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UK weather forecast: Britain warned tropical Storm Ernesto blast UK NEXT WEEK

Sunshine and football give UK retail sales unexpected boost

A-level results day 2018: UK student acceptances down 2 per cent

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Decided to watch the entire Harry Potter series tbh lads

What happened lads? Did JK Rowling suddenly become a mega cuck after 2002?

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She decided to use it as some big propaganda platform when she realised it was getting huge.

Good lad

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easy meat

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Hopefully you picked Training as one of your skills.

I did but I'm guessing from your post that Training as a skill has some extra importance compared to vanilla?

Thanks lad

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It's because those ranged units might get wrecked in melee combat before they can get any EXP.

I wonder if someone gave her the tap on the shoulder and told her her incredibly successful series of children's books implicitly supported racial purity and segregation for "special people".

I hate Jews, lads

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That's funny, isn't it? If people stopped taking wizard genes seriously in her world wizardry would literally die out. How did she not realise this when she wrote the books?

Don't scare them lad

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disgusting yid

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Good lad

women are such lazy disgusting creatures tbh

God I hate The Sun and the Daily Mail, Guardian, Independent, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Daily Express, New European, Metro and the Glos Wilts Standard.

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If her current husband is a Jew, he might be the cause. She married him in 2001.

Thanks lad


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why is it that the AI in this game is Creeeeeeed!-tier until you enlist as a mercenary and then becomes pants-on-head retarded?

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She was married to a Portugese journalist/drug addict. They have a kid. Now she's married to Dr. Neil Murray six years younger than her

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The best character in Seinfeld is the non-jew tbh

Is there one? They all represent different facets of Larry David's personality.


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Kramer isn't a jew, neither is his actor (Italian)


In the pilot, the character was called Kesler, a common German-Jewish name. At some point, David realised the show looked like it was solely about New York Jews so he changed it to Kramer.

Honestly though Seinfield makes me weirdly uncomfortable, it's like a more malicious Always Sunny.


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I'm a war crime Morty!

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Why the FUCK are thots so FUCKING rude?

Here we go.

Most Jewish humour is rather caustic, you either like that or you don't. I watched every episode of Seinfeld over a period of 3 months. To sustain that quality of writing over 9 seasons is pretty impressive.

*starts queing up outside maccas for sauce*>>889659

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There is nothing wrong with it tbh

What's the story?



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Lmao, Jewish as fuck uni

If he can make rockets he'll have a job offer from Hamas by the end of the week.


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forgot to add a link

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But they take our jobs by being able to undercut the Americans by living 20 to a house and working illegally what a dumb bimbo bitch


Just get a degree lol

I'm getting one

They are taking jobs usually reserved for teenagers or people needing temporary stints to boost their incomes. Foreigners make life long career from low paid jobs. They are bad for economy and must be WHAT DID YOU EXPECT TO SEE GCHQ-QT?.

Don't worry lads just accept the shit wages and share a flat with 14 other people like the poles do.


NEET uprising thwarted in Scotland

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How do these people even get caught

Two teenagers last month boasted about their plans to thots, who alerted teachers.

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Talking about it like the fucking retards they are.

>they support (((Tommy)))
spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) and our enemies


My toe hurts so much

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Good night!



Kek, hadn't seen that webm for a while

It's pretty impressive how many people you can fit in a 2 bed terrace tbh, one house near my sister lived had 20 people and a drug farm in it.

The best one is where they cgi'd him and the rock in the same scene

Normie movies disgust me, they are obscenely shit and have zero shame. Someone told me a recent fast and furious featuring The Rock has him in hospital in a cast, he hears something about his daughter (or some other cunt) in danger so flexes his arm, breaking the cast and gets out of the hospital bed to go rescue his daughter

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t. wristlet

There are like 3 movies after that, that also happen to get incrementally cheesier.


I bet the fast and the furious is high art out there.

Might take some codeine and drink some Wild Turkey

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Because the Rock is a fag and Vinny D is our lad when it comes to the queers.

yeah lad you can get an XXL doritos cool ranch and some extra butter if you buy a new F-150 and a student loan wen you go and see fast and furious 12: fast this abdul

This tbh, The Rock is a known faggot and Vinny lad can't stand homos

Fast & Furious is massive in China tbh

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He also a fa/tg/uy and an avid computer gaming fan. Strange coincidence that.

Pretty sure Abdul will be one of the heros given the way that franchise is trending.

Yeah lad they are autistic fucking movies, just watch this


I always liked Vin tbh, he seems like a right goodlad tbh

Can't take credit for the filename tbh, saved it from someone else, it always makes me laugh

I think they only make the movies for fat autistic children and nibbas tbh

Fast and Furious is literally only made with the knowledge that low IQ retards and third worlders will go see it. I know middle easterners that eat that shit up like it's pure kino

tbh some of the films that people(or just one lad) post about here are normie films,clockwork orange for example is loved by thots because Mcdowell in that film represents what they want in a man minus the classical music

Shrek 2 remains the best film ever made tbh

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I need an hero

Life was a lot better when I was 10 tbh.

That was absolutely awful, a cut every second.

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The Thing is prime Kurt tbh

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Did you lads see that they confirmed that all the movies that The Rock has been in recently are connected? There is literally a Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson cinematic universe


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Everything was better when you didn't have to worry about anything

Lad you should give them a try tbqh, they are so shit that they are enjoyable

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I forgot they had to cgi Paul Walker because he died

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