Brit/pol/ #2405: Brain Force Edition

Brexit vote campaign gets £1m from Superdry co-founder

BBC Weather forecast: UK to be hit with GALE FORCE winds before HEATWAVE strikes again

Boy, 16, charged with murder over Chingford stabbing

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good lad

for him

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Good lad

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Good lad

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Best edition

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Are we pro taliban at this point?

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eye dot luv memmez

Good lad

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Jones is correct about collective consciousness and the AI as a control system for it, but he is still a hack tbh.

Is that like an a36061?

girl* isn't autocorrect just the MOST fun

careful lad. They fought bravely in their own interest against a seemingly global enemy. Just imagine having groups of Norwegians, Australians, Brits roaming your country with all the best tech trying to kill/capture you with no clear goal. Then there were the chariots of satan in the skies.

No need to be jell that I got the first holo gf

I don't even know who I'm pro- and anti- at this point.

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Same excuse for "literslly" as well lad?

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all i know is I'm pro-boomer

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I love women

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Err actually lad that was Ryan Gosling

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are they the ones funded by the CIA and MOSSAD?

Didn't get to keep her though did he?
t. someone who hasn't watched tfw no gf runner yet

Yeah they were our allies against the soviets originally.

I haven't seen it either lad and I doubt I'm going to watch it now that I know the two robots don't get to stay together.

Thanks lads

Good lad


Yeah I spoiled it for myself because I knew I wasn't ever going to bother watching it

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Lad that's a dangerous memi, spicposter uses that


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mfw tbf tbh

keke, i know. I should've used the burger flag for the full trole.

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BREAKING NEWS: Westminster crash suspect is charged with two counts of attempted murder after 'ramming into cyclists outside Parliament'

no one cares but the owners tbh


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Why do we let nignogs get drivers licenses?

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quite an anti-semitic question tbh



Please tell me he is still being charged with terrorism

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I don't think so because there was no proof of him being radicalised, hence the double attempted murder. I bet he will still do at least 8yrs.

Battlefield 3 had good graphics tbh

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BF3 was great tbh.

All those COD kids shooting at tanks and being faggots. Great times.

Still play BF2 and BF4 tbh.

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Lad, that would mean it would be 2030 right now smh

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>they will never know the kino of the surprise anus scene

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Looking forward to the new Doom tbh. Considering having to build a new rig because this one is ancient now

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Oldest game you've got installed on your comp right now lads.

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Der ewige homo

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juice sex, 2000

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Do emulations count?
If not I suppose it would be pic related

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Either the first Thief or the first Fallout tbh, forget which

I had this playing in the mini on the way home from work yesterday for laughs.
*sport mode*

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10/10 cutscene tbh
The VA did a superb job tbh, you can taste the fear in his voice.

its a banging tune, tbh

Quake 3 Arena

Good lad.

Thief was 1998 and Fallout was 1997 tbh


A more important question is -if you drive past a synagogue with a car that then fails its MOT have you, technically and unintentionally mind, gassed jews?

Love this memi

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Hey now, SC2 is pretty good. I agree the Terrans look a little generic though.

I think that would actually be called Volkswagenin' the jews

compare the cutscenes though, they just made the m look like transformers and avatar CGI template shite.

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Doom tbh

Nah he just got lost and traveled 130 miles for no reason and ran into people outside the main government buildings of this country accidentally, happens all the time tbh.

Laughing Irish tourist pay homeless British man living on streets of Ibiza to have his name tattooed on FACE - then brags it's his 32nd victim

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i like vanilla wow, playing on lightshope rn tbh
I wish starcraft had been a blizzard warhammer 40k game tbh, protoss and zerg are knockoff eldar and nids. that would be a great aesthetic for a modern RTS imo, the campaign would be cool. i prefer in-engine cutscenes for rts like most of warcraft 3 tbf they're far cooler

i like watching sc2 esports its like a chess game. found out today that there was some woman who was the first to win a starcraft pro tournament. everywhere referred to as a she. googled it and it turns out they're just a tranny lol.

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Why do I get the feeling you just really don't like the Viking, lad?


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mini satan knows.
Well it resulted in a fine for the Germans so nowt changed there.


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Yeah I can't wait for them to do the same to the HD remake they are doing for the original as well.

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I remember that mod, fucking mental. lel

I was the runescape generation tbh


I had netscape and then upgraded to windows 98 SE.

Thinking back on it there is a good chance he was Jewish tbh