Brit/pol/ #2407: Ainsley Edition

British Govt Appears to BACK ‘Land Reforms’ Aimed at Dispossessing South Africa’s White Minority

Competition to build cut-price frigates for Royal Navy relaunched

Cardinal McCarrick scandal inflames debate over gay priests

Bishop Morlino: It's time to admit 'homosexual subculture' harms the church

Britain's most dangerous cash points

Halal slaughterhouse boss who broke humane killing law fined just £400

Germany: Doctor Stabbed to Death in His Own Surgery by Somali Asylum Seeker

Men's fixation on young women is another sign of masculinity in crisis

Antifa group hangs Trump effigy, calls for “military action” against conservatives

Tesla shares nosediving as Elon Musk's privatization plans leave market unimpressed

Asia Argento, a #MeToo Leader, Made a Deal With Her Own Accuser

E-cigarettes can damage DNA

Venezuela’s new currency is ‘SCAM’ and will NOT fix economic chaos – experts warn

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Looks like all those potential doctors are actually creating a deficit of doctors.

Good bwoiii

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Good laddie.

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The Type 31es will definitely cost over £250m. The Navy will be lucky if the MoD manages to secure them for less than £300m as the £250m per ship limit is not enough to cover the installation of decent combat systems. The Leander design would be cheaper, but the Arrowhead would be a slightly faster, more capable ship. Seeing as either option will inevitably see costs spiral out of control the Arrowhead would be best.

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Golden Irie
The Spy Who Rubbed Me

From meat with spice
You only rub twice
The man with the spicy meat
For your meat only
Never say bwoi again

lel that one's better


should be



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Tbh what if they were going to have a black James Bond announcement and have Elba walk out on stage to officially show it, but you kidnapped Elba and replaced him with Ainsley? In Minecraft


How would anyone know the difference?

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oh, speaking of

Idris Elba doesn’t want to just be ‘the black guy who plays Bond

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Don't they come with harpoons already bolted on? Why the fuck is military precurment so fucked in the west are defense companies wiping their arse's with 20's and hosting coke parties every Tuesdays and Thursday?

Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine
Hehe yeah bwoiii
Ok thank you

Because Fleming wrote so many books on Bond that failed to sell and he was so invested it, it ended up giving him a heart attack
He'd have another heart attack now if he could witness the poz

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James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 is being relaunched

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He's going to do it. The wealth and fame is too much.


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Craig was rough enough to look the part rather decently tbh

He might, but the producers won't.
It'll kill the brand and that'll be the end of that cashcow.

Can we have a word filter that adds that every time spice is posted please?

How did you lads miss Live and Let Spice

Some lad will come on to talk about how his nan with cancer has been moved into the local Hopsice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine) and it will trigger smh.

We had Live And Let Fry, mate.


spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine).
spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine).
spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine).

Imagine being named fucking Broccoli

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He was the best since Connery but then the director Bourne'd it up so it changed a lot over the years. Pity Craig is such a cuck, married a jew and plays too many jewish characters



His family were the first to produce and sell broccoli in 17th century Italy apparently, so it makes sense tbh

Imagine how rich you'd be if your surname was Potato..

Or Bog-Roll

Still a thoroughly bullyable name

Live bowling is a thing

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or Pedigree chum….if that's still a thing. speaking of dogs; why did they stop dog licences? i think owners shd have to pay insurance to be honest. And dog tax. i see the council collecting dog shit from those bins, and i begrudge the expense to me, now my dog has died.

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I need this edited with scenes from and to a track from the most recent Mad Max movie.

or this

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Shame she didn't get hit tbh

t. paki

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Both works for my tastes tbh

The second vote is a shot in the foot for remain as it shows they have no interest in democracy.

Jesus Christ

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beyond parody


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drink your soma, goy.

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for fuck's sake

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Oy vey!

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Yeah, it's not

Your kids will definitely get taken away if they share your habits of personal hygiene.

Lad I'm rarely ever sick, if anything my hygiene probably makes me a stronger human being

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worth a punt on us staying in for a bit?

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maybe I should turn the degreaser I use for the van on myself keek

Sorry lad I don't speak boomer or retard so I can't interpret for you.

They took a woman's kid because she bought discounted gingerbread mix on the flimsy excuse of she wasn't economically viable to support her one kid. Your bald smelly lardarse children are getting carted away to never be seen again.

that's not all, but the excuses are very vague. I don't like or support it.

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She looks like a wax model.

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loks creepy, lad

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lad the face looks like a cheap mannequin face

Breaking my heart, she seemed really nice. Want to go on a date and give her flowers or something to brighten up her day even though she could never have a normal relationship.

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They all did. Also weird banana tits.

‘GUNMAN on loose’ in Westminster - SHOTS FIRED as armed police rush to Maida Hill school
Some muslim schools up there I think

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Lad she could get with Chad for a lay if she wanted. Remember the 80% of women date 20% of men non-memi

You have a van, make a difference and blame it on Dynamo Dave

She seemed too disabled to even have a relationship if she wanted one.

tbh the van has been making weird scary noises for the past few days, maybe I can blame that for an accident

Anyone else find it really annoying how journalism has become little more than copypasting tweets.

Sounds like you need your boss to buy you a brand new comfy German autism van tbh. Only 3 million autism bucks

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Oh God that's ridiculous.

They just have interns scouring social media
Wonder how long before the public snap tbh
We're well overdue a snappening

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Now you're thinking lad. Besides, if the excuse doesn't work, remember your prisons aren't even prisons. You'd have your own flat and be able to become king of the NEETs at the expense of wagies. And you can live proud knowing you murdered traitors.

Plenty of people will buy this land yacht to attend Glastonbury and F1

Wew. Wouldn't mind a new van, but it could just be what I have now but new tbh

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German autism posting aykshually

I reckon I could eat a whole one except for the burgers

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I am enjoying how cities are turning into GTA Online.

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That's what the bras were like. Gives me nostalgia tbh.

I can't wait for normies to rise up if their kids get slaughtered… oh, wait. Never mind.

you would get fired for not using the correct terminology