Haburgs were bad.

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fucking hell

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Based NA straw

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suck your mum

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Wonder who'll win in the two fights.

yer ma

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went to sleep for a bit

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triple heil harris get

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I should have posted a spicc

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good lad

fucking anime torrent stalled at 97.5%

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night lads

night lad


I am 10% mutt, 20% shill, 15% thrown-up oral contraceptive pill, 5% German, 50% Dane, and 100% MURICAN and without any shame

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Fresh gasmask waifu in a bikini

Anti-Nazi League founders call for new national campaign

Group says political movement needed to combat challenge from ‘racist and fascist right’

“We need more contemporary musical involvement. I would welcome something like rappers against racism, something with the power of Stormzy’s support for justice after the Grenfell fire,” Holborow added.

Maximum cringe.