Brit/pol/ #2409: Cool Wine Aunt Edition

Russians 'testing' RAF response as interceptions over Black Sea rocket

More magistrates with criminal records to boost diversity among the judiciary

Complaints after re-enactment featuring Hitler’s troops and Swastika-covered memorabilia is held at National Trust property

Gun-Free Britain: Three people shot in one night in Sadiq Khan’s London

London bloodbath: Armed police swarm as 'two shot' at tube station - 2nd shooting in 24hrs

LONDON STABBING: Teenager knifed in New Cross as violence spirals out of control

CRIMEWAVE BRITAIN: Huge illegal GUN FACTORY discovered - Taser deployed in police RAID

Young man dies while trying to protect his girlfriend from three 'Asian' migrants in Greece

SWEDEN: Hundred More Cars Burned, Police Blame Back-to-School Unrest

Belgium knife attack: 'One dead and several wounded' in restaurant stabbing horror

Beautiful German town ‘unrecognisable’ after it accepted 1,200 migrants

South Africa farm seizures BEGIN: Chaos as first expropriation of white-owned farms starts

Sweden rape: Most convicted attackers foreign-born, says TV

Brussels taking credit for saving Greece with ‘EU solidarity’ is propaganda

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2nd for Stacey Q

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keeeeek that pic.

I was going to make fun of alcoholics, but then

the kikes are trying it again

The internet must be “clean and righteous” and vulgar content must be resisted in the field of culture, Chinese President Xi Jinping told a meeting of senior propaganda officials, state media said on Wednesday.
>The moves come amid a broader clamp-down targeting online content from livestreams and blogs to mobile gaming, as the country’s leaders look to tighten their grip over a huge and diverse cultural scene online popular with China’s youth.


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Idris Elba says he's not the next 007
>Following speculation that Idris Elba will star as the next James Bond, a Good Morning Britain reporter asked him if she was looking at the next 007, to which he replied: "No."

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who's at fault here?
the lad who killed the dog, or the old woman who let it attack his terrier?

You can't get hard brexit playing their stupid fucking jew game as it's obviously jewed

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It's so painfully fucking obvious that it's biased.

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both of them

They actually think this btfos Trump

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Jews always have it rigged so they can't lose

Jew lawyers make £30k in legal fees for nuffin

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Went through 40 steps because I kept pressing hard brexit and refused to kowtow to the 1922 or Parliament
I obviously don't like democracy and am a totalitarian of some description


wtf is going on

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wew I never knew 2 inches was HUGE! HUGE with capital letters no less.

shit job

Would you like to work for a leading civil liberties campaign organisation that holds Government to account?

Do you care about the impact of new technologies on human rights in the UK?

Are you passionate about privacy rights?

Work with us!

I can't imagine how awful it must be to be a child in this time.

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The aborted ones are lucky.

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New reaction pic GET

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Drown him in the London sewers.

Lovely. Hope you enjoyed the video, lad

16 steps, and it felt like I was going round in circles.
It's obviously pro-EU worded: "prime minister gives concessions to EU" and this is after kicking out a Brexit hardliner PM for an even more hardline Brexit PM.

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Yeah and it led me onto find a video of basically me.

It does feel like they've done that on purpose to go "hey look how hard it will be to get a hard Brexit just give up goyiguys!".
All we have to do is say "no". The public knows this which is why this whole soft-hard thing came about, to try and confuse the masses.
The EU needs us, we don't need them.

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You're a bear?

On the inside.

Not buying it. I've heard enough sob stories to work out the true ones from the scammers.
If she was on the streets for 4 years he would never stand so close to her due to the smell.


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Man, Charls has really got me into Eugene O'Neill.

Long Day's Journey into Night is a brilliant play tbh.

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The EU needs everyone as it's a pyramid scheme

did he have a fight with Sam or is that all bollocks?

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I hate music and musicians tbh

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I think Charls is okay with Sam but Sam hates him for some reason.

Dickie is such an obvious fucking spy now he goes around saying he wants a world empire and wants to violently take back Constantinople

Does she have a kid?

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These people are nothing but a virus

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She's not even old enough to be a cougar, even though she looks old enough to be one.

She looks like she's been mauled by a cougar, I don't know if that counts.

add it to your samples lad

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this is what possession looks like

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Will do, cheers

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become proficient

Dibnah time tbh

its easier for demons to get into nigger bodies because they dont have souls

Where (the f*ck) are the Skripals?

top lel

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God they're thick

Metaphor for our existence as a nation.

I want a nice Russian couple to keep me in a cage and feed me vodka and potato. :

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Low aspirations tbh.


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I love that spencer trolled those emo faggots from the 80's just by saying he liked them. I, too, hope to be so potent that I can say I enjoy someone's work and get their panties in a bunch.

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This, it should be sold right next to the carcinogenic defoliants and household bleach.

As long as I have wifi for my e-devices and booze~
Some people choose to over complicate life.

*extracts your bile

You'll be used like the Polish grok that you are.


This, or between the fags and alcohol tbh
Bet the Skripals just went mad on the vodka and petrobleachdraincleaner mixers tbh and they were paid off to ham it up for the papers

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I wonder how it feels to be the greatest shitposter of all time and not even really know it?

Such a peaceful faith

I don't think it's a matter of he doesn't know, more that he doesn't care.
He's aware of the reaction to his posts, but just doesn't give a shit about it.
He has ascended beyond being a mere shitposter.

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too soft
should have had molten lead poured into her ears

Imagine Hitler had had the internet

no-one can top the ultimate shitpost tbqh

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don't start it lad.

u wot >(lad)

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you'll draw the muh Rome autist back from last night

and? :^)

I reckon that whip stung a few.

Wasn't it something along the lines of "if I die from poison, I am not a prophet" and then he died of poison but they just didn't count that?

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Orthodox icons are aesthetic.

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You bongers are great!

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What really convinced me that Christ was right is the sheer hatred and contempt that Yids still carry for him to this day tbh. All for calling out the Pharisees.

He was the ultimate rebeller-in-chief.

post 'em fagets

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Baste State Agent datamining tbh

They are always peddling the opposite of his teachings. It's like you can choose between following Jesus or following the Talmudists.

yank and yank sympathisers out

nothing has changed since that happened a few years back


Aktually it's Sheik Achmed.

'Brexit bad boy' tells leavers 'stick two fingers up at Brussels' and OUST Theresa May

I actual have none of those things, except the not masturbating one.
go me!

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Lesbians and trannies disgust me tbh smh lads

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So what's new?

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