Brit/pol/ #2406: Fresh Joe Edition

Third of farmed fruit and veg deemed 'too ugly to sell'

Bedbugs plague hits British cities

UK weather WARNING: Tropical Storm Ernesto to CRASH into Britain today

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Good lad

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Good lad

Goooooooood lad

Faithful Word Baptist Church Sunday Sermon

>Queer Music and Skinny Jeans

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Good lad.
Although I don't ever venture into the big smoke, the train I catch is on the Waterloo line. May just stand on the train from now on rather than risk it.

Smh poor parsnip

Thanks lads

What contemporary Christian artists would count as effeminate or queer sounding? All of them or are any exempt, i.e. Matthew West, Phil Wickham, Matt Maher etc?

bretty esoteric tbh

Pretty sure lasses of questionable age check me out smdh

same here, happens all the time at work

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Some relatives had a paki family move in near them, within a month they were dealing with rats and bedbugs

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he is a modern day saint

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Ingurland tbh

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But he's not a good theologian

Want to kiss a lass

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want to fuck a lass in the vagina hole

That's obscene lad, smh
Can't just go straight for the pusy

Are any contemporary pastors or members of the clergy good theologians though?

Why not? He already went straight for the arsehole

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Timothy Ware?

Tbf he is a known bum bandit

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Not familiar with his works aside from him having fallen for the "begome orgodox" memi.

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(gives yu)

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Mods, permaban please.

typical yank tbh, they even think they invented apple pie

I don't think he deserves to be banned tbh

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Twas ever thus.

The $1300 holographic AI wife that will 'serve her master' (if you keep paying her $14 a month 'living expenses')

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He has a pretty big bibliography on theology, Orthodox Theology though.

does Fulton Sheen count?
Robert Barron maybe
James White
William Craig Lane
Oh god they are all yanks


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The free market fixed it

>The Ordination of Women in the Orthodox Church

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Yeah you just have to pay fucking subscription fee, bit like all women that.

The future is now.

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Bladerunner has always been a shit adaptation of the source material tbh

First one is definitely comfier.

Since we're posting Bladerunner memmies.

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The best parts of the movie were the bits with the hologram girl and all those themes were done first and better in the move Her


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Lad this is a shit memi, Her is a completely different film

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ah yes, Sunday night has rolled around again

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rather have a creatura tbh

that's not a ceatura lad it's a trap from Hucknall

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i hear the yank acoming
he's rolling round the thread
and i aint seen statham poster
since i dunno when


What's the deal with Owen Jones? How much does he owe? and who does he owe it to?

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Should be "to whom does he owe it", tbh.

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Explain yourself, you lard asses. When are you going to rise up against your government?

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Even when they are on a knife-edge, they show their contempt for us so brazenly.

Kek, Elevation Church isn't that bad, although it is very much Christianity-lite.

Is that an actual term that they use now?

this must be a false-flag page

They've removed the post since.
You think they'd be smarter than this.

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Babylon Bee is a satirical site.

we are living in a memi

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I just want to be a good wagie

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don't think you can call yourself that with all the free labour you do

Sorry kid. It's the way of the road

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So, how's UKIP doing, brits?

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It would be better if he looked like that, that looks kind of cool. He looks like a pear wrapped in thin leather with a tie and weird little gay vest

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Dunno whether to laugh or start drinking.

excellent taste

Sadistiq Khunt working hard to protect Londoners

Challenge him to single combat and become the Vanjarl lad

Why not just ban muslims in some areas? Like all of the British Isles?



I grow more convinced by the day that the future is actually determined by memmies tbh

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