Brit/pol/ #2408: Michael Caine Edition


British Govt Appears to BACK ‘Land Reforms’ Aimed at Dispossessing South Africa’s White Minority

Competition to build cut-price frigates for Royal Navy relaunched

Cardinal McCarrick scandal inflames debate over gay priests

Bishop Morlino: It's time to admit 'homosexual subculture' harms the church

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How long til total SA collapse?

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Don't know but I heard SA's hole has already collapsed with all the abuse in the Templar tbh


Last sip of the day.

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Good lad

Good lad.

Too late to being having sips lad. Should be on the harder stuff by now.

smh racemixing thots

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dal doog


who /gamblingwiththeirlives/ here?

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These video game prices are getting a bit silly.

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When games went from £40 to £50 on the next gen consoles I thought that they would go down eventually as I saw them as the first for these consoles.

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good lad

It's still not cheaper to download rather than buy a physical copy.


It just keeps going up, SC6 is £50 on steam, £75 if you want all the content, if you are unfortunate to live in Brazil it's 2 months wages.

Might actually be pricier online depending on where you shop.

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comes through nicely tbh. Trying to get him to go on reality TV is a classic Yid character assassination tactic tbh

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Xbox Games Store.

Nth for beta providers

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March deadline to move out? I think that leaving the European Union is only interesting so much as it pertains to more options of stopping mass third-world immigration initiatives and "diversity" scams.

Anti-Whites say White people exist when they blame them for everything evil in the world.

Example: "White people don't exist"…"White people are responsible for the holocaust, slavery, and colonialism"

Why are they so bloody expensive these days? Even pc games are going up.


London bloodbath: Armed police swarm as 'two shot' at tube station

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This provider phenomenon definitely isn't exclusive to white men. Honestly I find it difficult to express how little respect I have for people.

How naive am I supposed to be?

Could be SA with it being NW London.

In the Orwellian world of 2018, there are "hate crimes" and "acts of terror."

The only time I can think of when it's acceptable to take care of another mans kids is if you get the women pregnant with yours.

wew that's just down the road from me

What about orphanages?

They should be recruited into the army.

Imagine being a child in a family like that, the only one genetically related to the father.


How many did you get?

Yeah lad we know. Go down fighting.

but muh gunz

No surrender lad.

Some where 20

Time for SA to flee. If the government don't ban guns and spoons, it's only a matter of time before he gets enriched tbh

Rayners Lane is a pooinloo shithole, between there and Eastcote you can actually see the difference despite them being only a mile apart.


Yeah, for the smaller studios. Theres probably 7-8 different companies that own every AAA franchise and agree to sell their shit for 50-60 quid. Absolute scumbags tbh, pirate anything you feel like playing, all two games a year.

Actually there was another shooting in Acton yesterday as well


The army doesn't recruit young boys, though, only men. That's what I'm asking about, lad, the young urchins and so-on.


Why are the London ethnics killing each other all of a sudden?

Acton is wog central tbh.

Whites keep order wherever we are, without us London becomes Africa, the middle east, ex-soviet shitholes and India all right next to each other. I'm surprised we don't have more violence.

The only reason it's being covered now is because of austerity, crime has been climbing since the blair era..

This, it's only being reported because it is politically advantageous to do so. This allows the introduction of new laws and police powers against a plotting population against the Establishment.


cos da Toreees cut da police budget an' seven fahsan bobbies got made ridumbant

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Is she angry she wasn't given the bucket?

We do. There's too much to cover. Lots of punch ups and road rage in London that never gets reported

I really want to go out shooting, but it's 15 to 20:00.

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might go off to the pub to see if anyone has heard about it

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Heard about what?

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Reminder that gays are irredeemable
First thread:
Thread covering it:

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Don't lad. You might get shot or injured by flying chicken bones

It's just down the road from me so someone may know something.

A fat Norwegian poof pretending to be a Welshman

Rayners Lane is just down the world, yet it's a world apart.

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Build a fire break

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nice get lad


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this tbh

hullo, POLICE?!


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where you been all day, boy? We missed you

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kek lad, you have talent.

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I've been conducting important business that is no concern of yours, lad.

there's a jewish school around there iirc, should act as a natural repellant

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You're so secretive, lad. You're like this every time. You get really worked up when I ask too. smh. Just answer, it'll be like ripping off a plaster. Or bongaid or whatever you call it smh

Yep. He should have been executed for that shite

He's a Bongo Bongo Land agent and you're a state agent lad, it's like water and oil.

You say that like the Olympics wasn't going to be an event for the yes men.

Fuck's sake lad if you really want to know I've just beenplaying DotA and SFV all day. Nothing to see here.

Is this a joke? Look at that thing :puke:

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Living the dream lad.

It must be, even the Russians aren't that daft.



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It's probably just for shifting logs or something

Thanks for telling me, lad.

cute. Nothing to be embarrassed about, lad

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He's good at political bollocks.

Honest straight talking Corbyn not like everybody else

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